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"Leslie, I need you to run off copies of the Johnson family photo's...they're expecting them this afternoon and I haven't even gotten to them yet! Frank, before she does that, I need YOU to find me that file on the Robinson's; I've lost them due to your great filing skills, and now I just–I cant–" Lily's coffee cup and papers were grabbed out of her hands and set down on the table by a frazzled-looking Frank.

"Lily! Before you have a hernia, will you please slow down and just...make a list or something?!"

"No, Frank, I cant." Lily snapped, picking up the papers he had taken from her a second ago. "Like I said before, I have the Robinson's and the Johnson's to take care of, not including the Bones' and the Wood's and the Weasley's, who are on their third mind you, and I just–"

"That's it! You need a vacation."

"I do not need a vacation Frank! I can't at a time like this, even if I wanted to–"

"Sure you could! Leslie, John and I could handle things here and you could take a month off if you wanted to! I know you're great, Lily, but we might even get more done if you weren't here yelling at us, every second of every day!" He said, somewhat angrily, folding his arms. Lily heaved a deep sigh and scrunched her eyes up under her hand. He was right...Frank, her long-time since Hogwarts closest friend was right. She was way stressed.

"Lily, you're just so stressed!"

"Believe me, you just read my thoughts...Do you really think I should take a vacation?"

"Lily, if there's anything I know...well, it's that." He laughed, and Lily half-heartedly joined him.

"Where do you suggest I go?"

"Well, an old uh...friend of mine rents her little cottage out to people sometimes and does a house-swap thing...Do you think you'd be interested? I don't think she's doing it with anyone right now, so..." Lily raised an eyebrow. Let some complete stranger, albeit a friend of Franks, Live in her house for a month? Use her stuff, watch her movies, eat out of her fridge...?

"I'll do it. Where can I reach her?"


"James! James, get away from me! Or better yet, just get out of the kitchen!" Alice shoved her tall, handsome cousin away with her shoulder while she was elbow-deep in flour, in the middle of making cookies.

"Just one bite, please Alice! That's all I want, just one bite!"

"James! You said that last time! And I turned my back ONCE, and you and Sirius ran off with HALF THE BATTER!!!"

"That was just a joke, Lissy, and Sirius' idea, might I add–"

"That's not an excuse!"

"Well, if you think about it, it is–"

"OUT!" James ducked away from the reach of her wooden spoon, just in time for her to miss throwing cookie batter all over his newly ironed block-button up.

"Fine! I'm leaving! Merlin..." He began to walk away, still looking over his shoulder, and waited until his overwhelmed cousin was looking in the other direction when he swooped and jammed his hand into the bowl.

"JAMES!!!" He ran away with a fist-size amount of cookie dough, laughing and singing 'Haha! I smarted ALLLLICE! Haha! I smar–OW!" He ran away from the dreaded wooden spoon. He got to the Living room safely when Alice's fireplace began to glow.

"AAAALLLICE!!!! You've got a HEAD COMING IN!!" Quick footsteps came to his ears when his cousin burst into the room.

"You!" she poked him hard in the chest, "Out! In my bedroom! Not the kitchen!" He walked obediently in the direction of her room till he got to the hallway and disappeared out of sight. She turned to the fireplace and quickly ran a hand through her hair then smoothing a wrinkle in her skirt. Then a face appeared in the flames, one Alice hadn't seen in years.

"Oh my..."

"Uh, Hello again, Alice. Long time no see."


HA! Is it Lily? Or is it Frank? They BOTH haven't seen Alice in a long time, so...WHO IS IT!!!

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