Disclaimer: I own neither the Matrix trilogy nor A Scanner Darkly, which was a really great book but a not-so-great movie despite being nice and rotoscoped and having Keanu Charles Reeves in it.

Disclaimer 2: This story was inspired by a thread on the Internet Movie Database that drew parallels between the Matrix and ASD.

This fic was written in about ten minutes, so it's not that good, but I had to write it...

blue pills

The fields of blue, the little blue flowers growing up out of the ground. The little blue flowers that would eventually end up as Substance D and fry the brains of millions of people in the form of little blue pills.

Blue pills, thought Bruce-once-known-as-Bob, and something clicked in what little remained of his mind.

A memory. From long ago, very long ago, like a previous life, perhaps. A black man, eyes hidden behind shades, palms open. A red pill in one, a blue pill in the other. They did something, those pills. Got you out of something. Something about reality, only he couldn't remember what. Everything was a blank now.

This was all that was left. The fields. There were mountains in the distance. He liked mountains. There was air too, good air. He liked air.

there were no flowers in zion

Pretty flowers. He was going to give one to his friends at Thanksgiving. Donna would like that.

trinity falling. guns in hands. eyes wide open. falling, falling...

He'd put one of the flowers in his shoe. They didn't know that. They hadn't seen him. That's where he was hiding it. To give to his friends.

cypher pulling the plugs on them. switch. apoc.

Bruce blinked and shook his head. He got strange thoughts sometimes. He didn't know where they came from. They disturbed him. They hadn't been there before. They'd only started recently. Though he didn't remember much of anything before New Path.

Some way away from him stood several men in suits, sunglasses covering their eyes as they watched him. They wouldn't be watching him for much longer. Several decades of events had gone as planned. They knew he was no longer a threat.

The anomaly was under control.

Soon the men turned to leave. Their job here was done. It was the last they'd need to see of Bruce, previously known as Robert Arctor, previously known as Thomas A. Anderson, aka Neo.