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Kikyo's Choice


She never had choices before, not really.

It was strange that it was only in death that she was able to make choices for herself. Selfish choices for her own happiness. Of course, happiness was not a concept she was well acquainted with. After a lifetime devoted to protecting a jewel, she had not been given a chance to find her own happiness. In death all she had left was a need for revenge. It was the only thing that kept her clay body mobile, what kept her alive.

But she had choices now.

She took the apple from the vendor, an unsuspecting soul who did not realize that giving the miko a choice between the apple or the plum was a life changing decision.

What did she want?

What did SHE really want?

It was more than just choosing a fruit, though. It was a moment when she realized that she had choices now that she was freed from her role as the jewel's protector. Yes, she was still driven by hatred and revenge, but… but she did not have to be. What if she found a new reason to exist? What if she had a different path to follow?

She could choose what she wanted to do with what was left of this second chance of life of hers. And she now had the choice of who she could spend it with.

There had been a rumor that had been whispered by one of her soul collectors about Inuyasha that she had not paid much attention to before. Inuyasha's demon side had been purified. It was only temporary, only while on Mount Hakurei, but it had been purified. Leaving Inuyasha human. And if there was a way to temporarily purify his demon side, then there must be a way to permanently purify it. Her own powers may be able to purify it. He would not even need the completed Shikon Jewel for this miracle.

It was time for a choice.

She would find Inuyasha and give him the opportunity to become human and stay with her. To live with her. He could be her traveling companion. Her powers were stronger and more reliable than the powers of the little girl who followed him around. She could find the jewel shards as easily, if not quicker and easier, as well.

True that she was living in a borrowed body, and living on borrowed souls, but it was still a life. Her life. And it was finally her chance to find happiness.

"Thank you," she said to the vendor.

For the first time in a very long time, Kikyo genuinely smiled. She took a bite out of the apple, taking a moment to savor the sweetness, and began to walk down the road towards the west. Towards the hanyou, Inuyasha. It was time to give him a choice. For she already made her own choice.

She chose happiness.


Author's Note: Yes, I know that a lot of you hate Kikyo, but please don't flame me just because you don't like the character. Remember that flaming rarely motivates an author to do a better job. Constructive criticism, however, is appreciated.

I also realize that it is short chapter, but I read through it several times and it says just what I want it to say. (Sometimes more isn't necessarily better.)

This is part one of a three part story.

Part II: Kagome's Choice