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He kissed her.

It was so sweet, so loving, that it made her ache. It was the barest brush of lips, a tentative question asked without words. A whisper. The question was answered with a sigh as she raised on her toes and laced her fingers around his neck, pulling herself ever so much closer to him.

Truly it was odd to see the usually violent and brash hanyou handle her with such infinite tenderness. There was no desperate clinging. No pain or fear that caused him to hold her tight. It was soft and slow. And oh so gentle.

For seventeen days she watched him. She watched how he struggled and fought to reach Kagome. She watched his fits of anger. Of despair. Of desperate need. He had not given her an answer to her question. When Kagome ran, he followed instinctively, never once looking back. Then again, she supposed that his actions were answer enough.

"Enjoy your happiness," whispered Kikyo as she turned from the scene in the forest, her soul collectors following closely behind.

Inuyasha would marry Kagome, she was certain of that. Though marriage meant little to demons due to their own unique culture, it meant something to the girl. So he would comply, though possibly grudgingly, if not for anything else, for show. It was likely that she would make him wait to become mates until that time as well. And, of course, the half demon would wait. If the way he was kissing the girl was any indication, it was likely it would not take long for a date to be set for the very near future.

They would have children, and he would love and protect them as fiercely as he loves the girl. At long last, he would begin to live. He would find happiness.

But what about her?

She had been certain that Inuyasha was her path to happiness. The wind brought a delighted giggle to her ears. No. Inuyasha was not her path to happiness, not any more. Now that the words had been spoken and the wheels put in motion, his devotion and protectiveness would increase tremendously. She almost pitied the wolf demon who thought to lure the girl away with small gifts and pretty words. Her own dealings with the girl would change as well. It was entirely possible that the half demon would not hesitate to kill her should he feel that he was endangering his mate. Kikyo smiled, wondering just how much worse he would become once Kagome was with child.

May the heavens help the male population.

At the edge of the forest the miko came to a well worn path. Left or right? The left path lead to the mountains and the right led to the sea.

She smiled. Inuyasha may not have been her path to happiness, but the path was still there somewhere. It was time to start looking forward for her answers. It was time to decide what direction she wanted her life, what was left of it, to take.

It was time to make another choice.


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