Chapter 1: Moonlight

Dripping wet with water his dark hair shimmered with water as he stepped out of the lake and onto earth after his midnights swim in the chilly water, Draco noted as he surreptitiously watched the man. Dark hair that looked untidy even wet, and a well sculpted torso and faintly tan skin, the man, who Draco didn't become conscious of who he was, left towards the Quittdich Pitch. Wondering who the man might happen to be Draco became determined to follow him, ducking into the dimness of the shadows as to not be glimpsed by his mystifying and baffling man.

Who would be going to the Pitch this late? – Uh oh he stopped, wow at this distance I can see his body quite well. He must work out, either that or he was born gorgeous, Draco thought watching as the dark haired man pulled on a light green T-shirt and shook his still soaking hair sending water flying in the moonlight which made Draco follow them with his eyes as if they were lost diamonds. Having such thoughts didn't disturb Draco he had known for about two years that he preferred men in bed, strong sexy men who would give anything to be with him. Glancing back he noticed the way the man's muscles could still be seen even though he had on a shirt.

As the man turned Draco saw astonishing emerald eyes coming from a face he was certain he was imaging, the arch of his throat, the curvature of his cheeks they were his, but he couldn't believe it. The in a state disordered dark locks of hair fell over the emerald eyes making Draco plummet away from the daydream he had taken on from seeing his appearance he still couldn't believe it. He watched as the man, he at the moment knew to be nobody other than the Golden Boy, Harry Potter saunter back towards the castle. Draco felt the blood deplete from his features as he paled out to some extent as he staring at the withdrawing Harry's arse.

No way that could not have been him, I have checked out every male body since like last year, every male in that school, he thought running his hand through his blond hair, in such a manner one might think him having a nervous break down, His body has changed so much, he went from a slightly cute bastard to a frickin' sex gods dream! In three months, that's got to be impossible, I will figure this out something is wrong here! He thought again stamping his foot and heading back into the castle, he had a long night of thoughts ahead of him.

((Sorry its so short ))