That night after the funeral, Harry rushed into the Common Room.

Luckily no one was there so he sat by the fire.

Harry just sat there and reminisced about the people in his life that he lost.

He lost his parents, Sirius, and now Dumbledore.

Now he doesn't have Ginny either per say. It was his fault for that.

Harry looked deeply in the fire and just broke down crying.

He was crying for his parents, for Sirius, for Dumbledore, for the many people who have lost their lives to Voldemort, and crying for himself.

He cried for the abuse he had to endure all his life.

Harry has to find all the remaining Horcruxes with the help of Ron and Hermione in a limited amount of time. Then he has to face Voldemort in the final battle. Ron and Hermione have told him time and again that he doesn't have to fight alone. But Harry knows that he has to face Voldemort alone and fulfill the prophecy.

He doesn't know what to do anymore. He's tired of it. He's tired of the weight of the Wizarding World on his shoulders.

He is crumbling apart inside from having everyone depend on him to save everyone.

He can't take it anymore.

Harry was never one to show his emotions other than anger or happiness. Now Harry is on the floor curled up into a ball crying his heart and soul out.

He doesn't want to be the one who has to save the world. He never asked for it to be him.

If Harry has to save the Wizarding World, who is going to save Harry?

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