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Ch.1 Meeting the Fox

On October 5th a small 6 year old boy with blonde hair and three defined whisker marks on both cheeks was curled up into a ball to protect himself from what he knew what was coming. On the days leading up to the festival of the defeat of the great nine tailed demon fox the beatings he received would be at their worst. He didn't know why he got these beatings, although he had some clues it saddened him to no end that everyone in the village, with the exception of the Hokage and the family that owned the ramen stand hated him. When the villagers showed up they ransacked his apartment and beat him to near death. He usually withstood a few minutes of it still awake but it seemed that there were a few more ninja in the mob than usual, and he slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

Naruto woke up in a corridor, resembling a sewer with water dripping from the ceiling into a shallow pool of water that was ankle deep. Having no idea where he was, his mind sat to explore his surroundings. He wondered aimlessly trying to find out where he was when he came into a massive chamber which housed a huge cage. In the middle of the cage was a symbol with the word seal on it.

Naruto isn't stupid, he knows what this is now. He's knows it from the villagers that talk about the fox demon and the things that they say to him make sense now, the things that the Third Hokage told the ANBU when they say something with the word demon in it making things even more clear to him. He now understands why everyone hates him, why everyone tries to kill him and why no one will let their children near him. The nine tailed fox demon is sealed inside of him. He knows this now but he decides to feign ignorance and act as an idiot to throw people off, trying to make them see that he isn't a monster, at least for now.

Naruto walks closer to the gate, but not too close. He sees something with a red aura come closer to the cage. Naruto's assumptions are proven correct when a massive face of a fox came into view.

"You have finally come child. Tell me what is you're name?" came a feminine voice from the cage. Naruto looked on gob smacked, the beast of death and destruction itself was being polite, he was at a loss for words. The fox seemed to notice this.

"What's wrong child, not what you expected?" it asked. Shaking his head out of his shock he stood up.

"I didn't think you would be this polite for a demon lord. I would have thought you would have tried to have my head for being trapped here." Naruto said. A small laugh was heard from the cage.

"Child, I am by no means a raving demon lord hell-bent on death and destruction, what transpired 6 years ago was not my doing…or not entirely." The demon explained. Naruto looked skeptical.

"If that's true then what exactly happened? Actually never mind that right now, I'll ask you later. Right now what I want to know is why you sound like a female; the stories make you out to be a male because of everything that you had done." Naruto questioned.

"That's very insightful of you. I am female, as you so rightfully found out. Hold on a second ,let me help you a bit, it is hard talking to a 30 stories tall demon isn't it?" she asked. The massive figure of a fox blazed red and it changed into a human form. When the red glow receded Naruto could see a beautiful woman with vibrant red hair that ran halfway down her back, a fairly large chest size and what Naruto found that captured his attention the most, her eyes were an exotic blood red with a black slit in the middle. She wore a glittering black kimono with a symbol of a fox on the front. Naruto, regardless of his age couldn't help but get a nosebleed from it, exerting a giggle from the fox woman.

"I'm flattered that I can get such a reaction from my container…speaking of which you never did tell me your name." she said. Naruto smacked the back of his head for forgetting his manners.

"Sorry, my name is Naruto, Naruto Uzamaki…what yours?" he asked. She seemed to think about it for a moment, shock that he would ask her such a question clear on her face.

"You're the only one to ever see me…so I guess I could tell you my name. You know my title as Kyuubi, the nine tailed fox but my name is Hitomi, just don't tell anyone." She said. Naruto nodded his head.

"Ok Hitomi I won't tell anyone. Not that it matters much; I'm leaving this village as soon as I can." Naruto told her. Hitomi tilted her head to the side a little bit, intrigued at this little piece of information.

"Naruto…child why are you leaving?" she asked. Naruto looked at her with a heavy look.

"There is only so much hate a can take. I want to leave this village and go find somewhere that will accept me and not hate me for having you locked up inside me." Naruto explained. Hitomi looked at Naruto for a moment before she gave a sigh.

"If you really are going to leave this village then I think it is imperative that you earn how to defend yourself. For that reason I will train you in an ancient form of chakra manipulation. you will find that no one on this planet besides you will have this skill. it is ancient and extremely powerful and is my favored skill above all the skills that I possess." She told him. Naruto's face adopted an ecstatic expression.

"Really Hitomi? You would do that?" Naruto asked, on the brink of tears.

"Yes Naruto really, I'm not like those villagers and ninja in your village, I will stick by you, partly because I have no choice but I really do want to help you." she said. Naruto did cry after that, a river of tears hitting the water on the floor.

"Ok kit here's what I think you should do, I want you to go to sleep and go to your Hokage and ask for a little bit of money for food, seeing as the villagers most likely stole anything and everything of value from you. Now before I send you off I have a parting gift for you, this will hurt but it will protect you from now on. Fox defense: chakra. Release." She said forming a few weird seals with her hands. Next thing Naruto saw was being surrounded by red chakra and he felt it rip into his skin, effectively knocking him out.

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