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Forbidden Desire

By jojo

The way you touch me…

Chapter one – Aoko and Kaito

Tokyo, late night. A lonely girl was sitting in her room, on the sill behind her window, holding the curtains aside with one hand so she could look outside easier. The room was dark and the little lamp on her desk was the only source of light qhile the stars were the only witness of this sad picture. Or at least that was what Aoko believed as she sighed out again and looked sadly in direction of the dark heaven.

Normally, one couldn't explain what sorrow on earth could possibly make a young woman look sad like this and yet there must exist something. She sighed again and, unknown to her, a dark figure on the roof of two building further down the street, did the same as he observed her with a sharp eye.

'That jerk!' Aoko thought angrily. 'Who does he think he is, anyway? How can he treat me like that?'

She exhaled a breath, angrily too and thought back on this morning. The girl had entered the classroom in good spirits and after that steamy dream she had had about Kaito and herself, had looked forward to seeing him in school.

At this point, it is necessary to mention that Kuroba Kaito's, her childhood friend, and her relationship had changed a great deal over the past year. Had they spend their early days arguing most of the time, they had now controlled that bad habit. They even had gone out to a few dates and holding hands wasn't freaking them out anymore. Aoko could swear she had caught a glimpse of Kaito's soft side.

She had even gone as far as to give him a few goodnight kisses on his cheek which turned him a nice shade of scarlet every time but the goofy-satisfied expression that kept appearing on his face told her clearly that she had done nothing wrong. Still, they never talked about their official status, wether or not they were girl- and boyfriend. But somehow, it just didn't seem as a very important detail they needed to settle right away.

So yes, everything did seem to turn out for the best between them. Even their fellow-classmates left them in peace most of the time. She was convinced that Kaito had looked after that but she had no idea how on earth he had managed this small miracle. Miracle because even Keiko, of all people, didn't really tease her anymore. But Aoko had just happily accepted this and put the thought aside as a gift of the talented and remarkable young man she by now admitted she was in love with.

Their relationship seemed to develop all right and the teasing between them had decreased to a new record minimum level. For once, everything seemed to go the way it was supposed to be. And yet…something appeared to nag at him. Something bothered him for a couple of weeks now that turned the magician slightly more aggressive and touchy. She could not put her finger on the problem and he wouldn't tell, no matter how often she'd ask him.

Aoko shifted uncomfortably as she felt a well-known, guilty feeling spread in her stomach. Quietly, she admitted to herself that she believed his changed behaviour was her fault. It has happened a week ago. They had had school till the late afternoon and Kaito treated her to an ice-cream afterwards before walking her home since it had gotten dark already. Aoko had felt extremely touched and was enjoying herself highly. In fact, she had felt light-headed with joy which seemed to have made her feel closer to the sweet guy next to her. And she melted as he, out of his own will, had reached out for her hand, gently clasping it in his.

It was no wonder that Aoko's feelings were overflowing. Even the scenery was romantic. All the lights everywhere that illuminated the early evening and their way to her house being one example. It had come almost naturally that, as they had come to a halt in front of her door and he had smiled at her as gorgeously as he only smiled at her, Aoko had shut reason away and had leaned forward to give him a kiss. A real kiss that left her breathless, her heart racing and her knees weak and wobbly.

For a moment, she thought that Kaito would melt against her and into the kiss but a second later he pulled away abruptly, flushed and started to stammer a hasty goodnight before he quickly turned and left. Aoko watched surprised after him and held the giggle back as he, she also noticed that he couldn't seem to be able to walk straight, brushed a tree down the road with his shoulder and turned to glare at it confused before he started to move again.

That night, she had gone to sleep with mixed feelings, not sure if his sudden disappearance was a good thing or not. Anxiously, she fell asleep late at night and anxiously she went to school the next day only to realize that Kaito wouldn't talk about it, no matter how hard she tried.

This incident had taken place exactly one week ago and since then there did not pass a day where Aoko didn't regret her boldness and question her action. It was obvious that he hadn't been ready for that kiss and he still stiffened every time she was around. She only hoped he'd get over it soon, for, to her, this kiss had been the most amazing thing she'd ever experienced.

It had left her tingling all over for several hours after and ever since then provided her every night with the most vivid dreams that still made her blush during the day. It was as if this seemingly small and innocent kiss had tore open a sealed gate and awoken a profound desire in her that longed desperately to be unleashed. Every day, Aoko hoped that he would come to her and just kiss her, fulfill her secret fancies and give her what she wanted, what she craved.

However, he never did, not once and she was starting to ask herself if maybe he didn't find her attractive enough. Countless arguments from the past came to her mind when he had insulted her looks, her figure, had made fun of her looking more male than anything. She knew that he almost never meant his teasings but it still hurt and left her unsure about herself. It was like he didn't even want to get near her. Or at least nearer than a few feet.

But being the stubborn girl that she was, Aoko refused to change anything on her at this point. She didn't even know if he wanted her that way, so it would have been pointless to dress up for nothing. Then she asked herself what she could do to help him notice her a little more and, as she came up with nothing after a long day of pondering over this question, had come to a conclusion; she simply had to be herself. There was nothing she could do to make him open his heart except be herself and be nice and friendly to him.

Two days ago she had started to follow this tactic and it seemed to work out well. He was…neutral. Neither too hot nor cold and that was a start. Or so she thought till this morning that had damn near shattered her entire world.

So, this morning Aoko had walked in class, thinking of nothing bad. Entering the classroom, she was immediately happy as she spotted Kaito near the window, chatting with some guy. With a genuine smile, she slowly approached him, savoring the butterflies that were swirling around her stomach. Subconsciously, she noticed that she was blushing lighly as at the sight of him some scenes from the dream of last night re-entered her mind but she tried to cover her embarrassment behind her smile.

She was still smiling as she came to a halt next to him, greeted him warmly with a shining expression and took his hand between hers and hugged his arm lightly.

"Good morning!" Aoko beamed at him.

There you go again when you
Rub up against my skin
I have to catch my breath
I begin to sweat. Oh..

Kaito blinked at her, his cheeks painting rose. He only stood there and did not move nor speak while Aoko kept smiling at him in expectation for an answer.

She had her answer a moment later when he pulled his hand and arm out of her grip and took a step back. He glared at her confused.

"What was that?" Kaito barked at her.

The guy Kaito had been talking to, excused himself for he suddenly remembered something very important that he had to do. Neither noticed him.

"What do you mean?"

"That just now." He went on with almost cruel voice that made her retreat a feet steps defiantly.

"I…I only said good morning?!" Aoko answered, now truly puzzled.

"You sneaked on me, startled me, rubbed up against me and made a fool of myself in front of my friends!" He was getting louder with every word.

"I…What?" Aoko's eye-brows drew themselves together in thorough confusion. She had noticed that he was taking his fighting position, obviously expecting her to argue back as they used to do. She wasn't sure if in this condition she was able to…But on the other hand…

"You stupid idiot! That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!" She screamed at him. Nakamori Aoko did have temperament, there was no way to deny that.

"Oh yeah, just coz you can't listen to yourself talking." And there was no way to deny that Kuroba Kaito knew exactly how to stoke this temperament.

"How dare you!" Her hands were shaking at her sides.

"Well, that's easy. As if it's not bad enough that I have to see you every morning in class."

Aoko's eyes widened and her mouth hang open. Before she could even start thinking of a way to reply to his insult, a loud 'plop' could be heard. Smoke rose and as it subsided, there was nothing left of Kaito except a piece of paper that flew to the table of the teacher, excusing himself from class. As it was to turn out, he wouldn't reappear for class this day.

Aoko could only stand there and stare at the spot her childhood friend had been standing a second ago, her hands still shaking. By now, she had managed to close her mouth and was very busy trying to keep her tears in check and from flowing down her cheeks.

Hesitantly, Keiko stepped to her and lay a hand on her shoulder.

"Aoko-chan, are you all right?"

There was probably nobody in class who hadn't heard their heated argument and some seemed just as shocked and surprised as Aoko herself since it had been quite a while they had last argued this badly.

Gulping as inconspicuously as she could, Aoko slowly turned her head to smile at her friend.

"I am all right, thanks."

It was clear that she was lying and that her smile was nothing but fake.

"Aoko-chan…" Her best friend looked at her sadly and compassionately. Obviously she had no idea what to say.

"I'm fine, really. Don't worry." Aoko tried to reassure her.

Keiko opened her mouth to protest but to Aoko's luck, the teacher chose this moment to enter the classroom and Keiko didn't have the opportunity to question her more for which Aoko was very grateful. She sat down and it was no surprise that she hardly listened to a word the teacher said. Her thoughts were too preoccupied with a certain someone whose behaviour she could not understand, no matter how long she kept thinking about what had just happened.

She spend the rest of the day avoiding noisy friends, hiding and looking for Kaito. All three, without success. Once she had tried to call him but his mother had told her that he hadn't come home after school. Not only was Aoko thinking non-stop about what had happened today, now she also had to worry about that idiot. Just great.

She still hoped he was all right. A tear ran down her cheek which she angrily brushed away.

Suddenly, something outside her window caught her attention. With a raised eye-brow, Aoko moved closer and quickly recognized the object. It was a rose. Not a random rose but the most beautiful and shining white rose she had ever seen. It was almost shimmering although the only light that was illuminating it was the dim one that came out of her room.

'What's a rose this pretty doing outside my window? I wonder if maybe Kaito…'

Absentmindedly, as if an unknown voice ordered her to, she opened the window and reached out for the rose slowly. An inch before she actually touched it, she hesitated, an odd feeling in her stomach as if this was something forbidden. Pushing it away, she conquered the last inch and took the rose in her hand, mindful of the prickles. A thrill cursed through her body and Aoko held her breath, feeling like something was about to happen.

As, a few seconds later, nothing happened, she exhaled and looked closely at the beautiful flower in her hand. Tilting her head to the left, she raised her other hand to touch the petals and was raptured by it as, out of nowhere, she saw a white fog move around in front of her.

Aoko tried to scream as the shadow entered her room but before she could mutter a single syllable, found her lips sealed by another pair of burning hot lips. In the initial shock, she let the rose drop to the floor but neither noticed. Also, a big hand moved up and covered her eyes while another wound around her waist tightly. She gasped in surprise but the stranger took this as a sign to press his lips more fully against hers.

The girl was momentarily stunned to the spot, couldn't move nor speak or breathe and even thinking was becoming a more difficult thing to do with every passing second. Every attempt to struggle away, he turned around and against her so that she always ended up pushing her body closer to his.

But, when Aoko closed her lids beneath his hand and stood on her tiptoes to connect their lips as fully as possible, it was the stranger's turn to gasp and he opened his eyes in utter shock.

Thanks to all the years that he knew her, almost his whole life was not exactly a short time, he knew her habits even better than his own. A fact he was really grateful about at the moment. He knew exactly that she uses to sit by her window and look at the sky when there was something bothering her. And to his shame, he had to admit that he knew exactly what it was that was bothering her. Even worse, that he knew he was the reason her beautiful face was not smiling tonight.

He cursed at himself inwardly, wondering why on earth he had to be such a damn fool. A 'stupid idiot' like she had, rightfully, claimed him to be only this morning.

Granted, Kaito could be pretty dense at times, especially when Aoko or emotions were involved but he'd have to be downright brain-dead to not realize that what had happened this morning had been his fault completely. He had overreacted, no doubt and exploded on her for no reason at all. And, as icing on the cake, he'd disappeared to cover his guilt instead of staying and facing the confrontation.

All day, he'd been wandering around the city, trying to forget what had happened. It couldn't and didn't really surprise him that he didn't succeed to even get her off his mind for a small instant. At nightfall, he'd almost sighed out in relief. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity for Kaito Kid to arise and stroll around in search for a possible new object of his desire and to forget all of his worries.

However, pretty soon it became clear to him that his heart was not into it at all, but instead swirling around thoughts of his heart's true and only desire. The daughter of the man who was chasing him nearly restlessly every night and who had already been chasing his father many years ago.

He still didn't understand most of his motivations for acting the way he did but as he sat there on the rooftop two building away from Aoko's house and looked at her weakly illuminated shape, his cape swaying as the wind passed by, he inevitably started to reminiscent of their relationship.

Kaito had been almost ecstatic as he had first managed to gather the nerve to ask Aoko out on a date and even more so at her agreeing. Everything had started out perfectly, too. Chaste though but a beginning was definitely made. And suddenly, the always cool and resolute magician would stammer and blush when she kissed him on the cheek in gratefulness.

It would be a lie to claim that the tough guy wasn't bothered by the power the 'woman' had over him. At least, it had bothered him at the beginning, for, every time he locked eyes with her in the precious moments they were completely alone and he found his breath magically taken away, his knees go weak and his heart beating strongly in his chest, he couldn't help but forget each and every single sorrow in the world.

And then, one fine evening after he had walked her home, it had gotten dark already, she had startled the hell out of him. In one swift motion that he hadn't seen coming, Aoko had leaned forward and caught his lips in a sweet kiss.

Immediately, everything inside him had started tingling and the young man was more than tempted to immediately give in and deepen the kiss, to listen to his ever-growing desire and lose himself in her to the point where…

It took all of his will-power to pull away at this point. He didn't want to lose control on her, to abuse her for his own, steadily-growing selfish need and he knew exactly that would happen in case her delicious and tempting lips were to press against his ravenous ones for another second.

Shocked of himself, he pushed back and himself away from the heaven that she provided. With flustered face he stammered a goodnight, knowing that he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of her lips for any longer if he stayed near her, smelled her scent and looked at her eyes that kept looking at him innocently and a little puzzled.

On his flight from her, Kaito would call it a decent retreat, he almost took a tree with him that stood in the way and that annoyed him immensely, thus adding to his embarrassment.

From this night on, the poor boy was, one could use the word haunted, by numerous of the most erotic dreams involving Aoko and himself that he'd ever had and wouldn't even dare to think about in broad daylight. And the more he fought against them in the night, the more intense and persistant they returned the following.

In class, whenever Aoko walked up to him and smiled at him, saying goodmorning, he couldn't help but be reminded of the different way she had been smiling at him the night before while screaming his name in pleasure. He would blush every time and try to get away from her as fast as possible or at least try to keep a save distance between them. Too great was the danger of him acting after his dreams which would definitely ruin their new relationship.

And today, as she had walked up on him and taken his hand while greeting him in the morning after one particularly heated dream that Kaito had had, with their combined screams of desire and passion still ringing in his ears, he had simply freaked. In addiction to that, as she had hugged his arm, accidently pushing her breasts again his arm which felt, aside the amazing feeling and warm softness, like pure torture, he could feel the heat rise inside him and to his cheeks.

It's nothing new that Kaito can't deal with embarrassment. This is why it's no wonder that he snapped.

Pushing her away in his misery, he had quickly grabbed the most stupid reason he could think of to start a fight with her and disappear from her tempting nearness before he did something they would both regret later.

The day he had spend cursing himself for his lack of will-power and for hurting her. The shocked face of Aoko from this morning was deeply burnt in his memory and he could clearly see her pain at his condescending words. However, he had no idea what he could do now to save the situation.

After having unsuccessfully tried to make a marvelous appearance as Kid, he decided to call it a night and check on her.

And here he was, observing her from afar with the same, sad and distant expression that was visible on her own face and feeling just as miserable, if not more so, with no clue how to save the situation or their relationship.

As he sat there on the windy roof of the building and watched her open her lips to exhale gently, he couldn't help but blush. Concentrating on her lips that were slightly parted, scenes from his dreams crept to his mind with pictures of her using those exact lips to…well, do other things to him. Very pleasurable things and being only a guy, Kaito couldn't stop the heat that started to spread in his body rapidly as his thoughts started wandering.

Absentmindedly, he loosed his neck-tie, all of a sudden feeling like it prevented him from breathing freely. He stuffed his gloves in his pocket, hoping the added fresh air on some bare skin would help to cool him down but it didn't help in the least.

He kept staring at her pretty silhouette that was still clad in her day-clothes that consisted of a simple blue skirt and white blouse with middle sized buttons.

'White. White is good.' He couldn't help but think. 'White is my colour. White is the colour of innocence. Her innocence…How fitting. I'm sure her panties are white, too…'

This thought the guy who was clad in white only, if you didn't count his ocean-blue shirt and blood-red neck-tie, which, in itself, was already the biggest contradiction there was considering his everything but innocent thoughts.

His gaze travelled over her neck to her face and eventually lingered on her lips again and he automatically licked his own.

Oh, how he wished he could just go to her and taste those lips again. Ever since the kiss he could hardly think of anything except their taste and feel against his own and how badly he wanted a repetition of it.

However, he was bound to wait till they made up which would not happen unless he learned to keep his ragging hormones in check. He groaned mentally.

Who said that would ever happen? Who told him she'd ever forgive him in the first place? And far the worst, who could guarantee him that his hormones would ever stop to run riot?

The answer to this questions caused poor Kaito to whine quietly. Nobody could appease his doubts and the only way to put his mind at ease, was to go and try out how hopeless the situation really was.

He got slightly angry as another thought struck him. Who told him, that all this fuss he was making over this deal was really worth it? He was sick of being this confused by a single woman and it was about time to get it over with, once and for all. To stop this madness that stole his sleep and prevented clear thoughts from entering his mind.

He was hurling himself into something that was not worth all the troubles, Kaito was suddenly convinced of it. And there was only one way to prove himself right and to end this lunacy.

He'd have to kiss her again and prove to himself that it was no big deal. That he simply had been talking himself into believing it was intense and earth-shaking. And to achieve exactly this effect, all he had to do was steal a kiss from her.

But, how was he supposed to do that?

Then, he had to smirk. 'What a question. Stealing is my profession, after all. That should be no problem, at all.'

In case something went wrong, Kaito decided to use his secret identity as cover. If he messed up, it would not be Kuroba Kaito's fault but Kids. He guessed this was the true reason people had a second identity in the first place, anyway.

'But why should she let Kaito Kid kiss her? The worst enemy of her father!' The clever young man wondered and for a reason. He started pondering over his plan for quite some time until it was formed and polished to perfection. He hit the underside of his fist in his palm in determination.

'This is so simple it just has to work. And I'll be able to find sleep tonight.'

With this thought, he happily stood up and conquered the distance to her window, always mindful of staying out of her range of vision. He persistently ignored the fact that if his ingenious plan went wrong, he might never find sleep again. However, a Kaito Kid never backed off a challenge and he never failed.

As he looked at her, really looked at her from this new position that was so much closer, he lost himself again in the girl who was obviously deep in thoughts. He wondered if she was thinking about him this concentrated and then about how he was supposed to kiss her through the window.

Of course, the window itself was no problem since he, although he would never admit it out loud, knew every weak spot of it inside out. But getting inside her room by "force" was not going to help him get that kiss from her. And that's all he wanted. One kiss to prove to himself, that she had no influence over him at all. That he had simply panicked and overrreacted the last time. That it really was no big deal and not worth half the troubles he'd put himself through.

Already, he refined his plan and took out a beautiful, white rose from somewhere inside his cape. White was good, white was his colour, the colour of innocence, Kaito reminded himself. He gave it a soft good luck kiss, then slowly and carefully let it float down and stop right in front of her window.

As expected, she quickly detected it and opened the window. He hid a little deeper as she looked around and retreated a little as Aoko took the rose slowly in her hand. Mesmerized, he observed each and every move of her hand that traced over the petals of the flower and her look that quickly turned from confused to delighted.

Kaito suddenly knew it was now or never.

Abandoning his hiding spot, he floated down to her himself and entered her room before she could comprehend what was going on. To ensure that she wouldn't recognize him and that he would not lose his nerve and run away in the last moment, he covered her eyes with one hand and moved his head to kiss her.

He felt her scream get lost against his lips but he kept her to him by the arm around her waist so that both her hands were trapped between them and pressed his lips closer to hers as she gasped. He half-expected her to free her hands, hit the life out of him but her complete rigidness made sense to him, too and he had to admit that his heart was pounding too hard and that he was too scared to enjoy this as much as he knew he should. It almost seemed like she had stopped breathing and then she started to struggle against him but he skillfully used her wriggling to his benefit, pushing her closer to him instead, every time.

As, an instant later, she seemed to cease moving all together, he panicked and quickly started to make escape plans including the fastest ways to fly from her and the situation. Nervousness was getting the better of him and it annoyed Kaito endlessly.

But his mind was suddenly completely blank as Aoko scared the living daylights out of him without any sort of premonition by standing on her tiptoes and pressing her lips as fully against his as it would go, returning the kiss wholeheartedly. Kaito gasped in shock and opened his eyes to stare at her.

From underneath his hand, he felt that she had already closed her eyes before she had leant into this kiss with all of her being.

A second later, he found all thoughts gone and a sensation as strong as he had never experienced, never had considered humanly possible, washed through his whole body and electrified each cell, leaving all of his nerve-endings tingling and partying.

Bare passion and a profound lust Kaito had never felt before suddenly awoke in the pit of his stomach and was having him shudder all over in the twinkling of an eye. Never had he thought that a simple kiss was able to make him feel like this. It was hard to describe, honestly, but he could almost somatically feel her desire, her need, her want. Want for him.

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The song is called "Damn" and is made by Leann Rimes. We think that it fits perfectly to the relationship of Kaito and Aoko (although there is more of it in the next two chapters).