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Chapter three (Epilogue) - The Morning After

The sun shone cruelly at her face, waking the tightly sleeping girl mercilessly. Aoko didn't move at first, only shivered and opened one eye to check the watch on her night stand. Luckily, there was still some time before she had to go to school.

At first, she didn't realize anything unusual about this morning. She was in her bed, all right, as the sun kept on shining at her face and gradually waking her up.

Her face distorted slightly in confusion. There was something wrong about this, wasn't it? A minute later, she remembered it. Since when didn't she close her curtains and her window over night?

All of a sudden, her eyes shot open and she sat upright in her bed. She squeaked and clutched the sheets to her chest. And since when was she sleeping completely naked? One hand moved to cover her mouth in shock, eyes wide. She turned to look at the spot next to her on the bed, but there was nobody there. Instead, a simple yet almost too beautiful to be real, cherry-red rose was placed carefully on top of the pillow there.

Aoko felt like crying. Her first and understandable reaction had been to believe this all a dream. A very erotic and vivid dream, sure, but a dream none the less. Immediately, a horrible and guilty feeling was filling up her stomach, rumouring through it like toxic waste. How could she? Why had she…

A few tears run down her cheeks but she took no notice of them. She was too shocked, especially about herself, to notice anything at the moment.

Her alarm-clock rang and she looked with teary eyes at it. It was telling her that she had to hurry if she wanted to take a shower before going to school. A shower, there could be nothing more appealing to her at the moment. And so she stood up quickly, almost falling as she felt that her knees were a little wobbly and a definite soreness was announcing itself down there and disappearing in the shower to try and wash the heartache away.

Forty minutes later, it really was about time that she went to school, Aoko started preparing. A few minutes long, she kept wondering if maybe she should just stay in bed. If she was able to face them all and especially him. Her heart ached again. But she knew she couldn't stay away from school.

For some unexplainable reasons, as Aoko took her school bag to leave for school, something held her back. She turned at her door and looked at her room. Subconsciously, she noticed that the white rose she'd dropped yesterday in shock was not on the floor anymore and her clothes were folded neatly on her chair. Her gaze moved to her window, her desk and then stopped on the couch.

She blushed wildly as all kind of memories came back to her in a flash and a horrible, vulnerable feeling engulfed her. She was about to go back and lay down again as her gaze fell upon something. The rose that was still laying untouched on her bed, creating a great contrast since her sheets consisted of a light, aqua-blue. She hesitated for a long moment, but eventually started moving towards it, more unconsciously than anything.

The blushing girl took it in her hand and strangely, she felt like the rose was radiating some sort of tranquillity. Something very soothing that she found her heart relieved for a few long instances. She didn't even think too much about the fact that this obviously was a different rose than the one she had collected from outside her window the night before.

Not thinking further about it, she put it carefully in her school bag, looking at it as a sort of moral support and left the house quickly.


Kaito was not there. Kaito was NOT THERE! She didn't know if she should be happy or terrified by the fact alone. Kaito almost never missed school and for him to not be there today… Maybe it was a bad predicament?

Aoko felt like crying again. She didn't know if she'd have had the courage to talk to him and confess everything but she'd figured she'd find out when facing him and now the girl felt only worse. The day in school was pure torture to her. She kept glancing over at his empty seat, then at her watch, praying in constant intervals for the bell to ring. During the breaks, she quickly disappeared somewhere herself. It didn't really matter where she went to, as long as it guaranteed her that she didn't have to talk to anybody or deal with her noisy friends. She wouldn't be able to handle them right now. She could hardly deal with her own emotions, let along with their questions.

Aoko thanked the heavens as the school bell rang. She almost fled at top speed, unspeakably happy that the school was over. But she had come to a decision. She had to talk to Kaito, as soon as possible. That's why she started to walk towards his house.

Fear was filling her heart up completely as the building came to view. She gripped her chest, right over her heart, trying to get it to slow down and stop pounding against her rib cage as strongly and painfully as it was right now. In vain.

She rang the bell before she could talk herself out of it. Nothing happened. Aoko rang again and waited for a few minutes but nothing happened.

Beaten, head hanging, she started to walk home, feeling more horrible than before. She never noticed the shadow behind one window that kept looking at her as long as she was in view.


The rest of the day went by thankfully uneventful. The night came quicker than usual, or so it seemed to her.

Aoko lay on top of her bed and watched her curtains dance in the cool nights breeze. She hadn't bothered to close the window, in the contrary. She had even placed the rose on the sill.

The tired girl had dozed off at some point, the day and night had been exhausting in its own way. That's why she didn't notice the head peeking inside her room carefully.

The owner of the head gently tapped on her window.

Aoko opened her eyes in puzzlement and sat straight up on the bed. She looked over to her window and found a timid head looking back at her.

"May I come in?" Kaito asked shyly.

Aoko blinked but nodded and watched as he skillfully climbed the last feet from the tree under her window to her sill.

"Hi." He greeted her lamely.

"Hi." Aoko greeted back, sitting upright all the way.

A thick silence lay between them, as expected and Kaito stood in the middle of the room unsure what to do or say. One hand was stuffed deeply in a pocket and his other was scratching the back of his head as a clear sign of uncertainty.

"How are you?" He asked her and even to his own ears it sounded really lame.

"I'm fine and you? I mean, you are not sick, are you?"

"No, I am okay…"

Silence lay around them once again until Kaito knew what to say.

"Did you expect me? I mean, with the open window and everything…"

"Don't know…you used to visit me that way when we were young and you had sorrows…"

"How do you know I have sorrows?" He asked

"I just felt it…and I don't think I was wrong…" She looked at him with two raised eye-brows.

"Yeah, no, I…Well…" Kaito was at a loss of words.

"Sit down." Aoko gently said, patting the spot next to her on the bed.

With strongly throbbing heart and a nervous feeling like he'd hardly ever experienced, the young magician sat down next to her rather stiffly before remembering that it may be useful if he was facing her. So, he turned his upper body and looked at Aoko. Her anxious expression was almost more than he could stand but he focused on his plan and on what he had decided he was going to tell her.

"All day, I've been wandering around, thinking about you… About us and I came to a decision." He took a deep breath to go on while Aoko held her own in anticipation.

"This can't go on like this."

"What?" Aoko's face fell as she gaped at him shocked.

"Yes, this." He indicated with wild fumbling hands to her and himself.

"I…I don't understand?" Aoko's voice was shaky as she looked at him and tried her best to keep her tears from falling, certain he was about to break up with her.

"Listen. I've known you for all my life, right?" Aoko nodded mutely. "Don't get me wrong." He noticed the almost panicked expression on her face. "I wouldn't want to trade our childhood memories for anything else in the entire world. They are precious to me and so are you. I hope you know that. I've been pretty lucky to have had you by my side for all my life."

Aoko could feel a tear come out of her eye. She had a very bad feeling about this. This was definitely going to be goodbye. She could feel it.

"Please don't look like this. And don't cry!" Kaito almost panicked as he saw the tear and look on her face.

"Aoko, listen. Ever since this…thing, between us started, I've had my doubts. I was not sure this was a good idea. No, don't cry, please, listen first. Not because I don't want you, really. Just…this added closeness was really hard for me to stand because-"

"I am not cute enough for you?"

"No, Aoko-"

"Or you just can't stand the thought of being close to me?" Her voice was bitter.

"Not at all, just listen-"

"You really think I am male, after all?" More tears left her eyes and Aoko's head hung down in shame and embarrassment. The sadness she was feeling right now clearly shone through her voice.

"Stop it!" He suddenly screamed, startling her as much as himself. "Sorry but this not it, at all. In the contrary! I was scared to lose control on you. I do think you are a really p-pretty…"

"What?" Aoko looked up at him shocked as if she had missed his last remark.

"The only reason that I tried to keep a physical distance was because I am really attracted to you, you silly girl."

"Kaito?" Aoko's eyes widened enormously and she did the only thing she felt capable of at the moment. Gape at him like one of the fish that he hated so much.

He kept looking determined at her, fighting with all his might to hold on his courage to keep going.

"And I know I don't deserve a second chance, or you but I just feel like my heart's going to combust if I don't say this, so…"

The puzzled girl kept looking at him while her heartbeat reached a new record high.

"I love you, Aoko." He blurred out all of a sudden, a shade of guilt spreading in his eyes.

And out of nowhere, he'd really have counted with every kind of reaction from Aoko, most of them ending rather painful for him except with the reaction he actually got. Aoko bent forward and kissed him.

What started out as a gentle and innocent kiss soon transformed into something more passionate and heated. Kaito was surprised, shocked but soon got used to it and replied to the kiss in kind.

As she pulled back, licking her upper lip absentmindedly, Aoko stared back into his eyes. Her expression was serious and piercing right through him.

"Says who?"

"Hm? What?" Kaito wondered if his current drowsiness had limited his ability of listening properly.

"Who loves me? Kuroba Kaito…" She placed a hand over his chest tenderly and looked up at him again. "…or Kaito Kid?"

Judging from the extreme extent of his enlarging eyes, one could be afraid that they were about to fall out. Immediately, his body commanded him to do what he did every time somebody was claiming that he was Kaito Kid. Deny and run. But something in the look of her eyes told him that the attempt would be in vain. Perhaps, the mindblowing kiss was to be blamed, as well. In any case, he knew that he could not longer lie to her. And, almost as an appallingly realization, the fact hit him that he was almost happy about it. Happy that he didn't have to hide from her anymore, although his chances to make up with the girl in front of him were now gone for good.

"So…you know?" He'd never heard his voice being this quiet.

Aoko simply nodded at him, clearly waiting for him to start the talking.

"When did you find out?"


This statement visibly shocked him. He'd been certain she hadn't found out who he was yesterday… Kaito couldn't help the blush as some scenes entered his mind again against his will.

"How? I thought my disguise was perfect?"

"It was." She admitted and Kaito looked confused at her.

"Then how…?"

"Do you think I'd just let some stranger kiss me like that and do…the other things to me? Do you really think I am this kind of woman?" Aoko yelled at his face.

Her sudden outburst caught the stunned magician by surprise. Unconsciously, he leaned his upper body a little away from her, afraid she might hit him any second. Nothing of the sort happened.

"N-no, of course not but how did you find out? And when?" Kaito was thoroughly confused. He didn't even know if he was enraging her even more with his stupid questions. To his surprise, Aoko smiled tenderly as if reminiscing about a really nice event in the past or a pleasant memory.

"When and how I found out that it was you?" He nodded, suddenly not sure if he really wanted to know the answer to this but at the same time knowing that if he did not find out tonight, he never would.

"That's easy."

'Easy?' The magician and hobby thief who was more than proud of his appearance, his ability of fooling people and to disguise, didn't like this one word, at all. 'How on earth can she claim it was easy to find out who I was?' Kaito wondered, momentarily forgetting everything about his fears from a minute ago.

Aoko could clearly see the conflict going on inside him and knew immediately what he was thinking about. She suppressed a giggle at how predictable her childhood friend was, even in this kind of situation. And her knowing grin seemed to freak him out even more.

"It was the way you touch me."

Kaito blinked a few times in puzzlement what made him look more stupid than anything else.


"Each touch of you. And your kiss, of course."

"Kiss? You mean you recognised me by that kiss? How can that be, we only really kissed once, before yesterday."

"And you think I forgot everything about it?"

Her answer shut him up pretty good. She was right. But it still made no sense to him.

"Aoko…I still don't understand…"

She gently took his hand between hers and smiled at him reassuringly.

"Listen. As that somebody kissed me, I was about to fight with my life before I started to notice your scent, your taste and feel against me. I know you for all my life, after all. And, in comparison to other perverts, you were careful, gentle and loving, not rough and demanding. You could say, those were not enough signs to just go along with it, right? As I kissed you back and felt your hand tremble against my back, your lips quiver in fear for me and the way you looked after me and that I feel comfortable, I thought it was you. I suspected it."

The hair on Kaitos arms stood on end at her tone as he listened to her through his racing heartbeat and gigantic frog in his throat that wouldn't allow him to talk and had he known what to say.

"But, as you kissed me back with a gentle passion and devotion I had never known existed, rising a deeply buried desire inside me, I knew for sure that it was you, Kaito, for only you can ever make me feel like this. Only you can give me this whirlpool of emotions and only you can make the world disappear around me with as much as one kiss." Her eyes had traveled down to their joined hands, she had interlaced her fingers through his during her little statement, but now she lifted her head to lock eyes with him. "Only you can make love to me as if you love me."

A strong shiver ran down his spine at her words and the piercing but completely honest gaze that she gave him. Kaito was, understandably, struck totally and mind-absorbingly speechless. So many thoughts were racing around his head.

She chuckled as she added as kind of afterthought. "And I didn't even have to be able to use my eyes to find out. This kiss just now was sort of a last affirmation."

Gaping at her shocked, he soon gathered himself and shook his head amused, knowing there was only one way to answer her. Only ever had been one way. He slid closer to her on the bed.

"That was because I do."

"Because you do what?" She whispered with trembling voice, the anew closeness having a strong effect on her.

His face moved closer to hers, slowly but steadily and just as she thought he would lean down and kiss her, Kaito seemed to have changed his plans. His lips collided with her temple, giving her a tender kiss before pulling back and leaning down to rest his forehead against hers.

"Love you." He whispered, his breath playing across her slightly parted lips that curved up to a smile upon hearing his comment. His hands moved around her body to hold her close. "Oh Aoko."

"I know." She giggled, moving her free hand to rest on his cheek. "And I love you, too."

Not waiting for another second, not even to express his undescribable happiness about her confession, Kaito conquered the last inches to her lips with his own, feeling relief beyond imagination wash through him. This must be heaven and he had no idea what he had done to deserve being here, with her or to deserve parts of her forgiveness.

As the kiss, that he looked upon as some sort of sealing of their declaration of love, ended, he stroked with a hand over her cheek with all of his affection. Kaito smiled down at her tenderly.

"So you knew it was me all along, huh?"

She nodded. "Yep"

"You know, that's so mean. I could hardly think straight out of guilt, let alone find sleep last night."

"You deserved it." She looked at him, her eyes challenging him to say something differently. "You made me wake up alone and worry about you all day long. Not to mention the fact that you lied to be about being Kaito Kid."

He hugged her, letting his head hang guiltily on her shoulder. "I know."

She stroked over his back reassuringly.

"You know, we have to talk this out." Kaito stated matter of factly but in a gentle tone of voice and never loosened his tight embrace around her.

"Later." Aoko whispered and leaned up to kiss him passionately. "First, I want a repeat of last night." She blushed at her words and at the same time loved the fact that his cheeks painted as well. "And this time, I want to be able to look at you and your face." She held his surprised gaze with her determined, now somewhat pleading one as he didn't reply right away.

"Please, Kaito, love me again." It was a honest plea from the woman he loved most on this planet. How could he deny her anything, let alone such a request?

"Anything." He breathed huskily, the upcoming and all-consuming desire already starting to take over his senses and his actions. "Anything for you." He dove forward, kissing her passionately and knocking her flat on her bed where he carefully lay her down. Aoko's arms moved around his neck and she moaned inside his mouth in pleasure, kissing him back wholeheartedly and shut her own mind down.


One week later, Aoko was sitting at her desk, doing her homework. It was one of her new habits, that she would let her window open as long as she was awake, through day and night. Like now. It was pitch dark outside and a chilly breeze blew through her room but Aoko didn't let the cool air disturb her. She simply had worn one of her warmer sweaters.

The night was peaceful and quiet. So was Aoko's room and the whole house. Since Kaito Kid had announced another robbery for tonight, she had the house all to herself. Her father would probably not return until late. That is, if he return tonight at all. That's why Aoko was having the peace of mind to work concentrated.

Although the silence was almost deafening, the young woman didn't seem to care as she sat there in this tranquilness with a smug expression on her lips, looking concentrated through her homework.

She hadn't really looked after them all day. That's why it was already past ten in the evening and she was still sitting there. Strangely, Nakamori Aoko didn't seem to mind much. In fact, she didn't mind at all.

Suddenly, her curtains started dancing wildly and a white shadow appeared at her window.

Not surprised, almost as if she'd expected it, she finished her sentence and put her pen down. Aoko turned and stood up, looking in fascination as the white shadow manifested first to fog, then to a tall and handsome young man with a sexy grin on his face. A grin that could melt the hearts of women like ice-cream.

His appearance was plainly breath-taking. He had the air of mystery surrounding and working for him, giving him the look of something extraterrestrial. Maybe a gigantic dove, for he was clothed in almost only white from top to toe. His hat he took in a hand as he moved his upper body versus earth in an elegant bow in front of the lady. With his other hand he took hers and kissed the back of her hand gently.

"Good evening." He then looked at her face, his grin still apparent.

Aoko smiled back wholeheartedly. "Hello."

"How do we find thee this evening, young lady?"

"Pretty well, Sir, thank you for your kind asking. But, with what do I deserve the honour of your visit?"

"Oh!" Kaito walked inside her room, halfway inside now and turned around to face her in a dramatic fashion that had his cape waving around in big motions. "I was wandering around this beautiful night and I found this pretty gemstone underneath your open window. I just thought I give it back to you quickly. After all, beauty belongs to beauty."

He held up the crystal clear, fist-size diamond against the ceiling light, immediately diving the room in a spectacle of colours that reflected everywhere; against the ceiling, the walls and her furniture.

"Oh wow!" Aoko exclaimed excitedly, batting her hands over her open mouth. She turned her head to follow the play of light and colour that surrounded her, dancing around her room enchantingly and even more as he started to twist the stone in the light, turning it around in circles.

Kaito grinned to himself self-satisfied. He loved being the one who caused that look of awe on her face and he loved making her this happy. She turned and smiled at him some time later.

"This is beautiful."

"It had better be beautiful. I mean, after costing a couple of million yen…"

Aoko's eyes widened. "O-oh man, you sure do have an expensive hobby."

"Not hobby, I told you…" He tried to defend himself.

"Yeah, I know." She quickly stopped him with a reassuring smile. "What about the diamond now? Is it the one you are…"

"No. I am sure your father will be thrilled when you return this to him." He snipped with his fingers, a cloud of smoke appeared and an instant later, the precious gem reappeared in one of Aoko's hands.

Astonished, she looked at it, then at Kaito Kid. "Thank you."

"Nah, it's fine. I promised, after all." Kaito reminded her on their deal, although it was not necessary. "Oh, and this is for your father."

She looked at the envelope that Kaito handed her. Aoko looked a little surprised at it, turned it then her questioning gaze travelled to his face. He explained before she could say a word.

"I just couldn't resist." He grinned at her. "However, I do think you should read it first. And it's up to you wether you give your father only the diamond or the card as well." A silly, goofy grin was now clearly on his face. Aoko knew this gaze and it hardly ever meant something good.

With one raised eye-brow, her gaze bore through him and he couldn't help his chuckle. "Well, you will see. You may read it as soon as I am gone."

"Do you…" She placed the diamond in her school bag carefully but held on to the envelope, which she played between her fingers and turned again to look at him penetratingly. "Do you have more jobs to finish tonight?"

Her look and vibrations in her voice told him more than any words could. Smiling arrogantly, he stepped forward and took her left hand which he guided to his lips. Pressing a long and gentle kiss to the back of her hand, he, from his bowed position, looked up into her eyes with his own, piercing gaze and his knowing grin. "I am afraid my time tonight is very limited."

"What do you…ohhh, you mean..?"

"Yeah. Busy as a bee Inspector Nakamori is already on his way home."

"Did you give him a hard time?" Aoko asked with a grin.

Kaito straightened up again and grinned. "I would say we've had a lot of fun tonight."

And sure enough, they could already hear the familiar sound of the keys on the door, the door creaking open and a deep, male voice announcing his return.

"Aoko-honey, I am hoome." Old Nakamori's voice rang through the house, sounding tired.

Aoko looked at her ajar door, then back at Kaito who was smiling at her, his hands in his pockets and his face only a few inches away from hers. Without breaking the intense eye contact, she yelled back at her father.

"Hi daddy. I am doing homework. Food is in the kitchen."

"Oh great!" Nakamori almost groaned relieved. "I am starving. Honestly, why do I even bother to chase that much after that idiotic, childish…" He kept murmuring to himself and his silent curses became fainter as he disappeared in the kitchen.

The air between Aoko and Kid was very tense, loaded with electricity and anticipation. Nakamori's home-coming had only added to the excitement they were constantly surrounded with. Neither dared to move, or speak or breathe too deeply. They simply stared at each other.

They continued this wordless communication for quite some time until Kaito's gentle voice broke the loaded silence.

"I should better go. Don't want to imagine what he'd gonna do to me if he ever found me here…" His askew grin was mirrored by her little chuckle.

"You are right. Good night then and thanks again." Aoko whispered.

"You are welcome." He replied as his eyes pierced deeply into her own again.

The way he was staring at her was making Aoko squirm from the inside; she really did squirm a little in excitement. She was loving every second of it.

"I hope you can stay a little longer the next time."

"Definitely. You can take me at my word here. Tomorrow seems like a fine night to…stay longer."

He let the "stay longer" roll over his tongue in a certain way, low and deep that didn't leave Aoko guessing about his true intentions. Involuntarily, a strong shiver cursed down her spine at this new promise.

"Aoko? Aren't you done, yet?" The deep voice from downstairs roared to her room. Aoko and Kid twitched a little at this and both turned to look at the door simultaneously and in horror.

Luckily, Nakamori senior was still downstairs and only slowly approaching her room.

Immediately, the young adults started moving in direction of her window, knowing only a few seconds remained for them.

"Good night then, sweet maiden." He kneeled at her window and had turned to look at her.

"Oh you silly." Aoko giggled at the fact that he still wouldn't drop his act. "Go already before Dad really catches you. I'll see you tomorrow in school."

"All right. And you better do read this card in private first, if you know what I mean."

"Aoko?" Nakamori's voice was almost at the top of the stairs as he spoke.

"Ok. Now go." Aoko urged him.

"Bye, Aoko-chan." Kaito whispered and quickly after, bend down to kiss her on the lips. Both sighed out at the longingly missed contact.

Aoko took the most out of this one kiss, staying in it as long as it was possible. As he eventually did pull away, reluctantly of course, she smiled up at him happily. "Good night, Kaito-kun."

He smiled back and in high speed appeared one single, red rose from behind her ear. He gave it to her, his heart singing at her shining expression of happiness. "Thanks." She whispered.

"You are most welcome." Was his truthful reply.

"Honey?" Nakamori called, now only a few feet away from her door.

Aoko leaned up and Kaito met her halfway in a last, quick yet sweet kiss before, after a last smile and brush over her cheek with his thumb, he disappeared in a cloud of white smoke.

"Are you all right?" Nakamori entered Aoko's room just then, concern clear in his voice.

"Hi Dad. I am fine." Aoko turned her head to smile at him from her position at the window.

"I didn't know it's foggy outside." He walked to his daughter and looked at the white air in front of her room. "You should close your window or you'll catch a cold." He helped her with the task. "Why didn't you answer me?"

"I didn't hear anything." Aoko lied successfully.

"Oh, ok. I just came to tell you that your dinner was great."


"Wanna come watch a movie?"

"I'll quickly finish my homeworks and then I'll come down."

"All right. What is this?" He pointed at the envelope that she was still holding in a hand and at the rose she had in her other.

"Uh…" Aoko had completely forgotten about this.

"Aww, I see. This is a love letter, right? From Kaito-kun, maybe?" Nakamori chuckled openly.

Aoko blushed badly. "Dad!! Of course that's not a love letter!"

Unexpectedly, Nakamori's face turned dead-serious at that. "Good for him. That way he won't have to try to survive my grudge. A police-man's grudge is a very terrific thing, indeed…Oh yeah…" He murmured and turned to leave the room, hands in his pockets.

Aoko only blinked after him surprised and with big eyes. Then she shook her head gently, an amused smile on her lips.

'Oh Dad… If he only knew!' Inevitably, she had to shudder at her own thoughts, hoping for Kaito's sake that her father would never find out about their relationship.

Then she looked down at her hands and at the envelope. Her hands moved to open it before she knew it. Out came one card, as he had predicted. From the outer appearance, it was clearly one of Kaito Kid's typical announcement cards. But the content… Aoko began reading and soon felt her head start to glow.

"Dearest Inspector Nakamori. After all these years of me stealing and you chasing me, I have recently succeeded in irrevocably stealing the one thing you always protected most. My profound apologies that this robbery was not announced beforehand. I'll never do it again but I must say that I am very happy about this achievement and even if I could retrieve it, I never would. You failed again and your daughter's innocence along with her heart are mine forever. It's funny to hear one talk about such an evil deed who is mostly clad in white, isn't it? White is, after all, the colour of innocence. Well, what can I say, irony of life.

I wish you more luck for the next time. You'll certainly need it.

Yours sincerely, Kaito Kid."

The note ended with a heart and Kaito's signature, although she could have sworn this miniature Kaito was grinned broader than usual.

'KAITOOOOOO!' Aoko thought enraged and would have screamed out if not for her father. How dare he write something like this? Was he out of his mind? What if her father really got a hold of this note? That arrogant jerk! She would pummel the dirty smirk right out of his face in school tomorrow till he begged for mercy which she wouldn't grant him.

But as she reread the note for another six times, Aoko couldn't help but smile.

This was…simply Kaito. He was a thief, after all. It was his way of saying how proud he was to have been her first and only and how happy he was feeling now, that they've solved their differences. And combined with his playful side, something like this was just compelled to come out. Alone the way he had closed the letter… She giggled.

Aoko shook her head again, a tender smile visible.

'Your daughters heart is mine forever? Who would have guessed that he was such a macho, after all…'

However, for some reason that she couldn't explain, it made her unbelievably happy.

Walking over to her night stand, she opened one drawer and took a pink notebook out. Opening her diary, the girl lay the note inside, certain that Kaito did not write this for anybody elses' eyes but hers.

Then, she went to her desk where a single, cherry-red rose was decorating it in a small vase. As it was already old, most of the petals were already hanging down. She took it out and replaced it by the new rose he had given her. Sitting at her desk once again, Aoko stared at the beautiful flower for some time.

It was his trademark, all right and yet this single rose that seemed to be glowing a little held as much intimacy as nobody could imagine. She felt a deep reaching warmth spread in her stomach as she observed it and was suddenly reminded vividly on the one night exactly one week ago, where he had shown her new ways of using this rose.

Aoko rubbed her arms for she was not able to contain the shudder that drove through her body alone at the thought of tomorrow night. She couldn't wait.

'How am I only going to survive school tomorrow?' She wondered before an evil smirk decorated her face. 'My dear boyfriend is not the only one who can tease mercilessly!' Already, she was making plans for tomorrow and as Nakamori entered her room to wish her a good night, she was summing to herself and looking at the rose on her desk.

Distantly, he wondered if she was sick and reached for her forehead. Finding a normal temperature there, he kissed her forehead and went to bed. But Nakamori Aoko was not tired. Nakamori Aoko was wide awake, the smirk on her lips only growing as plan for plan danced across her mind. Nakamori Aoko would go to sleep very late in the night, when she was satisfied and certain that she had enough tricks for tomorrow to run to her satisfaction.

Aoko giggled to herself, sounding like a teenage girl but not minding in the least. She lay her head on her folded hands that she had on top of her desk and went on looking at her rose with a fuzzy and happy feeling in the pit of her stomach, certain that tomorrow would be… fun. Oh yes, fun definitely.

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