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Set after Season 8, Jack never left the SGC though…uh, that might be written in at some later stage. I'm sort of working on season 8 from memory, as I've yet to get my last set of DVD's. Which are the last 6 episodes of Season 8. So I hope you guys can follow it.

Spoilers: Point of View, Divide and Conquer, Window of Opportunity.

Chapter 1.

As Jack opened his eyes he immediately reached out for the person who had fallen asleep in his arms, after one memorable evening of the most passionate sex he'd ever had. But when his hands found nothing but the cool morning air, his senses suddenly snapped to attention and he quickly disentangled himself from the sheets. Searching his bathroom, the guest room and the living room he finally came upon Sam, sitting at the kitchen table a cup of now cold untouched coffee sitting in front of her.

Looking up, Sam's eyes briefly showed the emotion that she had demonstrated last night, the look of lust, hunger, and love that blazed from them was gone all too soon as that familiar mask crashed down over her eyes. His heart nearly stopped beating when he realised that Sam regretted what had happened between them last night.

"Sam." Jack began, sitting down across from her at the table, he reached out to touch her hands, but she immediately drew them away and placed them carefully in her lap.

"Sir, last night…it should never have happened." Sam cut in quickly, her voice cracking and immediately betraying her, last night had been a culmination of 8 years of wanting and needing from both of them. "I need to go sir." Sam followed on, she scraped the chair back and walked out without a backward glance.

Jack knew it was futile to go after her, his head dropped into his hands as he finally allowed his emotions to bubble over and consume him. A single tear ran down his cheek before he brushed it away angrily. Jack O'Neill did not cry.

Slamming the phone down, Jack swore angrily as he picked his pen up and jabbed it into his ink blotter.


"What?" he snapped back at Daniel, whose face remained impassive though his body tensed as a he entered Jack's office.

"Still nothing?" he asked as he slid into a chair in front of Jack's desk.

"It's been 6 bloody weeks Daniel, no-one has seen anything of S…Carter for 6 weeks!" he responded, the desperation, hurt and anger in his voice, and something else that Daniel couldn't place at first, but suddenly the light went on.

"Jack, she's still out there." Daniel said quickly, as he noticed Jack angrily taking his frustration out on that poor ink blotter again

"Of course she's still alive, I'd feel it if she were gone!" Jack yelled as he collapsed back into his chair, the pain etched onto his face.

"You love her, don't you?" Daniel asked gently as Jack nodded numbly in response before he slid his chair back and strode across the room. Closing the door, he turned back to Daniel.

"I love her Daniel, and I never even told her, not even when we…" Jack stopped herself as he slid down the door onto the floor.

"Not even when you…oh…?" Daniel questioned, Jack and Sam had slept together? His mind racing at a million miles an hour, but it was against regs…wasn't it? "You and Sam, you…slept together?"

Jack looked into Daniel's eyes, "Yeah, but the worse thing is, I think she ran because she's afraid…of the consequences. I was so caught up in the moment, of being with her, being near her, I forgot to tell her something important, well two things actually." Jack hung his head sadly, ruing yet another missed opportunity.

"And what was that?" Daniel asked, his inquisitive nature taking over.

"I changed the rules Daniel, 7 weeks ago, I changed them. The one about fraternization."

"You did!?" Daniel screeched, "Why the heck didn't you tell her you bloody moron!"

"I was going to, but she left so damned fast Daniel, she was gone before I even had a chance to tell her."

Daniel sighed, Jack and Sam were made for each other, a blind person could tell that they were desperately in love, but neither of them had really admitted it openly. Of course there had been the za'tarc incident, and when they were under mind control, or when Jack was in that time loop. Or the countless versions of Jack and Sam they had met from alternate realities that had been together.

"I'm going to get her back though, even if I have to quit and search every city on Earth, I'll get her back Daniel." He said with such ferocity in his voice that Daniel was taken aback. And Daniel knew that if it came down to it, Jack would do it. Daniel just hoped that Sam would come to her senses before then.

Sam stared at the box in front of her. Then at the egg timer as it finished counting down the 10 minutes. Even though she was expecting it, she still jumped when the timer went off. She bashed the red button and it stopped ringing and jumping around the table. Picking up the plastic stick, she first saw the pink line which meant the test worked, then her heart plummeted when she saw the blue line.

Collapsing into tears, she held the test which told her what she already knew in her heart. That she was carrying Jack's child. She'd have to call him, to tell him. Could she face him, was she strong enough to keep it together if he rejected her, or the child that was now nestled in her womb. Standing up she threw the test into the bin, and started cramming everything into her duffel bag. Taking a quick glance around the dingy room, she turned on her heel and walked out the door and into her future and what it may hold for her.