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Chapter 8

For the next 3 days Daniel and Mitchell mothered over Sam, cooking for her, cleaning for her, helping her get dressed (to there extreme embarrassment), thankfully Jack had arranged for Cassie to come home, and she was able to help Sam around in the bathroom. As Sam waited anxiously on the third night, Daniel and Mitchell kept shooting each other worried looks.

"Okay, what is it?" Sam asked as Daniel gently propped Sam's legs up on a cushion.

"It's uhh…it's Jack, he hasn't contacted the SGC since he went through." Mitchell said as Daniel glared at him, 'How dumb are you Mitchell?' Daniel thought to himself as Sam paled then burst into tears

"He's out there Dan, he has to come back to me, he promised me he would come back." Sam sobbed as Daniel and Mitchell comforted Sam as best they could, but knew they would not get far, Sam could never be comforted, not with Jack not by her side.

"Take me to the SGC." Sam said suddenly as she made to get up of the floor. Daniel and Mitchell already having learnt not to argue with the highly strung Sam, helped her to her feet.

As Daniel helped her get in the car, Mitchell locked the house up

"Get my bag, and you'll have to call Cassie on the way to the SGC." Sam reminded him.

As time ticked past at the SGC, Sam became more and more agitated, the doctors were finally forced to give her a mild sedative to calm her down.

As Jack slogged his way though the dense rain forest on this god-forsaken planet, two thoughts were keeping him going, chanting it in his head, as the minutes and hours passed he chanted it to himself, 'For Sam and Janet.'

Thinking back over the past 4 days, Jack couldn't believe he had been taken in so easily by these people.

They had welcomed Jack like a long lost brother, of that he couldn't fault them, not on the first day. Trade negotiations went swimmingly, he had agreed to supply them with plans and documents on how to make automatic weapons, for quite a fair amount of Weapons Grade Naquada. Why he hadn't put two and two together still irked him no end. Jack, finally sick of the bare concrete walls that surrounded him, asked if he could visit the surface for a quick break. The Forsagan's had panicked, thinking that there ruse was up, they had thrown Jack in a pit with a timid young man, who was educated, intelligent…actually he reminded Jack of a certain Daniel Jackson.

Here Jack had learnt the true story.

The Forsagan's had discovered that there enemies, the Osalan's, had found the fabled "Ring of the Gods" and the Forsagan's thinking that they had more of a right to welcome the God's back to there planet, since that had kept to the old way's more strictly than the Osalan's. They had broken into the Osalan compound and stolen the Stargate and had secreted it away underground.

The Osalan's had demanded that the "Ring of the Gods" be given back, and when the Forsagan's had refused, war had broken out.

But, with both sides having the same military technology, it was a war with no end. And had been raging for 50 bloody years.

The SGC had simply dialed in at the right time for the Forsagan's, who had plenty of Naquada, but no way to manufacture it into anything of any value. Trading something that the Earthling had wanted so badly, for something that was so simple and would 'help them defend there planet from the invaders in the skies.' The Forsagan's had indeed enjoyed doing trade for General O'Neill.

It had taken Jack two days to escape the pit, his new found friend, who was just 19 years of age, had helped lift Jack out of the cell then insisted that Jack leave, and return home to his Sam. Thanking Fargo, Jack had cried as he had torn into the rainforest that Fargo had insisted held a communications station, dis-used now, but it would be capable of sending a message deep into space. Jack was going to try and contact the Asgard, or even Prometheus. Asgard would be better, get him home faster.

So here was Jack, thinking of Sam, and of Fargo who was either now dead at the hands of his captors, or being tortured to try and find out where Jack was. Taking his anger and frustration out on the poor rainforest, Jack hacked and chopped his was to the communications station. 'God I love you Sam, I'm going to get home to you, I promised I would, and Jack O'Neill keeps his promises."

Sam slept fitfully, her dreams full of all the times she had nearly lost Jack and one image that she knew was not real, but was unfolding in front of her very eyes. It was her, standing in a ceremony, her head bowed as tears streaked down her face, staring at the hole in the ground where the man that she loved more than life itself was to be laid to rest. As Sam watched, a 21 gun salute had been performed before the coffin, draped in an American flag had been lowered into that hole.

Daniel, Mitchell and Cassie barely left Sam's side as they stroked her face, held her hand, wiped her face and tried to soothe her fears.

Cursing, Jack finally hacked away the last of the rainforest and came upon the run down communications facility.

Jack had spent enough time in the Air Force to know how to jerry rig engines together to connect the juice in them to run a generator. It took Jack nearly a full day to connect the engines together and was dismayed to learn he only had enough juice to send one…maybe two messages.

Pressing the 'transmit' button, Jack spoke into the microphone, "This is General Jack O'Neill of the United States Air Force from the planet Earth, I am in urgent need of transport to the planet Earth, please I am on the planet Othalla, please can any…" Jack was suddenly cut off by a loud buzzing as the generator gave out. Sinking to the floor, he hung his head in his hands. "Sam, my darling, I am coming home, I might be a little late though."

Jack was out hunting with a stick that he had sharpened with a rock when he was suddenly enveloped in a blinding white light.

His eyes clearing, he immediately recognized the Asgard in front of him.

"Thor, old buddy, you have no idea how great it is to see you!"

"Greetings O'Neill, I have already plotted a course for Earth and we shall arrive in approximately 20 of your earth hours."

"Any chance of a shower and some food?" Jack asked as he saw his reflection in the glass, he was caked head to toe in mud, no sign of his Dress blues could be seen.

"I shall beam you to your quarters, where you will be provided with nourishment, cleansing facilities and clean clothes."

"Thanks, Thor."

"As always O'Neill, our thanks are to you, you alerted us to a potential problem planet, both sides were set to destroy each other."

"Woah, really?" Jack asked, the sarcasm in his voice clearly evident, even to an Asgard

"Indeed, O'Neill." Thor answered as Jack was beamed to his quarters, chuckling as he realized that Thor had told a joke. Stripping his clothes off, he relished in the feeling of the hot water sluicing down his water, streaking the mud and god only knew what else of his body. Still shocked that Thor had told a joke…well a joke for an Asgard. They might be a highly advanced race, but when it came to joke telling there were seriously lacking.

"Daniel!" Sam jerked awake as she felt a cramp grip her stomach, placing her hands on her belly as she looked up at Daniel with fear in her eyes, "Daniel please…Jack…" Sam whispered as Daniel sadly shook his head, "I'm not letting this baby out until Jack is standing in this room, holding my hand." Sam demanded a look of determination in her voice.

As they were both blinded by a bright white light.

"Then be prepared to have your hand held, my darling." Jack announced as Sam's sobs of pain turned into sobs of joy.

"Jack, oh, Jack you're really here." Jack gave her his big goofy grin as he strode to the bed, wiping away her tears and covering her mouth in a gentle yet reassuring kiss.

Sam suddenly broke away, shuddering with pain, "Shit…" she said as she scrunched her face slightly as Jack realized how close it had really been.

"Call the bloody doctor Daniel!" Jack snapped, suddenly turning into the over-protective father to be.

Jack quickly stripped the bed and laid the blankets on the floor, creating a little nest for him and Sam to sit in. Helping her off the bed and leading her over, he gently helped her sit down on the floor before he positioned himself behind her, gently rubbing her back with her hands as her muscles relaxed against his touch. Closing her eyes, Sam sighed dreamily.

"What took you so long Jack?" Sam asked as she leant forward the teeniest amount as her stomach muscles contracted slightly.

"Later, my darling, I will tell you later, when this is done." Jack whispered as he moved his hands up to her shoulders.

"Got the Doctor!" Daniel said proudly as he waltzed back into the room, followed by Doc, Mitchell, Cassie and Teal'c.

"Uhh, guys, do you mind?" Jack asked as Sam stiffened when she saw the whole of SG1 in the room, along with who she considered to be a surrogate daughter. Daniel and Cassie beat a hasty retreat, stuttering their apologies as they blushed a bright red. Mitchell had taken a second longer to take in what was happening as he too turned on his heel.

"It is good to see you O'Neill, I wish you and Major Carter all the best in this joyous event." Teal'c had said before he walked out and gently closed the door behind him.

As Sam was gripped by another contraction, Jack could feel the pain in her body and it killed him to see her like this, he would gladly had swapped bodies so that his Sam would never get to feel such pain.

"Okay, looks like your little one is in a bit of a rush to get here." The doc said as she picked up the phone, ordering some personnel to deliver towels, water, heart beat monitors, ultrasound machine…actually everything that you could ever imagine that would be needed if you were expecting to give birth.

"Jack…?" Sam asked with a questioning gaze.

"Just in case." Jack answered as Sam leant into his hands as yet another contraction rippled through her body.

Steady progress was made, until little Janet decided to have a little breather, and little progress was made for near 45 minutes. Doc was seriously considering suggesting drugs, even though both Sam and Jack had insisted that this be a natural birth.

Jack was now sponging down Sam's body with a cool cloth, her having shed her clothes long ago as they had begun to stick to her body with the sweat that was pouring off her.

"Jack, I hope you bloody realize that you are the only person I'd ever consider doing this for." Sam had grated out between pushes as Jack had moved his hands back down her body again and was massaging just above the small of her spine.

"I love you, my Samantha." Jack whispered as Sam bore down again, the contractions were coming closer together now as Doc stared intently at Sam.

"Okay Sam, one more push and we'll have the head through." She stated as she checked to make sure the baby was the right way up, nodding to confirm that she was. Sam leant back against Jack, taking a brief respite as Jack whispered loving messages in her ear.

Outside, Daniel was pacing the corridor, Teal'c had seated himself on the floor and was being taught to play a peculiar Taur'i game called "Snap" by Cassie. Who was loving the fact that the Jaffa was confused by this seemingly simple game…which was so simple that most pre-schoolers can understand how to play it. Mitchell too was sitting on the floor, though he was flipping through a home design magazine for the 5th time, and everyone doubted that he actually knew what he was looking.

They all jumped as they suddenly heard the cry of a baby, Mitchell flinging the magazine to the ground, Cassie and Teal'c dropping the cards on the pile and Daniel finally stopped pacing.

The door quietly opened and a tired Jack stepped out into the corridor.

"It's a girl, we named her Janet Danielle, and she's a beautiful bouncing 7 pound baby." Jack announced proudly as he was engulfed in hugs, Daniel clearly moved as Jack gave him a slight smile and a nod. Before pulling him into a tight embrace.

"Danny-boy, hope you don't mind, but we are naming you first God-father, Teal'c and Mitchell you are honorary God-fathers, you might not be on paper, but in our hearts you are," Jack paused as he turned to Cassie, who was struggling to hold back her tears when she realized that Jack and Sam's daughter was named after her mum, "Cassie, you are God-mother." As Cassie broke down and hugged Jack for all he was worth, which in her eyes was a lot.

"Thank you Jack." Cassie whispered as she let go of the man she considered her father, "now you get back in there and say hi to Sam and baby Janet, and give them both a bug from all of us." Jack smiled and was quickly back into see Sam and Janet.

Clearly tired, Sam looked down at the baby nestled in her arms, 15 minutes old and Sam was already wrapped around her pinky.

"Hello, my darling girls." Jack said happily as he strode over to them, a bounce in his step. Stroking his daughter's cheek, he gently reached down and plucked her out of her mother's arms, as Janet opened her mouth and gave a great yawn, she finally opened her eyes to take her first look at the world around her.

Staring in disbelief, Jack mumbled to himself, "No, oh no." Sam, tired though she was picked up on his words and immediately went into panic mode.

"Jack, what is it?" She practically screamed at him, as Jack looked up at her with the biggest, dopiest grin on his face.

"She has your eyes Sam, and you know I can't resist your baby blues."

The End

I hope you enjoyed reading this story, I sure did enjoy writing it.

So, now it is time to leave Jack, Sam and baby Janet, and head back to our own reality.