The rock was wet and slippery. She was barley holding on as she could hear Luffy's shouts from above. She wanted to shout for help but her voice wouldn't work and the gash in the side of her stomach was stinging against the cold. Zoro's green hair stood out as he stood at the top of the cliff looking down on her.

"HELP ME YOU IDIOT" Nami shouted feeling her voice return as Zoro stood there.

Zoro didn't move as he stood looking down at her. No movement was even supported towards him as he fell. Blood dripping from his stomach, his lifeless body tumbled down the side of the cliff.

"ZORO" Nami shouted as Luffy's string like hands chased after his falling crewmate.

Luffy's hands wrapped themselves around Zoro's body catching him before he crashed into the rocky grave below. Zoro's body was then smashed against the side of the cliff as she saw Luffy standing above her.

"Zoro" Nami whispered weakly.

Zoro's body was slowly pulled up the side of the cliff scraping the skin and getting tugged over small outcrops. Nami watched as Zoro passed her on his way up and noticed light breathing, but the entire front of his shirt was stained with his blood. She wanted to reach out and touch him, to hold him in her arms, if that would make him better. Zoro's body was pulled over the top of the cliff before Luffy's arm stretched down to her and lifted her back onto the safety of ground underneath her feet. Nami gasped at the sight she faced. Luffy had three stabbing wounds to his arms, one in his stomach and Nami could only count fourteen slash marks on his chest but she was sure there was more. She couldn't say anything to comfit them as Chopper limped forward to Luffy. Chopper took out his medical bag and began to look at him.

"Heal Zoro first" Luffy whispered not moving from where he was standing.

"But you injuries are more worse than…"Chopper began.

"I said Zoro first," Luffy said a little louder.


"I SAID ZORO FIRST" Luffy shouted looking up for the first time as Nami spotted blood trickling down the side of his face.

Nami had never seen that look in his eyes before, it wasn't anger that he had shown before when he was fighting someone like Arlong or Crocodile, it was determination, for his crewmates life and nun for himself. Chopper hesitated before he half ran half limped over to where Zoro was lying on the ground and began to fix up his wounds. Luffy swayed in the wind a bit before he collapsed onto the ground, sending dirt up into the air. Nami rushed over to Luffy who gave Chopper a stern look to stay and heal up Zoro first as the Captain had ordered. Luffy was either breathing heavily or snoring, but the gash in the side of her stomach was nothing to the pain that her Captain was enduring, so she didn't complain.

Luffy woke to find that he hadn't eaten within twenty-four hours and started to demand food from Sanji. Zoro lay snoring in the bed next to him and was rudely awakened when Luffy started to order meat. Nami stood outside on the deck with Chopper while the wind was blowing on her face. After Sanji had finished satisfying Luffy's stomach he began to offer his services to Nami-san who politely ignored him and went to see how Zoro was going as she knew that Luffy was fine.

"Ne Zoro" Nami said standing at the door and looking over at him.

Zoro was sitting up in bed with an annoyed look on his face.

"How you feeling" Zoro asked looking at her as she walked over to his bedside.

"That's meant to be my question" Nami said as Luffy's laughter from outside echoed into the room.

Suddenly Luffy came bouncing into the room knocking Nami over on top of Zoro and bouncing back out again. Zoro let out a low grown as Nami realized that her head was resting on his chest.

"Geez woman" Zoro said pushing Nami off him "that hurt."

Nami narrowed her eyes and slapped him across the face.

"I'm not that heavy" Nami shouted storming off out of the room.

As Nami left the room Luffy was reluctantly brought back inside by Chopper and Ussop, who kept on telling him that he wasn't healed up properly yet, and if he kept on acting like this his stitches would come undone.

"NO FAIR" Luffy shouted as Chopper and Ussop tried to tie him down to the bed.

Zoro watched in annoyance as the slap that he had received from Nami was still throbbing. It was then he noticed Nami standing just outside the door looking back at Luffy with a smile on her face. Zoro for some reason suddenly felt very competitive towards his Captain and rolled over trying to get the thought out of his mind.

The shouting of Luffy's voice on a cold morning when you wanna stay in bed had to be the worst wake up call Zoro had very heard. Nami of course had her own room so she didn't have to put up with Luffy. 'Damn it' there he was thinking about Nami again, but what if Nami didn't mind hearing Luffy's voice in the morning. Zoro sat up straight and began to pound his head with his hands until it hurt. Why was he getting so worked up about Nami smiling at Luffy?

"I think he's lost it" came Ussop's whispering voice from the other side of the room.

"No, he lost it ages ago" Sanji said relaxed.

"Hehe…Zoro's lost it," Luffy shouted happily for some reason.

"SHUT UP" Zoro shouted.

"Zoro's lost it, Zoro's lost it" Luffy said happily leaping like a frog out of the room "SANJI MEAT, I WAN'T MEAT."

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT" Sanji shouted getting up and heading for the kitchen.

"Hey I'm coming" Ussop said quickly following Sanji out the door "Zoro looks like he's going to murder someone."

Zoro didn't even bother to reply as he hung his head, did he really look that murderous? Maybe he did, he defiantly felt like it, if Luffy was gone Nami would be his…

"DAMN IT" Zoro shouted pounding his head again.

Luffy was his Captain and he was Luffy's first mate. Zoro whacked his head a few more times before he got up for breakfast.

Up on deck a chase was happening between Sanji and Luffy. Luffy was running around with a large piece of meat in his arms while Sanji was chasing him with a fry pan. Nami laughed as she noticed Zoro sleeping on the deck with his back against the mast. She thought that she should warn him about Luffy heading in his direction but the impact was much more funny.

"NE ZORO" Luffy shouted.

Zoro twitched his eye open but he didn't have enough time to react as Luffy ran over him standing on his stomach. He shouted out with pain as Sanji also ran over him.

"BASTARDS" Zoro shouted chasing after Luffy and Sanji.

About two hours later Luffy was happily sitting up in the crow's nest with his piece of meat and leaving an unconscious Sanji and Zoro on the deck below him. Nami had insisted that Luffy put the meat back because Sanji wouldn't stop chasing him until he at least got to hit him over the head, but Luffy being himself ignored her comment. Later onwards Nami's prediction came true as the chase between Luffy, Sanji and Zoro continued. As the night dawned on Sanji was preparing dinner for his crewmates only after he had pounded Luffy's head in and Zoro had done his share as well. Sanji just got away with a black eye from the hilt of Zoro's sword after he convinced him that he was just chasing Luffy.

Nami wondered out onto the deck after dinner and let the wind play with her hair. She sat down and leaned against the cabin wall while sipping the rum out of the bottle she was holding. For some reason she felt like being with her Captain but he was inside eating Ussop's food again. The sound of the kitchen door opened and Zoro walked out. He looked down at Nami over the railing, who hadn't seamed to have notice his presence. He was about to call down to her when Luffy came up from below deck.

"Nami" Luffy said enthusiastically.

Nami smiled as Luffy came and sat down in front of her. Zoro felt that competitive feeling that he had felt before as he took a small step backwards. Nami's laughing voice drifted up to Zoro's ears as Luffy had obviously told her something funny. How could he make her laugh. She had never laughed at anything Zoro said, but he wasn't immature like Luffy. Zoro froze, even his breathing had gone down to small little breaths, what if that's the sort of person that she liked? A immature person that could make her laugh.

"NE ZORO" Chopper shouted happily behind him.

Zoro fell face first over the railing in surprise and crashed into the deck below. Nami and Luffy looked at Zoro for a split second before they burst out laughing. Zoro felt his face burn. Nami was laughing, she was laughing with Luffy and they were both laughing at him. He pushed himself up and gave a angry look at them to stop laughing, but they didn't, they just continued on laughing. Zoro stood up and took one last look at Nami before he went below deck.

Zoro was sleeping when Luffy came into their room and throwing himself onto his bed he began to talk.

"Ne Zoro" Luffy said from above him.

Zoro didn't answer.

"You awake Zoro" Luffy asked.

Luffy waited for a moment before he leaned over the side of his hammock and shouted into Zoro's ear.


"WHAT!!!" Zoro shouted suddenly sitting up.

"Just seeing whether you were awake or not" Luffy said smiling.

"Well I'm awake" Zoro shouted "happy!"

Luffy, not very quietly, began to hum a tune as Zoro tried to get back to sleep.

"SHUT UP" Zoro shouted after five minutes or so.

Amazing there was silence as Zoro rolled over onto his side. Then as a half an hour or so past Zoro began to find the silence irritating and wanted to hear the sound of his Captain's voice again.

"Luffy" Zoro said quietly as he reaching up and poking his Captain in the back.

There was no answer. Zoro prodded him in the back again but still received no answer. He sighed and decided that Luffy was already asleep, until he felt some warm sort of liquid drip down onto his face. Zoro whipped it off with the back of his hand. In the dimly lit room he could see that the liquid was a darkish red. RED! Zoro sat up straight and waked his head on his Captain's back as more blood dripped down through Luffy's hammock.

"CHOPPER" Zoro shouted pulling back his Captain's shirt to find that his stitches had come undone and he was bleeding everywhere "CHOPPER!"

There was no answer to his calling as Zoro tried to stop the bleeding.


Why wasn't anyone answering him.

"CHOPPER!" Zoro shouted again feeling his lungs scream along with his voice "CHOPPER!"

They must not be able to hear him. He'd have to leave Luffy, but what if he bled to death while he was looking for Chopper, but if he didn't go Luffy would die in front of him.

"Don't die damn it" Zoro shouted running out of the room and heading above deck.

As the cool night air met his face so did the blade of a sword. Zoro looked over to see Tashigi standing next to him and Smoker standing next to the rest of his crewmates that had been tide up.

"I don't have time for this" Zoro muttered under his breath as he lunged towards Chopper.

Smoker swooped in font of him before he was able to reach Chopper and Zoro was unable to move no mature how hard he tried as smoke wrapped around him.

"No use" Smoker said "now where's Straw Hat Luffy."

The image of Luffy lying in his hammock bleeding everywhere was swimming around in his head as he tried to get free so he could save his Captain's life.

"Search the ship" Smoker ordered to his men.

Men began to run around searching every nook and cranny. Smoker dropped Zoro to the floor and forced his foot into his wound, Zoro shouted out in pain. Tashigi then came up behind him and tied his hands and feet together. He was then thrown over the where the rest of his crewmates had been tied up.

"Zoro" Nami said trying to move forward "You shirts covered in blood."

"We heard you shouting" Chopper said.

"Where's Luffy" Sanji asked?

Zoro picked himself off the ground and looked his crewmates in the eye.

"Luffy's stitches have come undone and he's bleeding everywhere," Zoro said, "he wouldn't stop."

There was silence between them as they all pictured their dieing Captain before Smokers men came up from below deck dragging Luffy along the ground with a blood trail behind him.

"So he got himself injured," Smoker said as his men dropped Luffy in front of him.

Luffy didn't wake but you could see his chest moving up and down rapidly.

"I guess he'll be easier to kill then," Smoker said lifting his foot up and crushing it down onto Luffy's chest.

Luffy was suddenly woken up and his yells were piecing the silent nights air.

"LUFFY" Nami shouted.

"If you want to kill him," a voice said above them "you'll have to go through me first."