Zoro stayed out later than the rest with Ace lying down on the deck side by side.

"Just out of interest" Ace said breaking the silence "are you gay."

"HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT, I'M NOT GAY," Zoro shouted sitting up.

"Just asking" Ace said, "Because if you were I would have told you to stay away from Luffy. He's to immature to understand anything like that."

There was a silence between them.

"You must know what it feels like" Zoro said randomly lying back down.

Ace looked at him in a confused way.

"I mean to have Luffy as a brother" Zoro said.

"Is this a trick question?" Ace asked, "We're biologically related!"

"I know, but being on this ship with him and my other crewmates all the time it feels like where family" Zoro said "it's like he's grown on me."

Ace cocked an eyebrow before he smiled.

"Luffy has that effect on people" Ace said "you either like him hate, it's never anything in between."

Zoro smiled.

As it began to feel really icy Zoro got up and decided to go to bed. Ace said he felt like sleeping outside that night so Zoro left him alone on the deck. Zoro entered the room to find that Luffy had left his bed; in fact the entire room and the rest were sleeping soundly. He shrugged; Luffy had probably gone for a nighttime snack. As he walked over to his bed and found that his shirt was missing. He was just too tired to look for it now as he slumped down in his hammock, falling asleep straight away.

Ace rolled over feeling the cool breeze on his back as he tucked his arms into his body to keep warm. There was footsteps echoing along the deck as Ace tried to get to sleep.

"Ne Ace" a voice said behind him "it's cold out hear and you don't even have a shirt on."

Ace rolled over to see Ussop; he obviously was heading up to the crow's nest.

"I'll live" Ace said, "besides it's nicer out hear, it's not stuffy like down there."

Ussop shrugged as he walked over to the mast. There was silence again as he reached the top of the crow's nest with his sketchpad in his hands again.

Luffy came out of the kitchen a little later, not so hungry as he was before but defiantly satisfied. Zoro's shirt was much warmer than his as he whipped his mouth on it. He then gave a giant yawn as he noticed Ace sleeping on the deck.

"ACE" Luffy shouted happily jumping down to the deck.

Ace shielded his head with his arm as Luffy landed on the deck.

"Shouldn't you be in bed" Ace asked as Luffy sat down in front of him "and isn't that Zoro's shirt."

"Ya…it's very warm" Luffy said happily.

Ace sighed and began to go back to sleep. Luffy hummed a tune for and hour or so before he fell asleep next to his older brother.

It was the either middle of the night, or very early in the morning when Ace woke up again to find Luffy lying next to him, in Zoro's shirt. Ace smiled and reached out and put an arm around his younger brother, to bring him closer. His head was resting against Ace's chest and Luffy's hand reached up and held onto his older brother's arm. Ace smiled before he fell asleep again.

Nami woke up to utter silence, which was a huge difference, seeing that Luffy would either start shouting or her crewmates would be rushing around outside. She pulled on a warm coat and headed up on the deck. There she found Ace and Luffy sound asleep; Ace's right arm was wrapped around his younger brother that was wearing Zoro's shirt. Nami smiled before she recollected what she just saw and looked back at them, Luffy was wearing Zoro's shirt???

Zoro woke up later than the rest and found himself alone in the room. After a few minutes or so he got up and began to look for his shirt. Where was it, he was sure he had taken it off last night in this room. There was a nock at the door as Zoro had given up in searching for his shirt and went to open it. Nami was standing outside with a big smile on her face.

"What" Zoro asked in annoyance?

"Looking for something" Nami, asked.

Zoro narrowed his eyes.

"Where's my shirt" he asked bitterly.

Nami smiled.

"Luffy's got it."

Zoro froze as Nami giggled at his expression. His mind was racing all over the place, Luffy, Nami was playing over and over again. Luffy had his shirt and Nami was standing right in front of him. He could grasp her right now but he was scared of what she may think.

"Ne Zoro" Nami said as her hand waved across his eyes "you okay?"

"Fine" Zoro said "I'll…I'll go get my shirt back."

Nami watched him walk away and above deck. She actually preferred him with his shirt off because you could see all his muscles. She sighed as his feet disappeared onto deck.

As Zoro surfaced onto the deck Luffy was awake with his shirt on, laughing with Ussop and Chopper. Zoro walked up to Luffy and towered over him.

"Give me my shirt back," he said clenching his hands into fist.

"NOOOO" Luffy shouted running away and making Zoro chase after him "it's warm, I like it."

"GIVE IT BACK" Zoro shouted.

"Oie…scumbags grubs served" Sanji shouted from the kitchen.

"FOOD" Luffy shouted heading towards the kitchen with an angry Roronoa Zoro behind him.

It was all a blur to Ace as he sat down at the table. Luffy rushed in picked up his plate of food, swallowed it, or stored it in his mouth before he rushed out again. In fact from what Ace had seen, he went out the way he came in which ment…


"LUFFY YOU IDIOT" came Zoro's shouts before there was a loud banging of bodies together on the deck below.

Ace sighed as Nami came in and Sanji started to offer her extra food.

Nami later carried Luffy back down to his sleeping quarters with Zoro's shirt still on and placed him in bed just like she had last night. Luffy's injuries were healing up really fast which was a good sign. She leaned over Luffy and kissed him on the forehead before turning around and coming face to face with Roronoa Zoro. He had a look of annoyance on his face as they stared at each other. Zoro was sure that he felt his heart shatter as Nami looked at him. Sure that she would smile at Luffy but he had just witnessed her kissing him. Was that the first time or had she kissed Luffy before?

"Leave him alone" Nami whispered moving inwards to Zoro "besides…I like you better with your shirt off."

Zoro was so confused, Nami had just kissed her Captain but now she was saying that she liked him. Maybe she was just saying that so he would leave Luffy alone. Zoro finally decided that if she really liked him then she wouldn't mind it if he kissed her, but as he looked down at her she had beaten him to it. Nami pressed her lips against his, with her arms around his neck he felt like all his worries from before had been swept away. He ran his hands underneath her shirt and up her back feeling her cool skin against his. Nami slowly drew her lips away from his and smiled at him. Zoro felt calm as he gave her a smile back before he bent down and placed his lips on hers again. Zoro was finally with her, the woman of his dreams, Nami was his, forever.