2nd last chappie. Only one more to go!

Sasuke-chan's POV

Come again. An invitation. A welcoming. To have a home where one always belongs. It feels nice, to know you're wanted there. I am wanted somewhere. Where you are. I'm fought over there. I'm loved there. And you're there. And through this link in our hearts, I know you're wishing, praying: Come again, sasuke, come back, sasuke.

But I don't want to just come again. Because come again merely means visit. I don't want to visit. I want to stay. I want that home there. I want you and sakura and kakashi.

"Then leave." My heart tells my brain.

Somehow there is common sense in that.

/ "If you're going to leave... once more... please just visit again ok...? Why can't you just train and kill him, without all the drastic measures you take?" Naruto took a hacking breath as his knees caved under him. The kunai slid out of his stomach as sasuke slowly let him fall.

"I told you. Goodbyes don't last forever." sasuke licked the blood off the kunai, tasting something that was familiar to him. Naruto's blood, something that had always been on his hands at one point or another.

"One kiss, again before you go?" Naruto looked like he wasn't going to stop him. He had faith. But was that faith ill placed?


Come again. Visit at least, maybe even give me a call. But it's lonely here. Without you. And I'm dying for that visit. The one I promised.

But isn't that like life? You promise on Christmas, you promise on new year's, you promise on Easter. But eventually that person's life wastes away, because their sitting there waiting for you.

Are you withering away? Just sitting. Living, yet not, because you're waiting for that promised meeting? And maybe I shouldn't have promised at all. Because... you should never make promises you can't keep. And aren't I living proof of that?

/Naruto laughed. Maybe with relief and maybe with mirth. It completely depended on how one wanted to look at. "How many times do you have to leave to realize that you belong here? This is your home. Right here, with me." Naruto took his arm, leading him to their apartment, where nothing of his had been touched. Because Naruto probably wanted to feel as if sasuke was coming home.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm here. And I'll try not to leave again."/

I was right. I knew. If I left, you would be addicted to me. You would want me and your heart would break every moment we're away. And here you are, craving for me like an addict to a drug. I should give you only small douses, so you want me even more.

So. For now it will only be come again. Because how can I give you small tastes of a drug you have so much of?

And careful, little naru-chan. You can hurt yourself if you take to much.


I love the way it ended, but some of the flashbacks are abit confusing so I'll explain. The first flashback comes after the second flashback in hello. And the second flash back comes after the first flashback in hello. Make sense now? I hope so. RXR ONEGAI!