"I'm going to go crazy…and I'm takingyouwith me."

This hadn't been exactly what she meant. She had thought there would be a little more…craziness. Instead, it was peaceful and calm; a mix of songs Cam had given her playing quietly in the background.

The room was dark, seeing as neither of them had thought to turn on any blaring electric lights after Daniel had rolled over and pressed the play button, not knowing or really caring what CD was inside. They didn't need the light, anyway. Why would they? They knew each other inside and out; they didn't need the ugly yellow light to interpret the ways they held their bodies, the expressions on their faces, the soft murmurings from their lips.

After realizing what CD was playing, Daniel had turned his head back to Vala, a quiet smile on his lips.

"May I have this dance?" he asked huskily.

So here they were, room dark, music soft, in each other's arms, and swaying slightly to the beat. At one point, Vala looked up into Daniel's blue, intense eyes.

"What does he mean 'have you ever seen the rain'?" she asked in response to the current song by the CCR. Daniel frowned at her for a moment but then, recognizing what she was talking about, smiled.

"That's not the entire question, first of all," he told her, voice barely more than a whisper. "He's asking if you've ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day." Seeing the completely baffled crinkle on Vala's forehead, Daniel chuckled lowly. "It could be taken several ways but…I interpret it as: 'have you ever…been in one of those situations where you want…you want to just laugh at how much fun you're having but, at the same time, you wanna cry at how bad things are going?' It goes on, also…basically saying, you can't stop time." His lips twitched wryly. "Kind of a funny choice of song for Mitchell to put on here."

Vala nodded, burying her face in Daniel's bare chest. "Yes," she whispered. "Yes, I have."

Daniel frowned. "Yes, you have what?"

She looked up again, something wet glistening in her pure grey eyes. "I have seen the rain coming down on a sunny day."

Daniel smiled at her, kissing her forehead. "So have I," he agreed. "So have I."

She'd gone crazy…and, though he probably didn't know it, she'd taken him with her.

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