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Long Vacation 18: The Media storm!

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NowhereIsSafe sophia_seraph

Been up and about on gossip today -unexpected assault on National TV live. FUJI_tv where was security? #securityfail #fujitv

PortusCollus tanaka_desu

Been a fan for a while, shocked at the sudden attack yamanakaino_shiru #distressedfan #popular

秀川星享 Hidekawa Tohru hidetosanya

Shameful display of disrespect on Fuji Television. Hope there will be a tightened security from today on. Best wishes to yamanakaino_shiru

Satoru Ikegawa satotin

oh my god did that just happen? did ino-chan get attacked onscreen OO

フジテレビ fujitv

We do not condone the lack of proper security check on the set of our talk show AnB_show and we would like to offer our apologies to model Yamanaka Ino yamanakaino_shiru

– – –

FUJI TV on twitter: Apologizes to famous model YAMANAKA Ino for shameful attack on stage today at…


Assaulted actress on LIVE television

JpnNEWS – 5 minutes ago

During the LIVE run of popular talk show, model YAMANAKA Ino was attacked on air, under the shocked eyes of the on-site audience and host, Bee…

– – –

Streaming A&B talk–show FujiTV online – 40 comments

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TokyoGhoul 2 minutes ago

Well that was shocking o_o who's that pink terror?


Kawaii Deshou 2 minutes ago

(ꐦ°᷄д°᷅) Oh my God did she just get attacked on air what happened! (`0´)


Hideo seki 3 minutes ago

Honestly why would someone even do that on TV, what a shame. Ino-san is such a nice person too!

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Nita romaji 6 minutes ago

I thought A&B was a decent talk–show but now I'm thinking they're staging this

Answer 3 – show all answers

Butapueta 6 minutes ago

Did this just happen holy shit (`Д´)


Sonoko Dayo 8 minutes ago

! tell me im not the only one who saw this –collective illusion? XD


LV – LV – LV – LV – LV – T + 2 hours – LV – LV – LV – LV – LV


"We now come back on the aggression of young model YAMANAKA Ino." A woman's voice spoke over snapshots of the video of Ino's attack, now viral all over Internet; Ino's high pitch screams, mixed with the angry insults thrown by the attacker, were slightly muted by the suave woman voice. "Earlier this evening, famous model YAMANAKA Ino was attacked on live television during Japan's most popular talk show."

The images faded away, and a studio shot appeared in their place. The camera zoomed in on a woman with short, black hair neatly cut and styled, impeccably dressed with a dark suit. Her name flashed on the lower side of the screen for the viewers to see: TAKEGAWA Christel (1).

"With me, Doctor Orochimaru, a doctor in psychology who specializes in Social Psychology. He is a forensic psychologist working with the National Court and has just published a book on anger issues in everyday life, called: Anger: The snake coiling inside you."

The camera zoomed out to show a man with long, dark hair, China-like white skin, narrow eyes and thin lips stretched into a grimace that could somehow pass as a smile. He was seated across the interviewer, slightly turned towards her.

"Thank you for joining us, doctor."

"Thank you for having me." The man bowed his head slightly toward the journalist, his expression barely changing. He had a look about him, the kind of stance and stern expression that kept people away, and with his jaw set, but his stance was almost relaxed, at ease.

"The issue of anger is a real problem and it's getting bigger and bigger nowadays, reports and tests done in the past few years show. Road rage incidents, domestic violence, harassment, they are becoming part of our daily lives, and barely reflected upon. This last incident, on stage during a live show with a high number of viewers, is just the latest example of such violence, caused by growing anger," Mrs. TAKEGAWA began, her tone even. She seemed intent, her eyes only straying from the camera to glance at her current guest.

"The issue is not anger in itself, but the way one expresses this perfectly natural emotion: most of the time, anger simmers but finds an outlet with small, petty gestures or attitudes that do not harm anyone. This anger, though, materializes itself in violent outbursts: physical or otherwise. Violence has become a very common occurrence. You see it everywhere: in anime, in movies, in television series, on the news. And it is often excused, so instead of simmering away, it burns stronger." Dr. Orochimaru explained, taking her momentary silence as a cue to speak up.

"But… You can't say… people have to take responsibility for their own actions!" Mrs. TAKEGAWA interjected but Orochimaru continued talking over her, his tone never wavering.

"More often than not the violence… of course, of course, people need to take responsibility for such outbursts. But this, as I explain in my book Anger: The snake coiling inside you…" Orochimaru showed off a copy of the book to the camera, a decently sized volume with a black and red cover, "This is a symptom of how our society is broken. Our children don't learn to control their emotions anymore. More and more, you see children throwing tantrums in public, and they are merely waved away and justified. They see their reactions cause the adults to pay attention to them, and this in turn pushes them to act up more, paves the way for things to worsen. The failure of parents reflects on the children as they grow up into adults…"

"Could you give us an example of what could be done, in your opinion, to learn to control anger?" Mrs. TAKEGAWA interrupted him, trying to regain control of the interview.

"Of course, though you will find everything explained in Anger: The snake coiling inside you. You'll be able to find all the clues you need in there." Orochimaru answered, thin lips twitching in a mirthless grin. "In a situation like the one that arose during that show, the work must happen before such an incident. In my book Anger: The snake coiling inside you, I describe what the signs of a person who has an anger issue are. Recognizing those allows for an early intervention."

"And can you give us some examples of what those signs could be?" The journalist asked with a pinched smile, clearly annoyed that her guest had not really answered her question.

"As I said, everything you need is here, in Anger: The snake coiling inside you: a person with anger management issues can be easily identified if you follow the steps I describe. They usually try to control themselves until they explode in a burst of violence, be it verbal or physical. In that case anything can set them off, and by then it is too late. If we take the example of that attacker, I would say the real target of her anger was not the victim. The victim, who could very well be a total stranger to her, has done something to set her off. Any small thing can be a trigger, as once the anger is too much, nothing can restrain it. During my research, I encountered a man who had bashed a complete stranger in the head with an ashtray for cutting the line. In both cases there was unfortunately nothing that the victim could have done to avoid the attack."

He appeared willing to pursue the subject more, but Christel caught sight of a crew member making a cutting motion with his hand, and straightened her back.

"We are out of time. Thank you, Doctor Orochimaru, for the time you afforded us." Christel announced as the Camera zoomed in on Orochimaru's book one last time. "Your new book: Anger: The snake coiling inside youis available in any good library."

The camera zoomed out showing Orochimaru rising from his seat to leave, and the journalist gathering her papers together and turning to face a camera to her right.

"In other news: violent stabbing in a Kyôtô restaurant." Mrs TAKEGAWA announced in a grave voice, her intense eyes staring right into the camera which was refocusing on her serious face. "Two victims both critical, are currently at the city hospital under intensive care. We join our correspondent SABAKU Kankurou in Kyôtô."

The screen divided in two, one side showing Mrs TAKEGAWA, while on the other appeared the image of a tall, bulky man. He looked less neat than his colleague, his face fierce. A tag flashed on the lower part of the screen, announcing: "Senior correspondent: SABAKU Kankurou".

"Yes Christel, I'm standing right in front of the restaurant where the attack happened not two hours ago." The man said, making a sweeping motion with his free hand.

"Can you tell us more about what happened?" The journalist asked, leaning forwards a bit in her seat.

"Yes, Christel. From the information I have, the attack happened around 7.30 p.m., shortly after the restaurant opened for the evening." The man explained. "As you can see behind me, the restaurant was packed with diners."

The camera on the correspondent zoomed out to show the state of the restaurant and its surroundings. In the back there was an ambulance with a number of people huddled nearby in emergency blankets. Some of them appeared covered in blood, others were holding ice packs on their heads or arms. They all shared looks of confusion and tension, and the people busying themselves around them did not look any better.

"Do you know what happened?" Mrs. TAKEGAWA asked.

"At the moment, little information has filtered out." Kankuro answered, shaking his head. "We heard the attacker, a bright haired female or male entered the restaurant and proceeded to stab several patrons. Their motives are as of yet unknown, as is their identity, as during the following confusion they managed to escape."

"Do you know more about the victims?" Christel asked.

"Actually, Christel, the police is about to make a statement." Kankuro interrupted, looking back.

The screen division disappeared and the camera switched from the senior correspondent to a dark haired police officer in a black suit, surrounded by younger officers in uniform. A small tag appeared: "GEKKÔ Hayate: Police Chief Inspector" as the camera zoomed in on the grave face of Hayate.

"We cannot say much at the moment as this is an on-going investigation." Hayate said as the cameras flashed around him in a storm of clicking sounds and journalists calling for his attention, snapping photographs and making ruckus. "What we do know for now is that this is the act of a lone person, a female. We do not know her motives yet. Four persons have been stabbed and are currently being treated at the hospital, their situation is not critical but it is reserved. This is all for now."

The Camera focused back on Kankuro, who tried his best not to look as miffed by the clipped tone of the Inspector and the lack of news he offered.

"As you can see Christel, this is all I can tell you for the moment. The police is keeping a tight lid on any info they have."

"Thank you Kankuro. We will come back to you later for updates."

The image switched back to the studio, the camera focusing on Christel once more. As for local news there was nothing else to add, she moved on to international subjects. "In other news, US Election, Mrs Clinton in hot water after the revelation of pay for play in connection with the e-mail scandal," Christel explained. " We are joined by our senior politic correspondent…"

LV – LV – LV – LV – LV – T + 11 hours– LV – LV – LV – LV – LV

Pop-News – Internet news 24/7

Model YAMANAKA Ino assaulted on LIVE talk show!

Yesterday evening, during one of the most awaited talk-shows on air on Fuji TV, A&B by popular hosts Killer Bee (42) and A (Rai A, 48), guest model YAMANAKA Ino, currently working for the internationally famous UCHIHA brand, was assaulted LIVE in front of thousands of viewers, prompting the show hosts to halt the program for over twenty minutes.

YAMANAKA Ino, one of the models who, earlier this year, signed a contract with the UCHIHA group, had been invited to the talk-show, reportedly one of her favorite programs, for a typical chat with Killer Bee, followed by one of his infamous rap battles. Unfortunately for her, the battle never took place. Instead of the friendly banter between guest and host, as all fans are familiar with, something different took place.

An as yet unnamed woman, who somehow managed to bypass both the security guards around the building where the show was being aired and the tighter security on set, appearing in front of the cameras and instantly assaulting YAMANAKA Ino.

As the talk show was LIVE, many recorded it at home or through their phones and tablets, and the video recorded went viral. Many sites such as and Instagram received an influx of up-loads, whereas some youtube vloggers proceeded to vivisect the attack.

A recurring theme seems to be the attacker's first scream, which was only partially caught due to the talk-show background music, which reveals that the attacker was, presumably, a scorned lover.

"You won't steal him away from me, traitor!" were the words screamed in a shrill, enraged voice moments before the attack took place, and the woman ran into view of the cameras in a full blown cat fight.

The unnamed woman, dressed in bright pink clothes, seems to be an acquaintance of YAMANAKA Ino and was arrested and taken away by police right away, although her name has been kept from all official records due to the intervention of a lawyer, who refused to allow permission to the news to broadcast her identity. All over Japan, fans of the talk show and of model YAMANAKA Ino are making their dissatisfaction known by posting on all social media about the attack. Speculations about the attacker's name turned this assault into the hot headline of every single pop culture website and magazine.

Why such a mystery over this mysterious attack? What is hidden in YAMANAKA Ino's past? What sort of torrid love story has been uncovered on air last night?

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Skoda-kun 12 minutes ago

It seems suspicious that they'd want to keep her name secret. It's not like the show isn't popular enough that half of Kanto will have seen her face already. And the other half will have seen it by tomorrow at most, given how many times that vid has been posted all over the net…

Midori Tan 14 minutes ago

I wouldn't believe those who call it just attention seeking… A&B doesn't need that shit to be popular! They're just fine without all the bad gossip. If anything one would have to be wary of Uchiha group.

Shinji the man 2 hours ago

Yes but did anyone see that ugly pink thing raging on screen. Who the hell dares to wear all that pink at once?

replyPotato-kun 2 hours ago

colors aside, it was vicious as fuck man, she just jumped on her all claws ready to lash out!

replyDestinator ya 2 hours ago

lol plz color combine next time

Kaneki Ichigo 3 hours ago

Oh my god that was Sakura-chan

replyPotato-kun 2 hours ago

say that again? Sakura who?

replyInari kanayo 2 hours ago

do you know her or are you making shit up

replyHanayo 1 hour ago

where did they go? is this true? its too convenient and theyre silent now… probably a lie

replyTokubetsu-kun 1 hour ago

theres not even a surname, we cant even check if its true… i say its just a lie

LV – LV – LV – LV – LV – T + 12 hours– LV – LV – LV – LV – LV

The Japan Times (2)

Knife assault left one dead and three wounded in popular restaurant!


Kyoto, Japan – Yesterday evening, an unidentified woman entered the popular French restaurant "A la Chalamont" (3) in Kamigyo-ku, Kyôtô, during dinner service and stabbed three people before being finally disarmed by other patrons. The attacker used the commotion caused by her assault to flee the scene before the arrival of the police. Several people were hurt in the panic following the attack as they tried to exit the restaurant, not having realized the culprit was already gone.

Mrs. Ota, a regular diner of the restaurant, was hurt during the commotion and witnessed the assault: "It was surreal! It was like a scene from a movie; that woman entered the restaurant, took a knife from a table and stabbed the owner and then she attacked those blond foreigners who were dining at the table next to mine. She was screaming like a mad woman about demons and whatnot. It really made no sense! No sense at all! I can't believe this is happening. This is a very calm neighborhood! I dine there regularly. I personally know everyone who works there. They are such nice people. I can't believe something like that happened."

It is true that the restaurant is built in a quiet area that seemed to only attract VIP guests or famous patrons, and unfortunately now will become famous for this single mindless act of violence.

The police has confirmed the death of one person but has yet to release the name of any of the victims or their current state of health.

The witnesses described the attacker as a woman in her mid-thirties or early forties, of average height with long, red hair, dressed in black. The attacker may have been hurt during the scuffle for the weapon and may seek medical attention. All nearby hospitals and pharmacies have been alerted. She might be armed and dangerous.

The Kinki Regional Police Bureau (4) asks the public to exercise the utmost caution if faced with the suspect, as she is potentially mentally unstable, and to call the hotlines with any information they might possess.

LV – LV – LV – LV – LV – T + 15 hours– LV – LV – LV – LV – LV

The streets were packed full with people minding their own business, as usual.

A few vendors had their carts and stands ready since the wee hours of the morning, awaiting their customers, and the pungent smell of fresh fish wafted in the air like a siren's call for the people around, busy bees fluttering from one stand to the next to seek the best produce at the lowest cost.

As was usual, the groups of people stopped to purchase their goods and chatted happily, gossip flying from vendor to customer and back. Most of the chit-chat was about local things –the neighbour of the fish vendor was marrying the son of the kindergarten's teacher, and there was talk about the husband of the nearby clothes shop cheating on his wife… nothing better than gossip to start a good day, as it was.

Still, with the news of the previous day still fresh in everybody's minds, it was no shock that sooner or later someone would want to talk about the stabbing assault at the best restaurant in the city, or about the piece of juicy gossip related to that one model being attacked during one of the most loved programs on television.

It was not often that the people living around Kamigyo-ku could say things happened in the neighborhood other than simple gossip and some cheating, or some little shop closing down and selling their business to some big corporation, and the restaurant attack had shaken most of them. Even as the restaurant was a little on the high-end and not many of them would be able to dine there other than maybe for special occasions, it was still a place they were all familiar with.

"I can't believe that crazy woman could be around here, hiding away from the police," two middle-aged women were talking in hushed tones as one of them waited for the vendor to wrap up her fish. "I've seen a few police cars making rounds when I left my home… I'm glad I decided to send my son to a high school in another district, so I don't have to fear while he's at school… but it does make you not want to leave your house."

The other woman nodded curtly, one hand pressed down on her purse. "And yet here we are," she replied with a small smirk.

"Well, it's not like she could attack here… it's pretty crowded, and with the police patrolling the area, she wouldn't dare, would she?"

"No… no, she wouldn't…" the woman answered hesitantly, discretely eyeing her surroundings.

An awkward silent fell upon the two women, only interrupted by the vendor giving her package to his client.

"And it's not like I can cook without fresh ingredients." The woman continued trying to appear more confident.

"Wouldn't fear 'bout that gal attacking," the fish vendor said, thick accent eating away his words a bit. "They said on the news that the attack was against a table 'o customers, and she didn't touch anyone else when she ran away. She's prob'ly hiding from the police."

His words seemed to lighten the mood of the two women, and also of the people surrounding the stand, as the comment was whispered from mouth to mouth in the market area, followed by a wave of relief. If that was true and the attacker would lay low, it would be a great reprieve from the wariness they had all felt since the news had been shared on television.

Soon enough , the chat turned to the other 'big news', and the attack on Ino was discussed down to the last minute detail, nothing left out. Most women agreed on how it reflected badly on the transmission that someone had been allowed to reach the main room without being questioned or stopped, and the identity of that attacker was also touched upon. Most were appalled by how flashy the young woman had been, pink clothes clashing horribly onstage with Bee and A's show setting, and a few vendors agreed that they hoped Ino would be alright.

Soon the customers were on their way home, the monotony of that morning only broken by the police cars making rounds around the neighborhood, flashlights off but ominous in such a quiet area.

LV – LV – LV – LV – LV – Chapter End– LV – LV – LV – LV – LV

(1) TAKEGAWA Christel: is a Japanese Journalist. I borrowed her name for this but I do not know of her interview style or anything about her. Her image just fit the image I had for the journalist and she is born in France.

(2) The Japan Times is a real newspaper and "All the news without fear or favor" is their catch phrase.

(3) A la Chalamont is a French restaurant in Kyôtô. I have only taken the name and all the rest is fiction.

(4) Kinki Regional Police Bureau: apparently Kyôtô is under this police bureau's jurisdiction.