Author's Note: This is my first fanfic I've posted on the net. Flames will be used to make smores. Yes, Sasuke is back from Orochimaru in this fic. And Asuma is not dead, neither is Sasori. Don't ask why.

Chapter 1 - The Madness Begins

For once in a long time, Konoha was peaceful. Sasuke had returned to the village after killing his brother and Orochimaru, Ino and Sakura had stopped arguing, and all was peaceful.

At least, all except one orange clad ninja. Sasuke and Sakura saw him running up to the brige, shouting. "KAKASHI SAYS TRAINING IS CANCELLED, TSUNADE-BAA CHAN WANTS US TO MEET HER IN HER OFFICE AT NOON!"


"What did you say Sasuke-teme?!"

"Hn. Dobe."

Sakura sighed. Well, Konoha had been peaceful for at least a few minutes.

At noon, team 7 entered Tsunade's office. Also there were the rest of the rookie 9, Gai's team and the Jonins. Although, Gai was nowhere to be found.





And after that that unexplainable sunset appeared. Obviously Gai had just entered.

"This is so troublesome."

"I want to eat.."




Tsunade sighed. This was gonna be a long day.

"So, Tsunade-Baa Chan, why are we here?"

"Don't call me that Naruto! I've called you here for a special assignment!"


"No, not ramen! For gods sake, you have enough of that crap to feed Konoha!"

Jiraya appeared at the window. "Sake?! Will there be girls too?"

Tsunade made an obscene hand gesture at Jiraya and continued. "No, your special assignment is.."

Ten Ten stopped staring at Neji's ass. Sakura stopped thinking about her and Sasuke's future children. Gai and Lee's sunset stopped.

"...Truth Or Dare."

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