Chapter Twenty Seven: Under the Sky

Summary: Fostered in by the famous Shizuoka family, Naminé seems to be leading a perfectly happy life. But what if that changes when she meets the school outcast? RoxasxNaminé

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Hearing the calming breeze, Naminé opened the door that led her to the rooftop. The infinite sky was everywhere, but seeing something else there had caught her line of vision instead.

"S-Sora?" what could he be doing here? Naminé flushed. For a moment she thought it had been Roxas if it wasn't for the brown outrageous spikes.

"Hey Naminé," Sora smiled.

The two walked closer towards each other and stopped as soon as they were less than two feet away.

"What are you--" her words were quickly interrupted.

Taking her arm, Sora pulled her into his arms.

"I love you," he confessed, burying his face in her hair; taking in her sweet scent.

Naminé couldn't even speak. Her sapphire eyes widened in shock.

"S-Sora?!" what was he doing?! He had to be lying!

"I love you Naminé, I really do!" Sora continued to convey his feelings by holding her tighter, "Please tell me you feel the same."

Struggling in his strong arms, Naminé finally managed to get free but he didn't let of her wrist much to her dismay, "I love Roxas! You know that." What was he thinking? Was he trying to ruin his and Roxas' new relationship? What about Kairi?

Hurt washed over his face, "But I love you too…"


Sora placed both his hands on her shoulders so she would look at him, "Please give me a chance. I've always been there for you."

"No, Roxas was always there for me. He loves me and stood up for me. He…he's your friend Sora!"

"It's because he has money, isn't it?"

"No I care about him for more than that! I could careless for money," she shook off Sora's hold on her and took a few steps back. "Sora," she said sternly, "You don't love me."

"Yes I do, you mean everything to me," Sora wanted to reach out to her but she wouldn't let him. The only time she wanted to be held like that was when she was with Roxas.

"No," she said flatly, "You love Kairi."

Somehow her words caused him to wince, "No, I--"

Naminé's eyes straight back into his own baby blues, "No matter how cruel or mean she can be, for some reason that the others may never understand, you see that hidden kindness of hers." it was true strange enough and Naminé knew Sora did feel this way.

He stayed silent as she continued.

"You've known her just as long as anyone in this school, but you saw something in her that no one else didn't. You saw past that mask, and I'm betting you're the only one who can change her." Even though Naminé had finally seen Kairi's warmer side, she still had ways to go before she could actually change in front of everyone and be more comfortable with her real self.

Sora sighed, "Y-You're right…I still love her…" his last words were a whisper. Naminé looked so much like Kairi, and after spending so much time with her it reminded him so much of Kairi back in their younger days. It sickened him to use Naminé as a replacement for the girl he truly loved.

"See?" Naminé smiled.

Sora smiled and reached for her hand leaving Naminé stunned once more as she looked into Sora's eyes.

"I just wish I met you before Roxas though." He grinned. Sora really did treasure Naminé as a friend.

Naminé laughed as he let go, "Well, I already gave my heart to Roxas and I doubt he wants to give it up any time soon."

Sora nodded. Roxas would fight against anyone if it meant keeping Naminé.

"I need to get ready for the dance, so see you later okay?" Naminé told.

"Oh yeah!" Sora scratched the back of his head, "I completely forgot!"

She giggled, "See you later Sora!" she soon ran off. If she wanted to make it in time she would have to call for a taxi rather than catch a ride on the bus.

xxx xxx xxx

"Will you stop fidgeting already? I promised to keep your hair down rather than up so deal with it!" Olette huffed as she attached a glittering flower pin onto Naminé's hair.

"But it hurts!" Naminé complained. That brush she used earlier was practically lethal!

Both of them were currently in Naminé's bedroom. Naminé was sitting down on a chair need her long vanity mirror while Olette added her last few touch ups.

"Fine, fine! I'm done! I give up!" Olette stomped away from the other girl and put on her fingerless gloves that matched her lovely orange dress she bought a few weekends before with Naminé (refer to chapter 23 for both of their dresses).

Naminé just pouted while she fixed the skirt of her dress as Olette left the room in frustration.

Staring at herself up and down, Naminé thought she looked like a totally different person. With all the glamor and make-up it just couldn't be her.

"Naminé! Someone's here to see you!" Olette called out in a much more cheery tone from downstairs.

"I'm not coming I look horrifying!" it was just probably just her adoptive parents Gin or Ayame. The two were always enthusiastic if it meant Naminé being more feminine.

What was the point if Roxas couldn't come? Nothing was even half as fun when he wasn't around…

As she was about to take out the pin that Olette had put on her earlier, she hear her door creak due to someone coming it. She turned to see the intruder.

"R-Roxas!" there he was dressed in a black suit, still looking as handsome as always. His hair was still spiky (he told her it was natural and gel never helped it stay down), but she couldn't help but notice the checkered neck tie he wore.

"You look…" a pink hue raced across Roxas' cheeks.

"Ugly?" Naminé assumed.

"Amazing," he said finally. Roxas walked closer to her, "No you're much more beautiful than that."

Naminé had to laugh, "Stop acting like a cheese-bag. I want my Roxas back!"

He laughed, "Fine, fine. Let's go." Taking her hand she smiled shyly as he led her out of the room and down the stairs to join Hayner and Olette. Naminé was so happy to see him again that she didn't mind having no words exchanged between them.

Olette couldn't help but squeal at the sight of the reunited couple.

"You guys are so adorable!"

"Our son and daughter are finally all grown up." Hayner faked a sniff as he played along with Olette.

"Oh geez," Roxas rolled his eyes. Naminé just giggled at Roxas' comment, "Let's just go to the dance!"

Olette and Hayner were all ready locking arms like Roxas and Naminé. All four anticipated to reach the annual juniors dance. A black limo awaited them all, courtesy of Olette. For some who don't remember, Olette and Hayner were invited by the school principle into the dance.

As they reached the school entrance, they could already hear the booming music coming from the gymnasium. Everyone within the vicinity couldn't help but notice the four come out to the dance in style.

"Let's dance!" without even giving Hayner enough time to respond, Olette was already dragging her boyfriend to the dance floor as soon as they entered the beautifully decorated gym. You wouldn't have even recognized it as the school gymnasium if it wasn't for the flooring.

"Slow down Olette!"

Roxas just laughed at the couple before turning his gaze back to Naminé, "Care to dance?"

Naminé shook her head, "Maybe at a slower song. Heels aren't my thing," she laughed.

"Aww, don't be embarrassed," Roxas gave a lop-sided grin, "It's fine, just sit by a table. I'll go get us a drink."

Naminé nodded as Roxas walked off. Kairi's group soon caught her attention from the far side of the gym.

Selphie was wearing a golden-yellow dress while Larxene has a long black and white dress that fit her figure nicely. Kairi was the most beautiful like always. She had a purple cocktail dress that was strapless and had a pink ribbon tied around her waist. It was typical for her to be the most stylish.

The three were talking amongst themselves until Sora came into the picture. He wore a black suit, but unlike most others who wore a white dress shirt his own was red and he didn't wear a necktie. Even though they were too far away for Naminé to hear she could already tell what they were saying from their actions.

Sora gave a small bow before extending his hand towards Kairi who shyly took it and both of them soon walked over to the dance floor. The two girls left behind looked shocked. Naminé couldn't help but laugh.

She sighed though. Roxas sure was taking his sweet time and there was still so much she wanted to ask him. Rather than waiting for him to come, Naminé left the gymnasium.

Roxas had just finished buying two cans of soda and a bag of chips from the small store some of the students had set up.

"That was the longest line I had ever seen," Roxas sighed as he began looking for Naminé.

All he saw though was Hayner and Olette chatting by a table. It seemed they were taking a break from their dance.

"Hey guys," Roxas greeted as soon as he reached them.

"Thanks for the food Roxas," Hayner grinned while snatching the snacks.


"So Roxas, what do you need?" Olette asked.

"I was wondering where Naminé was," Roxas admitted.

"Haven't seen her. I thought she was with you," Hayner assumed.

"I see. Well, I'm going to look for her." Roxas soon walked off in search of Naminé.

xxx xxx xxx

Naminé's hand trailed along the set of lockers as she continued walking around the hall. Everything that happened that year filled her mind, but she could help but let her thoughts drift back to Roxas. After the dance, was he going to stay with her? Or had he snuck out his parent's mansion again?

Opening the door to the rooftop, she walked over towards the edge, lefts her hands feel the cool touch of the railings that she and Roxas used to lean on during the days where they sat alone eating lunch together. Did his parents plan to take him away from her again?

"Naminé?" a voice called out. She knew his voice to well, "Naminé what are you doing here?" Roxas walked closer to her until he was right beside her, letting himself leans onto the railings.

The sky was blanketed in the silence of the night, but no stars were in sight. The city had too much light pollution. The only way to see stars was back at Roxas' secret place far from the city.

"Roxas, what's going to happen to us after this?" her eyes were glue to the city far beyond. Looking at Roxas would only make her already stinging eyes form tears.

"You want to know what my parents said," Roxas smiled, taking her smaller hand into his. He took in the sight of her sapphire eyes staring back at his, they looked so lovely in the moonlight, "my mother is still quite angry at me, but my father said I could stay."

Naminé's grip tightened around his, "Really?"

"Yes," he smiled.

Naminé threw her arms around him pulling him close to her never wanting to let go. It was like a dream that became a reality.

A soft beat began to play and Roxas pulled away from their embrace.

"No one's around now," Roxas spoke softly, lifting her hand up so he could kiss it, "Will you dance with me?"

Naminé just laughed, a smile placed itself on her lips and he took it as a yes. Roxas pulled her close placing his hands around her slim waist while Naminé wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her head on his chest.

No words were spoken as Roxas and Naminé danced to the faint beat coming from the gymnasium. They continued to sway to the beat under the soft moonlight that illuminated the night sky.

The End.

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