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The Beginning of the End

"Did you make sure you packed the sunscreen?" Izayoi asked her husband. "Yes, dear." He said with a heavy sigh. They had been going through this for the last fourty minutes. "Did you also get the digital camera at Best Buy?" "Yes. And I bought the disposible ones as well." Izayoi paced the bedroom for a moment, thinking. "Did you--" "Yes! We have everything!" She stopped and gave him a look. "I'm just asking. You know you're as forgetful as Totosai wishes he could be. Hell, you'd probably lose--" "My head if it wasn't attatched to my shoulders, yeah, yeah." Inutaisho muttered. He hated when she did this.

Sesshomaru stood in the door way to their bedroom, watching as they stuffed last-minute items into their bags. There were nine of them. "Damn, you think you have everything?" he asked in a sarcastic tone. His step-mother threw him a "Don't you sass me," look. His father raised his eyebrows and cocked his head in a way that said, "I'm wondering the same thing."

Inuyasha sidled into the room. "When are you gonna be back Mommy?" He asked as he pulled on the hem of her kimono. She lovingly turned toward him. "We won't be gone for longer than a week. By Monday next week, we'll be greeting you with kisses all over!" And she promptly started kissing him on his forehead and cheeks and stomach. Sesshomaru gave a loud, rude gag. "What the hell ever," he said while rolling his eyes. His father followed suit. Walking over to him, he whispered in his ear, "I still say she spoils him too damn much. Like when he broke the cookie jar. Back in my day, that would've been an automatic ass-whupping. But no, not her. She feels that since he's only a half-demon, he's more fragile and can't stand as much punishment as a full demon can. She could've at least grounded him!"

Sesshomaru agreed. Inuyasha got way with way too much shit. But let it be him who messed up! Oh, there'd be hell to pay. Something like accidentaly leaving the toilet seat up to where Izayoi fell in it at night could land him a two hour chewing. But if precious Inuyasha did the same thing, "Oh, it's okay. He doesn't know any better." Shit! The damn kid knows to put down the toilet seat. I only don't do it to see his mother fall in.

Izayoi and Inutaisho casted around the room one last time to make sure that nothing was left out. Satisfied, Izayoi strutted out the door and down the stairs, leaving Inutaisho to lug the bags. Sesshomaru watched him struggling but made no effort to help him. It was his fault that he chose to marry this vanity princess. He was letting him pay the consequences for it.

He followed them to the waiting limo at the palace gates. Turning to him, Inutaisho said, "This place better still be standing when we get back. Make sure to take care of your little brother. He really looks up to you." Sesshomaru gagged again, though inwardly this time. He shifted his gaze to Izayoi, who was eyeing him.

She was a nice enough woman, quiet and demure. She was the perfect example of lady-likeness, doing everything with grace. But that was only around guests. Should she become upset when there were none (for example, if there weren't any more yougurt's in the fridge. Sesshomaru thought that she should look to her child), she'd snap off in a heartbeat, all femininity out the window, cuss words flying, as well as many objects. Only a Dove chocolate bar would soothe that savage beast. With as often as that had to happen, it was a wonder how she stayed thin. It was whispered amongst the servants that she was constantly having lipo.

She gave him a supposedly warm smile and enveloped him in a hug. "Take care of my boy," she said with an affectionate voice in his ear. Then it suddenly turned cold. "If anything happens to him, I'll castrate you." She pulled away from him and held him at arms length by the shoulders. "Okay?" She said in the warm tone again. Sesshomaru gave a quick smirk that he quickly changed into a fake smile so she wouldn't notice it. "Sure. I'll take care of him as if he were actually wanted." Izayoi glowered at him, then did a cutting motion as though with a knife around her thighs. Sesshomaru turned away from her to look at his father. His father had missed the gesture.

Packed, they entered the limo. Inuyasha waved good-bye to them until the vehicle was out of sight. Then, turning to Sesshomaru he said, "Oh yeah! You have to do everything I tell you to do or I'ma tell my mommy on you! And then you'll catch it from Dad!" He ran cackling into the palace. But Sesshomaru had no intentions of pampering this cretin. And the nice thing was, he already had a bit of an advantage. What the little snot didn't know was that nobody liked him. He was a half-demon, an abomination, despised by all. The servants put up with it only because of Izayoi and Inutaisho. But Mommy and Daddy wasn't here to protect him now.

He had actually laughed when Inuyasha had run to his mother and asked her what was a half-breed after he'd been playing with some of the other children around the palace. Izayoi had only cried, not clarified the name. So, Inuyasha was still clueless. Sesshomaru decided to make full use of this knowledge. Rubbing his hands together, he gave another smirk. Oh, the fun he would have this week!

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