The Joys of Watching Tennis By Phoenix Kaen

Summary: Michiru never quite understood why Haruka was so addicted to tennis. She could understand if it was car racing but…

Disclaimer: Naoko Takeuchi owns Sailor Moon. I wish she could read English and read my SM fanfics. I would love to see if she would enjoy my stories just much as I enjoyed her wonderful manga series.


Haruka turned her head to the left then Michiru moved in the same direction. She shifted her head to the right and Michiru moved to the right. The loud roaring of the vacuum didn't make this experience anymore enjoyable. "Michi…" Haruka called her name with a false smile. The aqua-haired woman was too busy vacuuming to hear Haruka not to mention the roaring vacuum sound. "Michi!" Haruka yelled above the noise but her voice couldn't beat the loud volume. Finally, she lightly kicked Michiru's behind.

"Oh!" Michiru exclaimed. Haruka surprised her. She turned off the vacuum and looked questionably at the sandy-haired woman.

"Michi, sweetie," she said with a wide smile. "Could you vacuum somewhere else? I'm trying to watch tennis." She gestured to the TV. Michiru peered at the television. A male tennis player was playing against a female tennis player. He served the ball and the woman was able to hit it back. The tennis ball barely bounced over the net.

"I can never understand why you like this sport. It seems so boring. All they do is hit a yellow ball back and forth. What's so great about that?" Haruka wasn't paying attention to what she said though. Her eyes were glued to the screen.

"Haruka?" Michiru whined.

"Uh-huh. You don't look fat, Michi," Haruka muttered, not taking her eyes off the TV.

"Are you listening to a word I'm saying, Haruka?" Michiru questioned.

"No, Michi, your butt doesn't look too big. Now be a good girl and let Haruka-papa watch TV," she said. She used her leg to gently push Michiru aside.

"UGH!" Michiru brought down the bowl of chips on Haruka's head and stalked away angrily. Today was NOT the day to mess with the normally calm girl.

"What the hell did I do?" Haruka questioned nobody in particular. She must be PMSing today. Haruka thought. When nobody answered her, she shrugged and turned back to watching the dull sport. She leaned back on the couch and crossed her arms, watching as the two untalented tennis players played against each other. Haruka didn't even know their names but who cares? They were hot as hell, according to her. Of course, Michiru is hotter but it's not everyday Michiru plays a sport where her skirt flies up every five minutes.

"Ah, if only this was the women's only tournament," Haruka sighed in contentment. Then she got up from the couch. "Michi! You know what sport you should take up?" She called up the stairs.

A/N: When I wrote this story, I was thinking of that famous tennis player, Anna something. I don't like any sport in particular so I don't really follow tennis but supposedly she's not a very good tennis player so I wondered she's so famous. VH1 pretty much answered that question for me.

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