Angsty drabble, 2nd person, Sand sib-centric, and so on and so forth. Mainly Kanky & Gaara. Inspired somewhat by Thousand Foot Crutch's "Puppet", but then went slightly off track. Not that I particularly mind. Title sucks butt, but I couldn't care less right now so meh. :)

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Inch your finger over to the left a bit and pull, concentrate or else the strings will drop and you'll get yelled at again. You'll get yelled at anyway, you think. Dad's in a bad mood so Gaara must have done something extreme, like killing a load of people or something, but that happens so often now that you're beginning to wonder why everyone is so surprised. After Yashamaru pulled that little stunt people have been murdered left right and centre. (Of course your childish brain hasn't really taken it in that it was and his (and your) own father that ordered it to be done in the first place.)

(You're not concentrating hard enough.)

Temari still loves him. (She's always been stronger than you in that respect anyway.) You see it in the way her eyes flicker when there's a new death or another terrifying story about the dubbed 'monster of the sand'. She cries for him sometimes- you hear her in her room after practice, sobbing quietly, and you have to strain your ears to hear, but it's still there. You leave her though, and try to ignore the barely audible sobs that slip through the cool walls.

"She's crying for you, Gaara." The words slip unbidden from your lips, and yet you think that they're the most important thing you've said all day, for all of the questions and battle cries of the training arena that you've spent so much time in since your birth.

(Not nearly hard enough.)

Your father is sending you to Konoha soon. The Chuunin exams are going to start in a few months, and he wants- needs- you to get there on time, and is not about to take any chances. You're going to betray them.

Your father's going to betray them, that is, but you're going to start the ball rolling, as such- you and Gaara and Temari. All three of you together- how fitting, a part of you wants to say, but a part of you (the part that's still sane) doesn't think much of it. The Sand Siblings and their brother (because you don't see why Gaara's part of the family anyway) on their very first big mission, dogs of their father and the rest of the world.

There's nothing to do now, but to follow the orders as best as you can and make sure that Gaara doesn't go crazy and kill your allies. You're not the one pulling the strings here. In the mean time, you need to concentrate… there's still so much more to master. You're going to be great one day.

"Hold the strings still. Calm, like the calm before the storm." "Don't jerk your hand, but let it fall in an arc." "The puppet will only do what you tell it to."

You hope you'll remember when the time comes.

(You look down to check,)

You're a puppeteer, but you're still a puppet.

(But you've already dropped the strings.)

AN: Speed written. -.-'

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