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This is my first BSG fic so go easy on me. This is totally AU with absolutely no spoilers. Starbuck is the leader of a ring of bandits and Lee is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army back in the wild west. All history etc. is purely of my own making and most likely NOT accurate. Please read and review! I love feedback so let me know if I should continue.

The Wild, Wild West – The Naming

He felt the change in the air a few moments before he looked behind and saw the dust cloud of riders heading his way. Lee kicked his heels, urging his horse to go faster.

What the hell had possessed him to go out scouting by himself?

His horse Galactica was the best there was but even he could see that they were gaining on him. The only thing keeping him from whipping out his pistol and firing was the fact that they weren't Indians. At least he'd keep his head…

The riders overtook him a few minutes later, forming a circle around him, forcing him to rein Galactica in and see what they wanted. Surely even bandits would have some respect for his rank.

The leader of the group circled their horse around him, taking their sweet time, checking he and his horse out.

If they took Galactica and left him here he was a goner.

"Well look at what we have here gentlemen…Prime USDA United States Army meat."

Was that a woman's voice?

Lee cocked his head in her direction, fixing a steel blue gaze on her and her horse.

"Staff Sergeant Lee Adama. You are in protected territory." He told her, hoping he came across stronger than he felt. Clearly he was outnumbered and even though he had nothing of real value on his person, he'd heard the stories of what bandits did to you if they caught you. Not as permanent as what the Indians would do but not something he wanted to personally experience.

Their leader snorted.

"Well aren't you the cocky one? We're well aware of that STAFF SERGEANT. Just who the hell do you think corralled your ass before the toasters could get to you?"

Make that mighty fine ass, Starbuck thought to herself.

"Excuse me, toasters?" Lee asked, utterly confused.

"Yeah, the toasters. The Indians. You've heard of them right? The one's who would rather toast your ass over an open fire than make polite conversation like we are now."

She explained to him, laughing and turning to her colleagues as if it were some private joke.

"Or did you think LEE ADAMA that the rules, in that pretty little rule book that goes with that nice blue uniform you're wearing, still applied out here?" She continued.

She was trying to goad him into an argument, give her an excuse to pull out that gun that he could plainly see in her holster. Well, she would be sorely disappointed. He had a mission to complete and nothing, NO ONE, kept him from his doing his duty.

"To whom am I speaking?" He asked, ignoring her jabs at his patriotism.

Again, she snorted, and then she proceeded to pull the black bandana off her face and smirk, yes that was a smirk, at him.

Lee blinked, twice.

By gods, she was beautiful! What was a woman like that doing leading a band of bandits? Her long blonde hair flowed freely now without the constraint of the bandana and her eyes, the colors of the forest of nature, he could easily get lost in them. Again the thought hit him.

What the hell was she doing out here?

"Starbuck's the name and these are my nuggets." She told him, gesturing around to the group of 20 men surrounding her.

"Nuggets?" He asked, unable to help himself. Where had she come from with all these bizarre words?

She laughed, clearly enjoying his unease. She was pushing him; he could feel the frustration rising up, threatening to make him do something that he knew he would regret.

He wanted to throttle her. He wanted to kiss her.

She moved her horse in closer to his…circling him again, mere inches from him as she spoke in her husky voice that obviously did strange things to him.

"Nuggets, you know? Those pieces of gold that you pick up and you just know are going to be worth their weight someday after you smooth out the rough edges and polish them up a bit. Kinda like those shiny gold stripes you've got…"

She stopped in front him and reached out one slender very female hand.

"Right there." She finished, tapping her nails on his stripes.

Lee was amazed at her audacity! Even more amazed that the men clearly bowed to her leadership. He was beginning to understand why they called this the Wild West. But no one, not even a very attractive woman, touched his stripes.

"Don't touch me." He ground out between clenched teeth.

Starbuck noticed the vein in his neck standing out, just waiting to be bitten. What was it about this soldier that made her want to frak him instead of shoot him? Instead of waiting for her own answer, she moved in even closer.

"I don't think you know who you're FRAKKING with." She hissed at him; her mouth so close that he could claim it…if he thought he could do so without getting killed.

He was going to turn the tables on this so-called Starbuck. What kind of a name was that anyway?

He leaned in, even closer than she had been, before he spoke, noticing a few of her riders bring their horses in closer as well.

"It would seem that the bandits out here have developed a new vocabulary. Toasters? Nuggets? Frakking? So please oh mighty Starbuck, forgive me if I'm not keeping up and if I don't know who I'm FRAKKING with!"

He expected to have a gun at his temple.

He expected that his mouth and temper had finally gotten the best of him.

What he did not expect was what happened next.

In one quick motion, he was lying on the ground with Starbuck on top of him, eyes on fire. All the riders had moved in and the one closest to her had grabbed her horse's reigns.

"This is usually how frakking starts Adama…" She whispered in his ear.

He could smell the dust and her horse and the leather from her chaps and it was making him crazy…add to that her sensual voice in his ear and he was unable to keep his body from responding. And he was quite sure that the hardening in his lower body would NOT go unnoticed.

Starbuck felt him respond to her and ground her hips against him harder. Why were the ones she wanted always in some stuffy uniform? Why couldn't she ever want the bad boys?

"Starbuck…" Lee pushed out between his now shallow breaths.

She couldn't tell if it was a warning or an invitation but either way she only enjoyed an audience for so long. Her men were watching and his eyes were like stars, twinkling, beckoning her.

It was time to find out if he was the kind of man she had decided he should be. It had been too long since she'd had an equal.

And before Lee could blink, she was off of him and back on her horse.

"You've got a few minutes before the toasters show up. I suggest you follow us APOLLO. They do teach you that back in the academy don't they? Just follow the stars Apollo or Starbuck as the case may be."

She grinned, winked at him and was galloping at top speed away from him, her nuggets following.

Thank the gods! They had left his horse.

He stood up, shook the dirt of his uniform, and mounted Galactica. Already she was becoming a small speck in the distance and it left an empty spot in him.

And then it hit him. "Apollo?"

There were certainly worse names she could have chosen.

He smiled, kicked his heels in and headed his horse in the direction she had gone.