Title: Gameplay
Genre: Humour
Summary: Very short drabble Tamaki's being a little louder than usual.
Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran High School Host Club.


"No, no, Kyouya! Don't die on me!" Tamaki shouted, his eyes trained to the minute screen in front of him. His circle of clients surrounded him, gasping and occasionally swooning melodramatically as his thumbs pounded on the buttons of the machine.

The real Kyouya simply pushed his glasses up on his nose and continued to make notes on his clipboard.

"GAAAH! NOOO! Okay, go! Haruhi!" Tamaki's dramatic voice echoed around the Third Music Room.

Haruhi looked at her blond senior and turned to the twins. "What is he doing?" she asked, unsure if she even wanted to know.

"The lord had never heard of Pokemon before," Hikaru replied with a smirk.

"So we've kindly introduced it to him." The smile on Kaoru's face was identical to the one on Hikaru's.

"And now he's addicted to it." Hikaru continued. He glanced over to where the subject sat, a Cheshire-cat grin on his face

"And named his entire team after us," Kaoru finished. The twins looked at each other and laughed.

No, she hadn't wanted to know, she reflected dryly, and she turned back to her guests as Tamaki's screams of anguish echoed in the background.


Notes: I didn't really care for how this turned out . . . but the image of Tamaki playing Pokemon is awesome. I wanted to throw in somewhere that Kyouya was a Kadabra and Haruhi was a Pidgeotto, but I didn't really see anywhere where I could work it in and still have it flow properly. . .

Thanks to: tatsumaki