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Chapter 1- Stretches and the Head Girl

Hermione was starting to get fed up with this paper. "How dare he give me an essay that he knows there isn't enough information on to complete?" she thought, languidly stretching her long body against the back of the couch.

Even as she thought it she smiled. Professor Snape might believe that this paper would infuriate her, but quite to the contrary. Hermione loved a challenge and a 15-inch scroll of parchment on the properties of neilyroot in potion making was enough to make her day.

However, she did feel the tiniest bit sorry for the rest of the students in his seventh-year N.E.W.T Potions class. They, she knew for a fact, had no intention of smiling when the homework was assigned.

Taking a deep breath, she propped herself onto her elbows and stretched again. She stood and decided that she was ready for a break. Hermione didn't know where she wanted to go, however she was feeling a bit hungry, so she decided that she would talk a walk down the corridors to the kitchens.

Grabbing a sweater to throw on over her nightclothes she climbed out of the portrait hole and began to walk up the stairs to the third floor. After being assigned the Head Girl position at Hogwarts, she learned that she would have her own quarters along with the Head Boy. Hermione was delighted, though, rather sad to have to split room with her housemates. Her mood on the subject did not improve any when she found out that the Head Boy was none other than Draco Malfoy.

Harry and Ron were not in the least bit surprised that Hermione had gotten the position. Other than the detention she received in her first year, she had a clean record, and the fact that all of her teachers adored her willingness to learn only helped smooth her into the spot.

Hermione still believed that the only reason Malfoy had gotten the Head Boy spot was because his father had pulled some strings. His charm towards adults and conniving ways probably added up to make him Head Boy. Hermione did have to admit that Draco did get good grades, though, and that fact alone kept her from opening her mouth to him for the past couple of weeks.

As Hermione rounded the corner towards the painting of the pear, she collided head on with a tall, lean figure.

"Granger." Snape sneered at her, his hooked nose pointed down at her in disgust. As Head Girl, Hermione turned a deep shade of red worthy of Ron Weasley. "Damnit." She thought, "All I wanted was a glass of water and a cracker! I knew I should have gone to the room of requirement."

"Well, Granger. I believe that finding you out of bed at such late hours is detention worthy. Also, 50 points from Gryffindor. You will serve your detention with me for the next week after dinner. Dress appropriately Miss Granger, we wouldn't want to get your perfect appearance dirty, would we?" With that note, Professor Snape strode from the hall, his robes flapping behind him distastefully.

Chapter 2-