Severus nuzzled even closer to her knickers, mouth sliding along the wetness, tongue flicking out to lap up the juices, so different tasting, so good.

Hermione cried out as his tongue slid beneath the white fabric and onto her skin, his fingers yanking the knickers to the other side, tongue delving deep into her most unknown parts. Every flick of the tongue, every probe of his finger sped her steadily closer to orgasm.

His finger slipped inside the girl, and her muscles clamped on instinctively, her hips bucking up as she cried out for more. Severus' knowingly added another long, pale finger and felt her have to stretch to accommodate him. He knew that what was soon to come would feel exquisite to him, though probably rather painful for the tiny brunette.

So he added a third finger, and this time instead of the moans he was beginning to get accustomed to, he heard a cry of pain, and she back away from his advances, quickly. His tongue rushed to the opening sliding in and out, a soft change, soothing the pain away. Once again she moaned, and when she felt like she could no longer bear it, her muscles clamped again, hard, and the warm, white of her come flooded onto his attacking tongue.

As she floated back down from orgasm, she again turned Severus onto his back, panting slightly, and pulled his trousers down to his knees, then followed closely with his boxers.

She could tell that he was close, wetness dripping from the tip of him, coating his head. So, as most of this night had gone, she instinctively wrapped her pale pink lips around him, and pushed down, hearing the loud cry of alarmed ecstasy wash though him. She pushed down steadily faster, feeling him swell, close to the brink, then stopped, smiled, and pulled her head off of his stomach.

"Do you think that you're ready now?" She said, eyes sparkling in the semi-darkness, and something told Severus that he was indeed in for a wild night. Or, as close as he was feeling, another wild minute and a half.

Again they flipped, Hermione now on her back, her large pale breasts pushing toward him. She closed her eyes, knowing from the way the other girls in Gryffindor common room had spoken about this, that it would surely hurt, much worse than the three fingers she had just had to experience.

Slowly Severus pushed the tip of himself inside the tight opening, careful not to hurt or scare her. Inch by slow inch he eased himself in, his cock about to explode at how good it felt, even going this slow. Finally, after her moans of delight had subsided some, he pulled back out.

Hermione cried out, feeling bereft, wanting much, much, more than he had given her. Then, with no warning at all, he pushed in, all of him, and as quick as Hermione's orgasm had come earlier, they both exploded together, crying out in ecstasy, and then floated back down the soft cloud they'd been floating on.

Slowly, they began to pull on their clothes, Severus' smiling with the extreme cockiness of a male that's just lost his virginity, and Hermione' with a slight shame, though, the pleasure still coursing through her body didn't do much to egg it on. Soon they were both fully clothed, and Severus swept her small body into his, hugging her, and kissed the top of her head.

Hermione's mouth upturned itself to his, and they kissed, never wanting to let go.