Word count: 357 (last one!)

Padmé Naberrie was never alone; she found herself surrounded by a dozen ghosts whenever she closed her eyes. The ghosts of her children, so long ago lost to her; the ghost of her husband, dead in every way that mattered; ghosts of the Jedi he had killed for the love of his Queen…ghosts of dear friends who had died for the same reason.

She stared at the ceiling of her small cell, her soft brown eyes glazed with chill and exhaustion. She had stopped counting the days when she reached her third year…and that had been many moons ago. She thought back to her youth and felt no tears well in her eyes. The years had drained her of such things…she felt only numbness now.

She had no expectation of ever being saved, not now. She waited only for death now.

For years she had believed that somehow He would rescue her. He would know that she lived and he would find her. She wouldn't rot in this dank; miserable prison where she felt herself slipping further into madness every day - there was no way He would allow it.

But he never came. The droid that delivered her daily rations and occasionally removed the filth from her cell had been programmed to tell her of the Darth Vader's doings…the Emperor's final attempt to crush her soul, before he left her to die. It told her the day Vader died aboard the Death Star. That was the day she stopped marking the passage of time. It no longer mattered.

She stared blankly at the wall, her ears deaf to the fighting in the hall, her flesh numb to the worried young man shaking her shoulders. Her name. He wanted her name.

"I am Cordé…I am Versé…I am Sabé…I am Moteé…" the names of her handmaidens rolled easily off her tongue, hoarsened by her unused voice. "I am Queen Amidala," she whispered at last, her stare slowly focusing on the clear blue eyes that looked so familiar.

Luke Skywalker touched his mother's face as her eyes closed for the last time. He had come for her after all.

AN: glad you guys seemed to enjoy this little series...I liked writing it. It's kind of ironic that the last story in the series is my favorite number! And yeah, I knew about Dané, but she never became an official handmaiden, which was kind of the theme to this (in case you didn't catch it :)) Anyway, thanks for the reviews y'all!