'Shit' was the first thing that came to mind as I realized both my hands and feet were bound. I hadn't opened my eyes yet. Half in fear of what I would see, and half-putting things together. It felt as if I was lying on a bed, it was certainly soft enough. Unusual to say the least. Each hand and leg was bound on a different corner.

...Was that a breeze? Why the hell did they take my shirt off?

I quickly realized what had happened. I shivered involuntarily. The Fangirls had me. The last hunt had been a setup! I slowly opened my eyes, and took a look around the room. It was nice; they obviously took out every last expense. Next to one wall there was a table. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, fuzzy pink handcuffs? I quickly moved on, not wishing to dwell on what these items would be used for. The walls were painted a deep, blood red. It was quite appealing once you got over thinking it was blood. In the middle of the room was a fountain spouting... pudding? The last thing I noticed was a young woman sitting in a chair in a corner. She had blond hair, and blue eyes. She was wearing a tight-fitting tank-top and jeans. She was watching my reactions quietly.

"Where is Dean?" I asked.

"In the other room." she replied simply, giving no other explanation.

"Where am I?"

She chuckled, "Sorry, we can't reveal our headquarters."

"Why am I here?"

"So full of questions, little Sammy. I can't tell you, I'm sorry. We haven't worked out a plan yet, we didn't expect you to wake up so soon." she pressed a button on the wall, activating an intercom. She spoke quietly, too quietly for me to hear.

"What are you doing to Dean?"

She finished her conversation with whoever was on the other end, and grinned "The same."

I heard voices outside, but nothing in particular stood out. The black painted door opened, and no less than a hundred women stepped in, all grinning from ear-to-ear.

My eyes widened in horror - these were the gutter girls. Not the fluffy, sweet, innocent fangirls. Not even the semi-normal fangirls. No, these were the kind that had the pudding pools in every room, and had framed pictures of me in nothing but a towel hung on nearly every wall. The ones who wanted me, to do... very un-lady like things with them. With, or without my consent.

The women crowded around the bed, and I saw many of the girls lean their heads together to whisper something and then they dissolved in a fit of laughter. The woman I had seen previously sitting in the chair cleared her throat for attention. The other women instantly quieted down, making it clear to me that she was the leader.

"Girls, this is a very important day! We finally have one of our most prized guests here to stay with us!" She motioned to me. "Now, don't worry. We'll all get a turn! Now remember, the girl who is chosen gets twelve hours with Sammy here. Make the most of it! Then, he will have 11 hours to sleep and relax, and an hour to shower if he wishes. The rest of the girls will have to return to their rooms, no fuss!" she smiled brightly "Okay, let's go on over there and pick the lucky lady who gets to go first!"

They all huddled around each other, choosing the "lucky lady". I heard a loud scream from someone in the middle, and the others, looking utterly disappointed, filed out one by one, giving me longing looks as they went. Finally, one gutter girl was left. She had long dark brown hair, and deep green eyes. She had on black jeans, and a tight red top on. She would have been very beautiful if it weren't for the slightly evil look in her eyes.

I eyed her nervously, unsure of what her next move would be. She grinned, and climbed cat-like onto the bed next to me.

"My name is Mad, Sam." she said softly as she traced patterns across my toned abs.

"What are your plans, if you don't mind my asking?" I say nervously. Her hands are slowly making their way down to my belt buckle.

"I like to keep that a surprise. But hey, why not spoil it a little?" she said, and then leant down to whisper something in my ear. What she said nearly made me pass out. I now knew what that chocolate sauce was for, and I was torn between calling it heaven or hell.

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