Ah, the last chapter of Captured. It's been a joy to have something to write, and I'm terribly happy that this is my first ever finished non one-shot. Enjoy!

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Finally, the day was upon us. It was time for our sad farewell to the Gutter Goddesses, and I couldn't be more disappointed that it was time for us to leave. Sammy on the other hand... he acted happy, but deep down he was almost disappointed. Or so I hoped.

"Do you really have to go so soon Dean?" Claire asked. She was clutching my arm for balance on the slippery floor of the pudding pool, and promptly after speaking slipped and dragged myself on top of her, followed by Shannon on top of me.

After much screaming, laughter, and a little extra pudding flying though the air, Shannon spoke up, "Yeah, just another hour or two? I'm sure they'd be willing to stall the departure for just one more pudding fight."

The two women pouted at me from their respective spots holding my arms down and sitting on my chest. "While I'd give anything to stay here for a while longer, my exit has already been stalled for five days."

They shared looks with the other two women pulling themselves out of the pudding pool after being pushed in by me. "Well then, let's make it an even six days," Ezra suggested from her position sitting on the side of the pool.

I flashed a brilliant smile, not at all disappointed to spend another day. "Well, if you insist. Now who wants to break the news to Sammy?"

"Leave that to me." Julia winked at Shannon, Ezra, and Claire before leaving. "I'll just leave you three to Dean."


Julia entered Sam's room, slamming the door open with a dramatic flair. She laughed at the startled look on Sam's face. "Oh, come on. You could hear my foot steps, you knew I was coming." She closed the door behind her and went to sit down on the bed next to the younger of the two brothers. "Your exit has been delayed for another day - another pudding fight broke out." She had changed and taken a shower before coming to see him, not wanting to walk in caked with pudding.

Sam sighed, putting the book down that he had been reading. 'Fangirls on the YED' was the title, written across the front and spine in large curling gold letters.

"Good book," she said casually.

He nodded, seeming surprised. "Yeah, definitely interesting."

Julia grinned, "You're probably glad that the freckle counting contest didn't last as long as the girls had hoped, aren't you?"

Sam looked startled at the mention of the competition that had taken place a few days before. "Er, yeah... Grace is nice and all, but her methods of counting were just uncalled for..."

"Well, Val and Dean had a great time," Julia commented.


"Okay ladies, this is the Gutter Goddess's first ever Freckle Counting Contest!" Shelly announced over the crowd. "Two lucky women have been chosen to count every last freckle on their chosen brother's body. Now, be slow and meticulous girls. We've already had Dania and Laura respectively count them. After the deadline of four days, the person with the closest number wins the competition!"

Shelly paused, a devious smile playing across her lips. "Of course, if you get to... count, you may quit. Let's get this show on the road! Val, Grace. We'll send you food four times a day - snacks of whipped cream, fresh fruit, and chocolate in between those times. Now, get a move on!"

Grace and Val tackled their separate men into their rooms, and that was that. Now, I think we can all guess what happened while they were in those rooms... so feel free to let your mind wander before we move on.


"This is a sad day for the gutter, ladies." Jessie spoke into the microphone to ensure her voice could be heard across the vast expanse of the packed entrance. "Natty helped plan Sam and Dean's trip down here to see us, but now their time here must end. However, we also have perfected the cloning machine, and clones will be available to all who ask!" Cheers erupted from the crowd. "I know I'll be lining up for one myself. Now, everyone say good-bye to the brothers before we blind-fold them and take them away from the gutter and back into their job!"

Screams of 'I love you' and 'Come again soon' echoed though the room before everything went dark as a brown bag was placed over our heads. Soft rope tied our hands together once again, and we were gently led towards the elevator. A soft 'ding' was heard over the crowd, and the doors opened. We shuffled onto the roomy contraption and the doors gave a loud 'thunk' as they silenced the screams of the Gutter Goddesses.

"Hey, Sam?" My voice was muffled by the stiff bag.

"Yeah?" I heard from my right.

"That was awesome."