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101 Ways to Pleasure a Woman Chapter 5: Security Cameras

"Well, I was planning on taking them off, anyway," Tai shrugged casually as he hit the ball to her side of the court, which Sora directed it back towards him with all her might. Her movements proved painful because she forgot about her exposed chest, causing her breasts to jiggle in different directions.


Tai clutched his racket and guilelessly swung it at the ball, sending it soaring over the net as he continued talking, appearing unaffected by his opponent's persistence to beat him. "I'm going to fuck you again, Sora! I just wanted us to get a little bit of exercise first!"

Son-of-a-bitch, Sora angrily thought as she bared her teeth at the grinning brunet standing behind the net. I never met anyone as cocky as him! He's mocking me again! She'd never admit that the thought of her body joining the arrogant man's again aroused her several degrees.

"In your dreams," the brunette spat as she used her left arm to cover her bare breasts, protecting them in case the tennis ball made an impact with her body. Her arm also prevented her tits from swinging every which-a-way. She jogged to where the ball was starting to land and thrust her arm forward, aiming for it. Unfortunately, it swooshed past her racket by half a centimeter, landing behind her where it bounced several times before rolling away.

Damn, she mentally scolded herself as she watched in horror as the rubber ball stopped in a nearby corner. Just my luck; I know Tai's enjoying this.

"Well, well, well…" Tai smirked audaciously, "…it looks like I've scored yet again. Come on now, off with your skirt."

"You fucking pervert!" the boutique owner roared at him, using both of her arms to cover herself from his eyes. She felt herself blushing, although she tried hard to stop it. She knew if Tai saw her candy-apple cheeks, he'd use that to his advantage.

Too late, he already did.

"Why the red face, Sora?" he asked as he tapped his racket on his shoulder, staring at the topless, embarrassed woman before him. "Either you're humiliated beyond belief…or you're actually enticed by our game. So tell me, which is it?"

Sora narrowed her eyes at her competitor and hissed, "Go to hell! I'm not playing this stupid game, anymore!" I can't believe this jerk is actually beating me! I was my high school and college's champion tennis player! How'd I allow a self-assured asshole with a big dick and a hurricane tongue to beat me? Wait a minute, did I

"That's great, because I don't want to play anymore, either! That's another thing we agreed on today!" Tai exclaimed, giving the fuming woman his family's brilliant, yet innocent, Yagami smile, which made him appear years younger than his age. He also knew it made women swoon, and judging from Sora's wide-eyed expression, she was no exception.

He hastily tossed his racket to the floor and ran towards her to stand in front of her. Looking her in her confused sienna eyes, he said, "I have other things on my mind." Tai wiggled his brows indecently and before Sora could anticipate what was going to happen next, she felt her body lifted in the air.

Using one arm, Tai hoisted her over his shoulder caveman-style, as he used his free hand to caress the bare skin of her upper thighs underneath her skirt.

"What the… Tai if you don't put me down this instant I'm going to kill you!" Sora balled her hands into fists and punched the egotistical man in the back with sheer force. "Let me go, let me go!" she kicked and screamed, trying to get Tai to put her down.

"No, I won't," he replied smoothly as he allowed his fingers to massage the damp center of her bloomers. "Hmm…what's this? Do you like what I'm doing to you, Sora?"

"Grrr…" the boutique owner flared her arms and legs wildly and growled, "Get your hands off me, and no, I don't like what you're doing!" she lied. Moistness drenched her bloomers even more as Tai's fingers continued to fondle the outside of her undergarment.

"Really, you don't," Tai faked disappointment, but didn't release her. "Well, I guess I'm going to have to do something else to appease you." He pushed her bloomers, along with her panties aside and inserted two fingers into her wet hole.

Sora's entire body stiffened as she felt Tai pump his appendages inside her still-sore vagina rhythmically, thrusting gently. She then pressed her breasts against his back, and wrapped her arms tightly around his torso, bellowing, "GET YOUR FUCKING FINGERS OUT OF ME, TAI!"

"Oh shut up, you know you like it," the brunet calmly reprimanded her as he continued his finger-fucking assault. "Why don't you stop pretending that you don't want me and just give in to your desires? I thought we covered this shit last night, Sora."

"You pompous, perverted bastard!" she screeched as she clawed at his shirt. Against her will, her inner muscles squeezed his fingers and more warm liquid coated them. "I'm gonna get you back for this!"

"Just be gentle with me, I'm kinda fragile." Tai joked as he thrust his fingers deeper inside of her. He ignored her cries of protests and repeated his ministrations. The smell of her arousal entered his nostrils and filled his lungs, and he breathed in her scent heavily with a sigh. He felt himself hardening, but he wanted to hold out for a little longer, determined to make the feisty woman on his shoulder succumb to her lust for him.

As he continued, he asked, "Do you really want me to stop, Sora? If you really want me to stop, just say so and I'll put you down."

The woman over his shoulders closed her eyes and whimpered as her vaginal muscles sucked his fingers, as Tai repeatedly worked them inside her. "Go…go to…hell…" she whispered as her body began to relax from his touches.

"That's my girl," he joked as he bounced her body several times over his shoulders, increasing the frictional pleasure.

"Mmmohhmmm…" Sora kept a firm grip on his shirt and allowed Tai to work his magic on her. They stayed like that for several minutes until the double doors to the private tennis court opened…

"A good workout is all that I need to get my blood flowing…" A short, portly man with chestnut-brown hair stood next to a tall, curvaceous woman with red hair, wide-eyed and their mouths agape, as they watched Tai finger-play with a woman over his shoulders. The woman's face was concealed behind his back, but Sora felt the foreign eyes of the pair standing in the doorway on her and Tai.

This is utterly humiliating! Sora wanted to cry, but held back; thankful that Tai's back hid her face from view…well…at least her face above her shoulders remained hidden. She couldn't say the same thing about the face in between her thighs…

Using his free hand, Tai grinned sheepishly and waved at the couple gaping at him and Sora from the doorway. "Um…hi!"

"Hey…" the man responded slowly, while he and his girlfriend remained rooted in their spots.

"We were, uh…" Damn, this is awkward, Tai thought as he slowly withdrew his fingers from Sora's hot, moist center, "can you give us a minute? We were just finishing up…

"Ah, yeah," the woman answered uneasily as she grabbed her boyfriend's arm and pulled him away from the doors, instantly closing them.

Once Tai heard the resounding click, he let Sora down and watched as she straightened her clothes. There was an uncomfortable silence between them, and Tai decided to break it.

"Well…it could've been worse… At least they don't know what you look like…"

"You dummy," Sora shouted as she gathered her shirt and bra and slid them over her shoulders. Tai copied suit, went to retrieve his shirt, and slipped it on as well. "I still have to go out there and face them!"

The brunet shrugged carelessly as he placed his tennis racket in his gym bag. "So, who cares? Why are you so concerned about what people think of you? Hell, for all you know they're just jealous because you have a healthy sex life…well, at least now you do since you've met me," he boasted.

Ignoring his statement, Sora said, "Well, I have a reputation to maintain, or are you forgetting that I'm an established business woman?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah; blah, blah, blah, I already know that," Tai mocked as he led the way towards the double doors to exit the private court. "How can I forget that you sell sex?"

"You make it sound like I'm a pervert or something."

Tai chuckled as he held the door opened for Sora and allowed her to walk past him. "No, not a pervert, but…" he stopped mid-sentence and stared at the previous couple who were waiting for them to clear the tennis court, watching them make-out in a nearby corner.

Giving the odd-couple a knowing smirk, Tai elbowed Sora and whispered, "It looks like we inspired them, eh?"

Sora faced the couple and blushed, stammering shyly, "I-I wouldn't…know…"

"I'm still hot and bothered," the brunet wrapped his arms her waist and rotated his pelvis into her buttocks. "I plan to make good on my promise, too. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you, Sora." He kissed Sora on her earlobe, trailing his hot mouth down to her shoulder.

"Ahh," she breathed as she felt his hardness pressing against her ass. Her panties drenched with her secretions and her center tightened with expectation. "Your place or mine," she asked breathlessly.

"Yours," Tai answered as he pushed her forward through the corridor. "I'm sure Matt and Mimi are at home right now fucking up the place."

Chuckling softly, Sora replied, "I'm sure you're right, and I'm ready to go."

- - - - -

It's been more than a week since Sora began her affair with Tai, or rather since her friends thought it would be a good idea to set her up with Tai, and she's never felt more relaxed. The way he took my body after our escapade at the tennis court was nothing short of amazing!

Sora recalled the rough, unsympathetic ways Tai handled her body repeatedly in her bedroom. Her naughty thoughts created a deep, scarlet blush over her cheeks, and tiny beads of perspiration coated her hairline.

"I better focus on work, the store will open in another hour and a half," the brunette told herself as she counted the money in the cash register, making sure all ¥59,350 (around $500) was in the drawer. It was eight-thirty in the morning, and she was readying her store so it'll open for business at ten. "I have a long day ahead of me."

There was an immediate knock on the glass door, and Sora jerked her head in that direction to see who was knocking. She made out a figure wearing a gray trench coat, black slack, and black dress shoes. She guessed the person must've been male due to their muscular body type. She couldn't see their face because the guy wore large, dark shades covering his eyes.

Scowling at the figure, Sora yelled, "Sorry, we're closed," but the man knocked on the glass door again, ignoring her.

"Grrr…" releasing a frustrated growl, the irritated brunette stormed from behind the counter and marched towards the front door. She unlocked and opened it, ready to shout at the ignorant man for disrupting her work. Before she could move her lips to speak, she felt the man push her inside the store and his warm lips crushing against hers.

"Lock the door," he whispered into her mouth.

"T-Tai…?" Sora stammered as she reached for his chest and pushed him away from her to get some air. "What are you doing here?"

Tai removed his shades and turned around to lock the door, again. Facing her, he said, "I thought you'd like some company before you start work." He grinned sexily at her and slowly made his way towards her.

"Whoa, n-no…not here, Tai…" Sora held her palm forward, creating an invisible barrier between herself and her lover. "I-I need…"

"Shh…" Tai placed his finger against her lips, quieting her. He pushed her behind the counter and on the floor. Unbeknown to him (and forgotten by Sora) a security camera perched high above the counter where the cash register rested, watching the couple's every move with an unblinking eye.

Laying her body down on the soft carpet, he looked in her eyes and asked, "You open at ten o' clock, right?"

Sighing heavily, Sora nodded and separated her thighs, where Tai comfortably settled in between. "Yes, but most of my workers usually clock in around nine thirty…"

Lifting himself on his elbows, Tai removed his coat and looked at his wristwatch. "Okay, its eight forty-three, now. I guarantee you that I would've made you come twice by nine twenty-five."

"Tai, this is so silly. What if we get…?"

Tai silenced her with a lust-filled kiss to her lips. "Don't worry, I'll be quick, trust me," he told her as he unzipped the skirt she wore…

- - - - -

'Don't worry, I'll be quick, trust me,' Sora scowled nearly two hours later as she glanced down at the floor where her sleeping lover lay, using his trench coat as a makeshift blanket. She nervously looked around the store as customers and workers carried on, ignorant to the fact that Tai was asleep behind the counter due to their early morning bout of sex.

His morning stamina is just like his balls…saggy and worthless.

Deceiving her employees was a singe. Sora simply agreed to clock-in everyone for them, and to work the cash register alone. She refused to allow anyone behind the counter for any reason. It's getting rid of the lunk-head without anyone noticing that was going to prove difficult.

She tried kicking Tai in the ribs to wake him up, but that proved ineffective. Then she remembered that Tai slept like a log, and could possibly sleep through a hurricane without any difficulty, especially after sex.

"Excuse me, Sora?"

Sora blinked twice and looked at the young woman who stood before her, ready to purchase her items. "Oh, oh, pardon me. Will this be all for you?"

"Uh, huh," the young, lavender-haired woman nodded excitedly as she thrust her sexy merchandise to the Sinfully Delightful owner. "Ken and I are trying to have a baby. I'm fertile, and tonight's the night that we're going to start."

"Well, Yolei, I know the two of you will make great parents," Sora genuinely smiled at one of her favorite customers. Yolei's been married for seven months, so she and her husband are still in their "honeymoon stage". Yolei shops at Sinfully Delightful at least twice a week, hoping to find new accessories to spice up her active sex life.

"Thank you, Sora," Yolei blushed while she handed Sora her credit card. She looked on absently as Sora scanned each item, totaling her purchases. Her stoic face became one filled with worry as she noticed Sora gritting her teeth with a look of pain evident on her face. "Sora, Sora, what's wrong? Are you alright?"

The lady in question gripped Yolei's purchases as she felt the firm, smooth tongue of her lover caressing her inner folds. Sora peeked down as she watched Tai lift her skirt to gain better access to her area.

"Sora," Yolei covered Sora's hand with hers as she looked at the boutique owner. "You never answered my question: Are you alright? You look like you're hurting…"

Looking back at one of her favorite customers, Sora replied, "N-n-no…I'm f-fine…he-re…" she handed Yolei her credit card and her items in a plastic bag with shaky hands. "Thank…youohh…!" She felt Tai worm the tip of his tongue inside her, and the sensation alone almost caused her to come.

"Are you sure, maybe I should get someone…"

"NO!" Sora bellowed and watched as every customer and employee in the store look in her direction. Tai, you are so dead! "I-I mean…n-no…just please, go…"

Not convinced, Yolei placed her bag on the counter and started to walk around it to see what was wrong with her friend. "I'm going to help you…"

"DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" the brunette screeched as she clutched Yolei's wrists, stopping her from moving any further. "Yolei…I just need…to…breathe…" Sora inwardly scowled as she felt Tai grin against her flesh.

"You look like you're gonna die," Yolei countered as she continued to study the older woman. Sora's face flushed, sweat dappled her brow, and her breathing was erratic.

Maybe it would be better if I did die, thought Sora as she squeezed her thighs around Tai's neck, hoping to suffocate him while he was going down on her, then I wouldn't have to endure this shit!

She felt her release fast approaching, and she and Tai knew she wasn't the silent type whenever she came. Why he decided to go down on her in her store while customers were, shopping was beyond her knowledge.

Quick, quick Sora, think fast; what are you going to do? Her body began to collapse, but she held tight to Yolei's wrists to prevent the fall. Only one thought came to her mind, and she knew she was going to regret it, but at this crucial point, Sora knew she had to act fast, or otherwise someone was bound to find our about her naughty "before work" actions.

"Just…just get out!"

There were murmurs amongst the shoppers as they continued to stare at the eccentric-behaving woman behind the counter. Sora's eyes widened in anger, and she frowned at everyone present in her boutique.

"Are you all deaf," she bellowed at her employees and customers, "you heard me, get out, now! The rest of you can take the day off!"

Slowly angry customers and happy workers began to exit the store, leaving Sora humiliated and on the brink of a powerful orgasm. Just as the last person walked out, Sora released a deafening, passionate scream as her orgasm shook her nervous system.

Panting heavily, she watched as Tai wiped his chin and lips with the back of his hand, and stood on his feet. Grinning flirtatiously, he said, "After I woke up, I thought it would be fun to see how long you could keep in control…"

Balling her hand, Sora made a fist and aimed it at Tai's nose, which he blocked easily. "Do you realize what you made me do? I lost valuable customers today because of your stupidity!"

"Okay…" the arrogant brunet replied slowly as he looked up and noticed the security camera. Wellisn't that something… "but you came…not only twice, but three times this morning! That has to count for something, right?"

"You…you…grrr…! Is that all you think about, sex?"

"For the most part, yes," Tai answered earnestly as he watched Sora turn away from him. He grabbed her by her arm and yanked her body against his. "If I were you, I wouldn't look up at the ceiling behind me…"

He knew once he said that, Sora would do the exact opposite. Sora turned her head and looked at the security camera filming everything they've done that morning, and her eyes bulged from their sockets.

"Oh, no, I forgot all about that thing!"

"Hey, hey, hey, we just made our first amateur porno video!" the former athlete laughed as Sora buried her face in his shirt.

Cradling her cheek against his chest, she whispered, "What if I hadn't been here? What if one of the managers would've seen the tape, what would've happened then?" She remembered riding Tai to sleep, shouting his name as she came before her store opened that morning. Just the mere thought of someone watching them on video had her body shaking with nervousness.

Tai stroked her hair, and said, "Don't worry yourself over 'what if's'. The fact is it didn't happen, and we discovered it first, so no one's going to see it."

Sora lifted her head from his chest, and asked, "What do you suppose we do with the tape?"

"Keep it of course!" Tai replied as though the answer should've been obvious to his prudish lover.

The brunette looked at him as if he was crazy! "You're nuts, Tai! There's no way that I'm keeping that tape!"

"Okay, then I'll keep it," he shrugged casually. "We can watch it together at my place later tonight. C'mon, Sora, I know deep down you want to see us onscreen. I know you can put on one hell of a performance…"

She kept her mouth shut, but she knew Tai was right. The idea of watching their early morning erotic workout did intrigue her. "You're…you're crazy…Tai…"

"Just trust me, Sora." Tai leaned forward to give his lover a simple kiss on her plump lips. "Grab the tape and bring it to me, and meet me at my place at ten o' clock tonight."

"You told me to trust you earlier and now I'm on video performing lewd acts with you," Sora spat at him.

Tai remained unfazed by her remark. "Oh, yeah, wear that little black thing I like. You know, the crotch-less, one-piece thing…"

Shaking her head at her horny fuck-buddy, she asked, "If I agree to this, will you leave me alone about it?"

"Yes, you won't hear another word from my mouth," Tai honestly told her. "All you have to do is say 'yes'."

Rolling her eyes towards the ceiling, Sora stepped out of his grasp, and turned her back towards him. "Fine, I'll go grab the tape."

That's my girl, Tai thought triumphantly as he watched Sora's curvaceous ass disappear in the back room. Little did Sora know Tai was planning to create a few more videos of him and the self-respecting boutique owner of his own.

- - - - -

Well, that's it! I've had this chapter planned in my head for quite some time now. I've been receiving e-mails through my hiatus from people adding this story to their Alert list! Thank you! I apologize about my laziness. I've recently became a fan of Naruto, and I'm obsessed with Naruto/Hinata, and Temari/Shikamaru. I would like to attempt to write a one-shot featuring Naruto/Hinata, but I'm too lazy to write it. (shrugs) Blargh, whatever. I hope you enjoyed this chapter because there's a guaranteed lemon scene in the next one. As usual it won't be featured on ff(dot)net, though.