-1"Koru, you look excellent." Naraku complimented me, silently I dropped to my knees and bowed. I had learned the hard way that disrespectful manners were punished with no mercy.

"T-thank you my lord." I whispered, my white satan dress pooling around me. I had to admit I looked gorgeous, just what you'd expect from someone owned by a man such as Naraku.


"Yes?" I asked innocently, my head to the ground.

"What are you to do tonight?"

"Follow Lord Inuyasha…Become his loyal slave." I muttered bitterly.

"Yes and…what else?" I felt the tears coming, so close to the edge.

"In a month from now I shall k-kill Lord Inuyasha…"


"By lining my lips with poison and kissing him." I choked, mortified.

"And if he resists you?"

"I shall stab him through the heart." I whispered, tears trailing down my cheeks.

"Why do you look so sad? He is the one who left you for Kikyo." I shook my head helplessly.

"I-I don't know." I admitted, gently he traced my tears with the side of his hand, I shuddered.

"When you finish him, I want you to return here." I shook my head, no I was hoping the poison on my lips would kill me as well, I didn't want to outlive Inuyasha.

"The poison will have no effect on you, if that's what you were planning."

"Damn you Naraku." I hissed, another searing droplet running down my face. Suddenly my head was ablaze, my vision turned black and I screamed out in pain.

"Koru, if you disobey me, I will do much worse than kill you." Naraku hissed, suddenly the pain was gone and I was left to sob in a crumpled pile on the floor. "Come now, Inuyasha will be waiting." I nodded, the tears gone, as I walked mindlessly behind him. There was nothing I could do…I would just have to do as I was told as unemotionally as I could. It wasn't my fault…Inuyasha couldn't blame me…He deserved it anyways, didn't he?


"Miroku, doesn't that woman…she looks just like Sango…" Inuyasha informed the perverted monk who was rubbing his own blonde slaves butt. Suddenly his attention was directed to where Inuyasha was gazing. He was right the woman did look…

"SANGO!" Miroku called out, the woman, dressed in a pink and black elegant tube dress, glanced over and smile hugely. Her body tensed as she strained against the need to run to him. She bowed slightly to him and turned back to her master, Koga. Miroku ran to her. "Sango…we thought…have you seen Kagome?" Sango didn't make eye contact but shook her head. "Koga?" Miroku asked the young man in a brown suit turned to him.

"What do you want?"

"Can I buy your slave?" Miroku asked his eyes wild, Koga shrugged.

"Whatever she wasn't that good anyway." Sango's fist clenched. Miroku handed Koga a large roll of bills and the wolf man nodded, clearly pleased.

"You act as if we did something!" Sango accused him angrily, the man just shrugged again.

"Sango, are you sure you haven't seen…." Suddenly the large banquet halls doors flew open in an impressive whoosh! Standing in the doorway was a man clad in a purple and black suit along with a young woman with raven hair piled atop her head, a silky white dress clinging and running down her flawless body. Everything snapped into focus for Inuyasha, she had to be one of the prettiest girls he had ever seen, and as a man it was only natural for him to want him for himself…


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