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Cat Siblings

Chapter One: Confession

((Kyo's P.O.V))

There she was, talking to that damn rat, completely ignoring me… again. Okay so she's not really ignoring me since I'm hiding behind this stupid wall. Arrrggghhh this is all I can do run and hide away, it's my freaking talent. Dammit look at the damn rat, he's giving her the 'look' again, that 'look' is only given to Tohru, and there she is laughing, and smiling. That's what she's always like when she's around him, laugh and smile, for me she smiles but she hardly laughs when I always yell at her. Dammit I can't even think before I speak.

Why must she do this to me? It's like torture seeing her enjoy herself over other guys, especially that freaking rat. She always makes me feel different when I'm around, like all that tough guy reputation I've always been building up is slowly crashing down when I'm with. She's making me go crazy.

"What are we doing here? Eavesdropping?" Shigure popping out no where and doing that 'tsk, tsk' noise he does, I jump back a few feet away from the startle.

"DAMMIT SHIGURE!!!" there I went again, I lost my temper, I obviously caught the attention from Tohru and that rat, since they were staring at me, Dammit I'm such a fool!!!

"Kyo, Kyo, Kyo you know better then to listen in on people conversations," Shigure said waving his point finger at me, as if I'm a kid who stole the other kids lollipop.

"I WASN'T EAVSDROPPING, GOD, AND WHAT ABOUT YOU, DON'T FRIGIN' POP OUT OF NOWHERE!!!" I yelled, I didn't care anymore I was pissed.

"Temper, temper," that did.

"SHUT UP!!!" I hit him on the head, and ran up the stairs, I could hear his crocodile tears starting up again. Stupid dog.

((Tohru's P.O.V))

Oh No! Kyo-kun's upset! What am I going to do? I'll go talk to him. Before I ran up the stairs I looked at the clock.

"Ah! Dinner!" I guess I can talk to Kyo-kun later, then I'll give him food when I do. I zoomed into the kitchen and got all the pots, pans, and ingredients I would need.

"Do you need and help Honda-san?" I stopped what I was ding and looked to see Yuki in the doorway.

"Oh no I'm fine, Yuki thankyou anyway," he nodded and walked away, actually in true fact I needed some help, but when it came to Yuki, well, I guess I'm going to have to agree with Kyo and Shigure about his skills. I started to cook again, humming a slight tune my mum would always sing to me.

((Normal P.O.V)

Everyone was surrounding the dinner table, except for Kyo at least, he was unfortunately still sulking on the roof, not that anyone was surprised.

"My little flower, if you keep cooking like this your going to make me fat," Shigure said, a smirk on his face, while Tohru panicked.

"Really?! I'm sorry I didn't know you had a diet!..." Tohru started rambling on with apologies and such.

"Tohru, dear I was only joking," Tohru shut her mouth instantly, she sweat dropped. Eh? How could not sense the humour when he said that? I'm so dumb! She sat back down and everyone started eating, normal conversations, going through no and then. Soon everyone was finished eating, Toru took their empty plates and, she quickly did the dishes, and took Kyo plates, she then headed of to the roof.

"Hi Kyo-kun!"

"Ah!" Kyo jumped a few feet back from his spot and clenched his heart.

"Dammit Tohru! Don't do that,"

"Sorry," she hung her head stood there with a plate I her.

"It's ok, what are doing here anyway?" he said, but not harshly, took his spot back and laid down, his usual position. Tohru climbed up and sat beside him.

"brought you some food! I didn't want you to starve," she held out the plate, Kyo lifted himself up so he was sitting, he too the plate and ate. Tohru smiled.

"what are you smiling about?!" he snapped, he didn't mean to but her stare was scaring him.

"Nothing, just glad your eating," he gave a little grunt and continued slurping his noodles. It was silent for while, Kyo had finished eating and laid back down. Tohru just sat there admiring the sunset.

"It's beautiful," she said, Kyo looked at her, he sat up again.

"What is?" he asked.

"Thew sunset," her eyes were shining so brightly reflecting the sun, a sudden wind picked up and blew her hair back, she didn't mind though, but to Kyo it was a beautiful sight, and he wasn't talking about the sunset, oh no he meant Tohru. He stared at her, his eyes trailed down to her lips, it looked so soft and pink, he wondered how it would taste, Kyo mentally slapped himself for thinking such perverted things, but he had to tell her, he had to tell her how he felt before the rat could get to her first.

"Tohru…" Kyo started, Tohru took her eyes off the sunset and looked into Kyo's eyes. Damn her eyes are to blue, Kyo got lost in it and completely forgot he was meant to talk. When Kyo didn't say anything Tohru decided to talk.

"Yes Kyo?" Kyo snapped out of his trance and started talking again.

"Huh? ... Oh, um… Tohru I need to tell you something, and it's really important," he paused fro a while and took in a deep breath, this is it, I'm going to tell her right now.

"Tohru I l-l…" Dammit say it already, "I… I love you Tohru," There he said it, he finally said.

"Sorry Kyo-kun what did he say? You mumbled," Dammit, Kyo you fool he thought to himself.

"I said…I love you," this time Kyo said it so that it was audible to hear. Tohru froze, she didn't know what to think, did she love him back?

"I'm sorry, Tohru I knew you wouldn't love me back it's just I needed to tell you, I know I'm not Yuki, and I know I have a bad temper but-" he was cut off by a soft whisper.


"I said I love too," Tohru said, she hung her head, she was blushing like mad, Kyo matching, he gave a smile. He took her chin into his index finger and put her head up. He leant in, closer and closer, then their lips met. Tohru's eyes widened, Kyo could feel her tense, she then relaxed after a few seconds and started to kiss him back. It was heaven, for both Kyo and Tohru.

Yuki couldn't believe his eyes, he was just walking back from his secrets base when he was caught of guard with what he had saw next, there on the roof was Two figures kissing, on of them being Tohru…his Tohru, with…KYO!! He stopped right in his tracks, he was too late, too late, the cat had beaten him, he ran into the house and into his room, slamming the door behind, e wa furious.

How dare he, how dare he steal her away from me! She was mine, I was going to confess to her today, why did he have to get to her first, why, why, WHY!!!!

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