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Cat Siblings

Chapter 15: The end

"So, you guys were cursed huh?… Cool!" Everyone looked at her oddly, did she just think their curse was 'cool'. It had been a really, really long day and they had finally gone threw with it, they were all gathered in the hospital, everyone was in the room Kyo and Shin had been given ((Hatori got them to stay together)), Kyo was still unconscious, his wounds now bandaged up, Tohru right beside him. Shin had lost a big amount of blood, and had just come our surgery, she was lucky she lived, but she is still unconscious. As for Yuki he was still a bit shaken up, he hasn't spoken since the incident out of shock.

"Uo, maybe we should just tell them," Hana said, okay so now everyone's expression just got even more confused. Uo enthusiasm dropped as if it was switched off like a light switch. More confused.

"Okay so we knew," Uo said giving a little shrug.

"What do you mean, exactly?" Shigure asked, surprised.

"We weren't that stupid you, the day when we first visited you guys, we saw all the smoke, the sounds of the poofs, plus you guys in the bushes naked, oh and when bunny kid over there came to visit our school, and the 'was that an explosion' part of the day, yeh, bit of a give away," Uo explain, Hana nodded.

"It would also explain your electric waves, they've always been so clouded with mysterious things, but now your all like us," Hana said describing the ways of their brilliant electric waves, everyone sweat dropped.

"So, if you knew, why did you want us to explain?" Haru asked, still mid-confused.

"We needed to make sure," Uo said, everyone sweat dropped again.

"Stupid…Yankee," Everyone's head shifted towards Kyo's bed, his eyes were opening. Tohru eyes widened.

"Kyo? Kyo, KYO!" Tohru some how leaped from her chair to going on top of him, hugging him like she had never been able to do. Kyo let out a little yelp, wounds still weren't healed, Tohru quickly jumped off.

"I'm sooo sorry, I was just really glad you woke up, and well I was thinking and th-" Tohru was caught off when Kyo brought her into another hug, this time not so painful, he didn't let go.


"the curse is…broken?" his voice was still husky and low, Tohru nodded, that huge smile on her face once again.

"Thank Kami!" Kyo said, he let go of Tohru but brought her in again this time in an all passionate, obviously he had forgotten about the people in the room, all the same with Tohru.

"Ehem, ehem," Momiji let out, Kyo and Tohru eyes snapped open, though their lips were still locked, their eyes slowly shifting to see the crowd of Sohma's plus Yankee an Goth, they jumped apart, well Tohru, Kyo just stayed on his bed.

"Oh please don't stop on account on us!" Shigure said flapping his one hand up and down, that perverted grin. Uo smacked him across the head, her eyes closed.

"You know, we are a pretty big crowd here, what's there to miss?" she said.

"They just got caught up in the moment," Everyone looked at Shin, her eyes opening up just as Kyo's were when he woke.

"Yo!" Kyo said.

"Hello Shin-chan!" Momiji bounced towards her and offered her his last lollipop he gave the other one to Tohru. Shin tried to get up, but felt the pain in her torso, she went back down but took Momiji's lollipop anyway.

"It's funny, Shin-chan waked up minutes after Kyo," Haru said more to himself, he seemed to be thinking a lot about seeing as he was spacing out his index finger and thumb on his chin, everyone just looked at him weirdly.

"so…um, when is Kyo and Shin-chan allowed to leave the hospital?" Tohru asked breaking the ice.

"Kyo only has to stay the night, as for Shin, well three days should do, it really only depends on how fast her wound would heal," Hatori said finally looking up from his clipboard, everyone just nodded…slowly. (???)

"Curse is broken huh?" Shin asked seeing how Kyo and Tohru was hugging, everyone nodded again.

"So, is anyone going to tell about what happened with Akito?" everyone stopped nodding and looked out the window, Yuki was still out there looking at his hands, Ayame was sitting next to him trying to comfort him, just like he always wanted to do for his little brother.

"Well…?" Shin was still waiting. The all told her how Akito had died, how the curse was broken.

"wow…you know you could have given b a better explanation then 'Yuki killed Akito and then the curse was broken'" Shin said, everyone sweat dropped and looked at Shigure he was the one who had said it anyway.

"It saves a long boring story," he shrugged. Everyone just shook their head in shame.

"well anyway it is getting late, we all might be going to our homes now, everyone load into the van, I'll send you all home," Hatori sighed at the frustration of sending so many people home.

"Ahhh…all of us in one van?" Uo said.

"Don't worry it's a big ass van we can all fit in it," Haru said, he bid farewell to the hospitalized twins and left the room, other started to file out behind him.

"Hatori…can I stay here?" Tohru asked, she didn't want to leave Kyo's side, she had almost lost him one two many times by now. Hatori hesitated.

"Ok, but you do know you have school tomorrow?" Tohru nodded.

"Mom, wouldn't mind if I missed one day of school," Hatori nodded and left the room.

"Tohru… are you sure…"

"Don't worry Kyo, I'd rather stay with you," she gave him a peck on the cheek and a reassuring smiled, he smiled back.

"Yes, well if you guys don't mind I'm going to go through mi beauty sleep," Shin said and rolled over, closing her eyes once more.

((A few days later))

"Tohru come on, Shin will kill me if I don't get her out of there soon," Kyo yelled up the stairs, he heard shuffling from Tohru room.

"Coming!" she yelled and ran down the stairs. Tripping over the last three stairs, Kyo catching just in time, It was alike a routine now, Tohru always falling Kyo always being there to catch, this time without transforming into an orange cat.

Tohru thanked him as usual and they started to head out the door. Kyo turned around to close the door, but stopped he saw Yuki sitting on the dining table spacing out, a now cold tea in his hands, ever since Kyo had come back from the hospital he could tell Yuki had changed, bhe hardly spoke as much and was always spacing out.

"Hey Tohru, I forgot something, wait for me,"

"Okay!" Tohru stopped walking and spotted a lovely flower, she admired it, it was spring now, her favourite season. She looked back at the door seeing Kyo coming out once again.

"What did you forget?" she asked.

"A friend," Kyo said, Tohru was surprised when she saw Yuki walking out the door behind him, he gave a little smile.

"Hello, Miss Honda," he bowed. Tohru smiled that was first time he had spoken to her for a while now, he had been avoiding her, as much as Tohru hated the way he acted, he was still one of her good friends.

"Come one lets go," Kyo said and walked beside her, Yuki the other of her. Tohru and Kyo held hands during the walk. Yuki thought about what Kyo had said.


"Hey, you coming or not?" Yuki turned his head in surprise, Kyo was calling him to go with him, Kyo saw the surprise look on his face he sighed.

"Come on, I'm sure Tohru or Shin wouldn't mind if you tagged along as well," Kyo said taking the seat across from him.

"H-how can you want me to go," Yuki said and looked away, "after all the things I've done to all of you," he said. Kyo smirked.

"I forgive you, and I'm pretty sure everyone does too," Yuki looked back at him shocked.

"But-" Kyo held his hand up for him to styop, and Yuki did.

"If it wasn't for you this curse Akito would still be alive and toturing us like had always done, our curse wouldn't have been broken, you helped us, Yuki," Kyo said, Yuki only looked more surprised, 'did he just call me by my name?' Yuki thought.

"But all those things I've done, I tried to take Tohru away from you, I'm the rat that would always take everything from the cat, you should hate me!" Yuki shouted.

"You can't say that anymore, your not the rat and I'm not the cat, not anymore. But the truth is, I don't think I ever hated you, I was only jealous, you were always better at things then me, I guess I wanted to be you, not hate you, when you tried to take Tohru away from me, I only pitied you, I finally took something from you, as much as I wanted to be proud of that I only felt guilty," Kyo said, Yuki looked astonished.

"Th- thankyou" he said.

"I'm calling truce from here on out, I'm sick of fighting," Kyo said, he held out his hand for a shake, Yuki took it.


"Come lets go, Tohru's waiting," Kyo said getting up from his seat, Yuki nodded and got himself up and they both walked out the door.

((end of flashback))

'how could he be so forgiving' Yuki thought.

"Sohma-san are you okay?" Tohru asked.

"I'm fine Tohru, just fine" he gave her a smile.

"I'm so glad we can all be friends again! It's always been better this way," Tohru said.

"Couldn't agree more"

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