Will you let my lights languish in the twilight?

Will you cover me, soft blanket of black and night?

Will you stay me in your sad and twisted hold,

And break my heart, and leave me to the cold?

Sweet angel, remember when you'd sing for me?

Remember how I loved you, how I gave you blessed pity?

But you showed me your reality,

Just a ghost wrapped in flesh, like all humanity.


I cannot escape from your voice, still echoing in all of me.

When you sang, your spirit outpoured its desperate plea.

Perhaps indeed you are a lighted angel,

Though in the darkness you cast your thoughts to dwell.

Distorted light--shadow--pain, and suffering are what you know.

Death for you is a loathsome friend you won't let go.

I cannot live in death; I cannot choose you;

Yet I also cannot destroy the plans you drew.


Erik, my pitiable, sweet Erik,

Your way with fog and black is thick.

Perhaps, perhaps there is a way for you to see—

But it's clear you'll only see pure light through me.

You are no phantom, you're not alone;

I will not let you cast your heart in stone.

Kiss my forehead as you desire;

I'll be your wife, as you require.


I choose this for myself, pitiable ghost.

I care not for much, for our lives are lost.

Oh, pity and tears for our world that's gone!

But together let us live our cold eternity, utterly alone.


You return the ring into my hand.

Isn't this our wedding band?

What? Freedom? But I chose you...

Yes, I do love him; it is too true.

Poor Erik...

Just one last word, my angel?

Let me hear the secrets your eyes fail to tell.

...you tell me to go, and beg me not to pry.

Then, bittersweet adieu, my angel; forever good-bye.