Two Graves

D M Evans

Disclaimer – not mine. All rights belong to Kazuya Minekura et al, no profit made, just a little fun

Rating – FRT (for language and graphic violence in later chapters)

Timeline – hmm, let's say soon after the Snow Drop arc, definitely manga verse

Pairing – none really, friendship between Goku/OC

Summary – Stuck in town by a series of unfortunate events, Hakkai develops an interest in a series of killings while Goku finds a few friends.

Author's Note – Thanks to Mjules and evillittledog for the beta

He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself" - Chinese proverb

Chapter One

"There is nothing we can do for it, I'm afraid," Hakkai said regretfully.

"Damn it!" Sanzo growled, tossing himself angrily onto a chair, nearly smacking his knee on the table in their suite.

"It's snowing, too," Goku put in, his voice tinged with worry as he gazed out the frosted window pane.

"Anything we can do for him?" Gojyo gestured with the tip of his Hi-Lite to the white dragon who had curled up on a pillow, his nose tucked under a leathery wing.

Hakkai shook his head. "I'm afraid Hakuryuu has a cold. He needs to rest. Some warm stew might help."

"I can get that," Goku offered, his face lit up with the prospect of food.

"You'll eat it before you even get it back here." Gojyo chuckled and the smaller man glared back.

"Why don't you go get it, Hakkai?" Sanzo reached for the day's paper which he hadn't read yet. "I'll stay here with Hakuryuu."

"All right," Hakkai said affably and followed his friends to the hotel's dining room.

"I'm so hungry I could eat a building," Goku informed the teen-aged waitress as she hustled up to the table.

"We don't serve those but I bet you'd like the Shabu-Shabu or the nikujaga," she said brightly. "I'm Lan, your server."

Goku's gold eyes glinted and he nodded enthusiastically. "I'll take both of those and these too." He started naming off a laundry list of food stuffs.

Lan looked at him suspiciously. "Can you three possibly eat all that?"

"That's just for him, I'm afraid," Hakkai said, a rueful expression on his face.

Her dark eyes widened. "Oh!" She finally got their full order and disappeared to burden the cooks. She came back with their drinks, beer for Gojyo, sake for Hakkai and a soda for Goku.

Gojyo eyed the teen who had her raven hair in a thick braid interlaced with a purple ribbon. He favored her with his best smile as he lounged back on his seat. "I bet a lovely young lady like you has to have so many men, a guy like me wouldn't have a chance." Gojyo grinned around his cigarette.

Her chocolate eyes blinked slowly then her face lit like a red lantern. Her composure reassembled itself as a wicked smile flickered over her lips. "Yes, sir." Lan turned to Goku and favored him with the sexy expression Gojyo had been looking to elicit from her. "If you need more soda, let me know and save room for dessert. I help make them."

Goku turned huge happy eyes on her. "Dessert!"

"Try not to drool." Gojyo elbowed him. "It turns off the ladies."

"I doubt you have anything worry about, Miss. Goku would never skip dessert," Hakkai reassured her with a cheery grin.

"That's good to hear," Lan said then moved off to take care of her other tables.

Gojyo exchanged a sly glance with Hakkai. "I don't believe it. She's going to pass on all this." He outlined his head and chest with his hands. "To flirt with the monkey."

"What are you talking about? And I'm not a monkey, dickwad!" Goku glared over his soda.

"I think Gojyo might be right, Goku." Hakkai smiled gently. "I believe she does seem to be interested in you."

"Really?" Goku scanned the room for the young waitress. She smiled at him. Goku went red up to his diadem and grew amazingly interested in the table top. A small grin creeping across his face was the only hint he wasn't merely just embarrassed.


Sanzo looked up from his paper as Gojyo and Hakkai came back. Hakkai put a brown bag down on the table and took out some containers. "I brought you some ramen, Sanzo, and a nice bowl of sukiyaki for you, Hakuryuu." The sick dragon lifted his head and managed a tail thump at the news.

"I'd eat it now, priest, before the monkey gets back and realizes there's food," Gojyo said as Hakkai carried Jeep to the table, fussing over him as he set the dragon down on the table to eat. "Even if you do prefer to let it sit and get gross, you weird-ass. Oh and Goku's already put a huge dent in the gold card."

Sanzo winced. "Where is he?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Gojyo grumbled, taking out his cigarette pack. He tossed himself on one of the beds.

"That's only because the girl chose Goku over him," Hakkai appended cheerily.

Sanzo paused as he opened his dinner, something dangerously close to a grin touching his lips. "What?"

"I think it's time you had the big talk with your boy, Dad." Gojyo snorted, kicking back on the bed.

Sanzo's eyes glowed hot. "You're the one always bragging on your sexual prowess. You do it and get off my bed."

"No way. The monkey runt is your responsibility." Gojyo waved his hands frantically.

"Sanzo, Gojyo might have a good point," Hakkai said as Jeep ate. "You've said Goku was incarcerated in that mountain alone for years."

"Damn, can you imagine five hundred years without getting laid?" Gojyo shuddered then took a contemplative puff on his cigarette. "Ever wonder what the kid did to deserve that sort of hell?"

"I don't know," Sanzo replied softly, staring down at the ramen.

"Goku has surely seen some of the uh…hijinks some of us have gotten up to." Hakkai spared a side long look at Gojyo. "But how much he actually understands is up to debate."

"Hmm, good point, Hakkai. Well, you have the gentlest disposition, you talk to him." Sanzo said, sitting down with the noodles. "Unless all those math lessons with the chimp have left you scarred."

Hakkai's lips molded into his usual cheery yet frightening demeanor. "Maybe we should draw cards."

"No way in hell. You always win!" Gojyo protested.

Before Hakkai could press his point, Goku came back in, a happy sated expression on his face. He fell across the other bed, head dangling over the edge. "That was so good."

Gojyo sat up on his bed, a licentious glint in his sunset eyes. "Tell us all about it."

Goku's brow furrowed. "You never want to know about all the yummies. Besides you saw me eat most of it."

Gojyo scowled as Hakkai tried to swallow a chuckle. "You had a girl practically living in your lap, you stupid chimp. Don't tell me all you did was eat!"

Goku's puzzled look deepened. "We talked when most of the people were gone. She gave me two special desserts."

"You mean in addition to those egg custard tarts you ate?" Hakkai asked, suitably impressed.

Goku nodded. "Toffee apples and eight treasure pudding. I'm almost not hungry."

"Sanzo, we have to bring this miracle worker with us," Gojyo said, trying to sound dead serious and failing.

"Determined to punish her for turning you down?" Sanzo smirked.

"Whatever." Getting up from the bed, Gojyo looked out the window. "It's still snowing. Ah, screw this. I'm getting a shower and going to be early." He headed for the adjoining room.

Hakkai glanced over at Goku. "Please don't put your snowy feet on my bed, Goku." He jerked a finger in the direction of the other room.

Goku pouted. "I don't want to sleep in Gojyo's room."

"Oh, like I want you around. How am I supposed to bring home a lady with you snoring in the other bed?" Gojyo asked, gesturing at the boy.

"Maybe Goku should be asking you that," Sanzo offered deadpan.

"Bite me," Gojyo said, disappearing into the other room. Still pouting, Goku trailed after him.

"Good one, Sanzo." Hakkai sat down at the table with Sanzo and scratched Jeep between his shoulders. The dragon had curled up next to his empty sukiyaki bowl. Sanzo went back to absently eating and reading the paper. Hakkai squinted at the page facing him then reached for it.

Sanzo's violet eyes fixed on him. "Problem?"

"I'd like to see this article."

Sanzo let Hakkai peel off that layer of paper. The green-eyed young man scowled at what he read. Sanzo put his paper down. "That looks serious."

"They've found four young ladies bound, tortured and killed," Hakkai replied, taking in the details, such as they were, that the article offered.

"That doesn't sound like your typical youkai behavior," Sanzo observed, not as interested at Hakkai thought he should be.

Hakkai shook his head, trying to not picture his sister and what she went through. He failed, crossing his arms over his chest as if to ward off the pain. "Not necessarily."

"We don't have time to mess around with that, Hakkai. We keep getting distracted from our mission," Sanzo replied wearily.

Hakkai met his eye. "We're also snowed in with a sick mode of transportation. It wouldn't hurt anything if we at least found out a little more. If it is youkai, we could handle them before we leave."

Sanzo made a noncommittal sound and went back to his paper. Hakkai stared at the article, remembering the look on his sister's face when he found her in that cage. He tried very hard to not think about what had been done to her in the process of getting her pregnant but the article brought that all back in a rush.

Hakkai scooped up Jeep and put him in the bed before settling down himself. Given his unrest, Hakkai suspected Sanzo had wound up on the short end of the stick with the room assignments this time around.