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Chapter 1 - Tragedy

The neighbors never thought her normal. Strange things went on in that house. Anyone who's been there would know, stacks of paper to the ceiling, and pictures of two mysterious men, one red-headed and freckled, the other with untidy black hair and a mysterious lightning shaped scar.

The truth was she was not normal. She was a witch. But nobody knows that, no one, even from her world knows what happened to her. They would never know because no one would have expected her to give up magic. Yes, it was true. Hermione Granger was once again a muggle. Although she still had all of her books and wand, but ever since they disappeared she went into a deep emotional state. Now we can find Hermione, sitting in her study, simply, writing.

Writing was her way of letting out all of her emotion. She usually wrote short stories, but today was different. Not just the fact that she was writing a novel about her world, strange things were about to happen at this little house in Wandsworth common.

Hermione hadn't received any contact from the magical world since they disappeared, so when an owl flew through her front window it gave her quite a shock. But even the letter strapped to its foot was full of surprise because it was written in narrow green writing. But that's impossible, Hermione thought, Dumbledore's dead.

Don't give up yet.

Hermione's heart skipped a beat; did that mean they were alive? Only then did she realize that the owl standing in front of her was none other than Hedwig.

Hermione was frozen to the spot. Ron..! Harry… still alive? She recalled the last time she saw them.

Seven years ago she and Ron were 18, Harry 17. After a long journey, they found themselves in a large cave, facing Voldemort for what seemed to be the last time. Voldemort had separated Hermione from Harry and Ron. Hermione had ended up trapped on a ledge unable to do anything but watch.

Harry and Ron were desperate to find her, fearing it was too late. As Harry had chosen to fulfill the prophecy Ron went searching for Hermione while Harry fought Voldemort.

"Hermione!" yelled Ron.

Oh, how she loved that voice. She and Ron had broken up, but she still loved him. The power of that love enabled her to yell, "Ron!"

Ron immediately turned in the direction of the sound and a look of partial relief was on his face. But the noise they had made had attracted a death eater. Unable to talk anymore, Hermione frantically motioned behind him.

Ron spun around and quickly yelled the first hex he could think of, "Petrificus Totalus!"

All he could think of was Hermione. That was the first hex he had ever learned. Hermione had showed them in the first year, he still loved her.

Ron acted quickly and carefully as there were hexes flying everywhere as the battle between Harry and Lord Voldemort continued. Ron ran straight under the ledge where Hermione was perched and… he began to climb.

As he climbed, hexes flew around him, sometimes narrowly missing him. After what seemed like hours, Ron finally reached the ledge.

"Hermione-I-"Ron started, but was cut off when a hex hit him squarely in the back.

"Ron!" Hermione screamed.

The hex had weakened him so he was barely hanging onto the ledge.

"I-I-s-still," Ron stammered, "Love you."

But just as he finished, another hex hit the rocks he was holding and they exploded beneath him. Hermione watched as Ron fell to the ground lying unconscious.

"Ron! Ron wake up!" Hermione screamed. He couldn't be dead, no he couldn't be, it was impossible. But, the net thing Hermione knew there was a flash of light and Hermione had slipped out of consciousness.

After three days, she woke up in St. Mungo's, surrounded by four flaming red-heads.

"Hermione, thank goodness you're all right," Mrs. Weasley said.

But Hermione wasn't listening, "Where's Harry… and Ron?"

"Hermione, dear, you were the only one found in the chamber…" Mrs. Weasley said.

"No, but Harry and Ron were-" Hermione stopped. Ron… now she remembered. The last thing he said, and now he was…

That was the turning point of her life. At that moment she went into a deep depression. She moved into a muggle home, never to do magic until today.