Title: A Hurt-Ridden Past

Author: DiTsYgIrL

Summary: Kyoya and Haruhi are 7 years into an arranged marriage between their fathers. Follow Kyoya as he remembers how it all came together. KyoyaxHaruhi

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Chapter 1: The Start of Reminiscing


As he gazed upon her face one night as she slept, his whole body stiffened. He had always wondered why she had married him but he had never had the guts to ask. She blinked up at him and smiled.

"Hey handsome," she laughed at his expense, most probably due to the look on his face. He bit his lip lightly. She always caught him at the worst moments.

He smiled tightly. "Haruhi."

"Mmm. Kyouya."

They were married 7 years, he had taken over the Ootori family empire, he had his own 5 year old heir, made between Haruhi and himself. Yet, not once either of them told each other tat they loved each other. He wasn't even sure if she even loved him back at all. Perhaps, after all these years he should have told her. He had known of it even before he had changed her name from Fujioka to Ootori.

He found himself excusing himself from her presence, even though he yearned to be with her just as much as he did 7 long years ago. And that was with all his heart and soul.

As he leant against the locked bathroom door, he found himself reminiscing and remembering their past.




"Otou-san, what have you called me here for?"

"My services... have... informed me of your... club's female member."

"Ah, you mean to say Fujioka Haruhi."

"Yes. Kyoya. To put in simply. I wish for the two of you to be wed."

He staggered. It was one thing he had never expected to happen in his life. He had always thought that she would be a dream. A dream that he could never even try to pursue if his father had not given his consent.

The following day, as he walked alone through the vast halls on the way to his first class, he couldn't help but wonder. Even then, if he were to start to woo her, would she wish to be with him of all people? There was always Tamaki, who doted on her, simply because he was Tamaki.

The twins, because she was the only one who could tell them apart.

Mori-senpai, because she understood him and made his lose his stoic face and give everyone a rare smile.

Hunny-senpai, well, perhaps not Hunny-senpai. He looked toward Haruhi more as a mother than a lover, but then again... who knew? He would have to be careful with all of them.

He wondered. Why would she ever pick him? What about him would her love him? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But... maybe... nothing yet?

-End Flashback-


And that's how his journey started. He rested his arm on the bathtub, close his eyes and leaned back comfortably as he remembered what happened next.


It was an average host-club afternoon in which everyone had just finished hosting and the girls were leaving, whilst giggling and gossiping. But what changed it into an average afternoon into a brilliant one was what happened afterwards.

Everyone other than Kyoya and Haruhi had already left to go to their respective houses/mansions. Him, still typing last minute notes. Her, clearing the last tea cups, plates and trays.

After a few minutes he came back to reality, but he realized that he had subconsciously typed Haruhi's name about fifteen times consecutively. After that, he had had enough. Physically trying to get rid of frustrations by shaking his head, he decided that he needed to go home.

As he walked into the rain from the warmth of the immense halls of Ouran High, he could clearly hear the pronounced sound of the rain falling like the pitter-patter of the thousands of feet of the small children of Tokyo, Japan. He slid an elegant, professionally manicured hand into the back pocket of his school uniform pants. Alas, there was nothing in it so he moved onto his next pocket.

After having searched through them all, already drenched with rain, he realized that he didn't have his cellphone or wallet.

He heard a voice from behind him that was distinctly familiar. "Kyoya-senpai!" She walked up to him. "What would you be doing standing out here in the rain?"

His heart jumped and his stomach lurched but he kept his composure. "Haruhi-kun, I could ask you the same thing. Why would you be standing here in the rain?"

"Because you're here and I am talking to you. Of course." He felt his heart flutter.

"You are waiting for a car?" he responded in a strange voice he didn't recognize.

She sent him a questioning look. "Iia, Kyoya-senpai. Usually, if I were not here talking to you, I would be walking home by now." She waved her umbrella with a cheerful look about her.

Ah, he was a fool for having not seen it before she said anything. He always prided himself for knowing what people would say or do before they said or did it. But something about Haruhi made the deep part of his brain stop working. She always surprised him.

And he knew, in the back of his mind, even though he would not admit it if someone were to ask him, that at that moment he had realized that he had not simply a crush. He did not simply like her in a lover-ish way.

But he loved her.

-End Flashback-

He smiled at the memory. That was one afternoon he would never forget. About two months afterwards, he and Haruhi had become good friends but he had not yet tried to raise their relationship to a romantic level. But, it seemed that by then, his father had had enough. His father took action.


That day they had planned a history discussion during a mutual empty block during the school day, but she didn't show up. He had class afterwards, so he had to wait until it was time for the host club to talk to her.

While sitting in class, he found that he could not concentrate. His professor, exasperated, at the end of class, call him to his desk in the front of the room.

"Ootori, are you ok?"

Kyoya put on a big phony smile as he said, "Ah, hai, Meshumi-sama. Everything's fine."

Meshumi-sama sent him a suspicious look all the same, saying, "Very well Ootori. Whatever's bothering you... you don't have to tell me... just don't let it interfere with your studies, eh?"

Kyoya smiled for real this time. "Hai, Meshumi-sama. Of course not. My studies are very important to me."

Meshumi-sama nodded in return. "Then you are dismissed, Ootori."

The rest of Kyoya's day drifted by in the same manner. But, finally it was the arranged time of the host club.

Having anticipated seeing Haruhi so much, after her skipping their session; even so, he knew something was wrong with her, with them. As his hand reached for the door, he unwillingly hesitated. Could she be mad at him? And if so... for what reason? What had he done?

He resolved to open the door and as he stepped in, he was immediately faced with the glaring face of one of the Hitachiin twins, the inquiring look of the other, the barely restrained pain on the face of Tamaki, the troubled look of Takashi and Hunny looked like he was going to cry.

In all this scene, he could not see Haruhi. Where was she and what had happened? But then again, it seemed like he'd have to deal with this crowd first, before looking for Haruhi.

Something was up... and he didn't like it.


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