Title: A Hurt-Ridden Past

Author: DiTsYgIrL

Summary: Kyoya and Haruhi are 7 years into an arranged marriage between their fathers. Follow Kyoya as he remembers how it all came together. KyoyaxHaruhi

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Chapter 4:


Tamaki strode confidently to the front of the gate. He spoke quickly in French to the armed man guarding said object.

"Je m'appelle Tamaki Suou. Nous sommes alles ici pour visiter ma maman, Claudette Rousseau(), une de tes serviteures domestiques."

"Quels sont tes termes?"

Tamaki scoffed. "Je connais mademoiselle Éclair Tonnerre. J'etais, un fois, son fiancé. Je pense qu'elle veut me voir." He laughed.

The guard spoke into his headphones. "Mademoiselle Tonnerre, il y a quelqu'un ici par le nom de Tamaki Suou qui veut vous voir. Est-ce qu'il peut entrer?"

Obviously "Mademoiselle Tonnerre" spoke back to him because after a pause, he nodded to them and said, "Vous pouvez entrer, mais ne faites pas de bruille, la madame Tonnerre est en dormi!."

Tamaki nodded back in acknowledgement. With a hand signal, he beckoned both Haruhi and Kyoya forward. He switched his language back to Japanese "They say we're allowed to go in." Then he just started walking and the gates automatically parted for him.

Haruhi and Kyoya jogged to catch up to him, "Tamaki, slow down!" shouted Haruhi. Tamaki did not look back to the two of them. After Tamaki crossed the threshold the gate closed in front of his and Haruhi's faces.

The guard had a glint in his eye. "So sorry boys, but mademoiselle Tonnerre wishes to see Monsieur Suou alone. I believe I cannot let you throw."

Damn… Kyoya gave the gate a good kick that did nothing but stub his toe. Haruhi sent him a scathing look. "That won't work."

"Obviously, Haruhi. Haven't you ever heard of venting one's anger?" he retorted back smugly.

She rolled her eyes at him. "Whatever, senpai. Come on, standing here won't do any good. We should go back to the airport to brief the others. Tamaki-senpai's a big boy, he can take care of himself."

"And we need to discuss some things, Haruhi. You know that. You've been trying to avoid it the whole time, but that won't work!"

She shot him a strange look. She opened her mouth to say something but he heard nothing but silence. She simply shrugged and gestured towards the car.

He imitated Haruhi just moments ago and rolled his eyes. He returned pleasantly, "Good idea, Haruhi, let's talk in the car."

She glared at him but got in nonetheless. "So, what shall we say to the rest of them?" she asked cheerfully.

He shot her an irritated look. "Stop trying to avoid the topic. Like I said," he paused for dramatic effect. "Why did you say yes? What you said before is obviously a lie." Actually, he didn't know if it was a lie or not, but he had to say something, right?

Haruhi, instead of facing him, turned her head even more dramatically, staring out the tinted windows. Maybe because she didn't want him to see the emotions on her face. To this day, he could only guess what she was thinking at the moment. She choose her words carefully in her mind but the response that came out of her mouth turned out to be pretty, for lack of better word, lame.

"What makes you think that, Kyoya-senpai?" Even though he couldn't see her face, he could still feel the grimace and emotion that came with that innocent question. Still, that confirmed that she had lied, although she had admitted to nothing.

He smiled to her back and laughed derisively. "Because I know you. And you wouldn't-."

She shot back to glare at him fiercely. Her face was twisted in anger, but she struggled to rid it of all her emotions. Although she succeeded, everything that she felt was still spelt out for him in her eyes. "What do you know about me, Kyoya-senpai?! What makes you think that you know me better than me?" Her voice was calm but laced with pain, confusion and a little something else he could not decipher.

He relaxed on the outside, although his heart was still pumping at an insane speed. "So, then, Haruhi, care to explain just exactly what I don't understand about you?" He raised an eyebrow. "What's such a mystery about you, Haruhi?" His voice dropped to a whisper filled with a wanting he never held in his voice before. "What's so different about you that I want you above all things in my life? What attracts me so much to you, Haruhi? Please, give me the answers I want so much."

She scoffed at his performance making him feel like a fool, "Kyoya-senpai, have you ever taken biology in your life? Don't you know what pheromones are?" She didn't wait for him to give her an answer. "No? Well, I'll tell you. Sometimes, even when these people hate each other, no, despise each other, their pheromones attract… and… maybe, it's science but maybe it's something more. Maybe fate, destiny and love… love and hate mixed together."

He had never heard her speak so seriously, so full of emotion. Well, at least, she had never spoken like this to him. "We… Haruhi… we…" He was speechless, dumbstruck by what she had just related to him.

Her expressive brown eyes softened, "Yes, Kyoya, I feel it too. Maybe I don't like it, but it's there. And I have this feeling that it'll always be there. I gave in for reasons that are my own. Maybe one day Kyoya, I will trust you enough to tell you and… I hate to say it, but maybe, one day, you will be told to you, not by me but someone very dear to me. The one other that knows." She paused. "Well at least, the one other that knows, other than my own father, of course."

She laughed. "Why this happened, I don't know. We are to be brought together so beautifully, in the most beautiful way that two people can experience. Through marriage, we will live the rest of lives in the beautiful yet fake way."

He was still speechless. "Haruhi-."

"No, Kyoya," He noted the lose of honorific there and felt some sort of happiness. His expression softened and he decided to let her talk, to let her let it all out. "Kyoya. We will be brought together in the most beautiful way, yet it will not be because of love, but because of a most terrible reason. Again, I cannot yet tell you this reason, but either way, all will be known in good time."

The whole time, her face had been dead serious, but suddenly it crinkled into a visage of laughter and happiness. She giggled, "I think you should get out… er, the chauffeur is getting somewhat agitated."

He blinked at her, but looked back and glanced at the source of her giggles. He waved his hand like a spoiled prince. "Whatever, let him be."

She laughed. "Kyoya, really, I think you should get out. We have to meet them anyways."

He knew that the mood for serious discussion had been broken so he sighed and did as she said.

He waved aside the chauffeur and he himself held open the door for Haruhi.

She smiled sweetly at him, "Arigatou, Kyoya."

He looked back over his shoulder at the seriously annoyed driver and said, "Just park the car somewhere. I'll call you later on my cell."

He turned back and smiled, happy for the time being, at Haruhi, "Well, let's go get all of them idiots."

She scoffed but beamed at him.

He thought, I could get used to this kind of life.


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