Author's Note: I'm SO SO SO terribly sorry. But I had lost my touch for this story for a few months. But I have a great idea. So for the readers who fogive me, sit tight. : o)

Chapter Thirteen- Emma Landon
♥Casey's PoV♥

Stripping off the covers with latex gloves, I chuckled to myself.

Derek acted like a kid so much, but never at school.

A two-sided person.

After tossing the covers into the wash, I grabbed my novel, and taking a seat on the couch, began to read.

Derek was sitting in his chair watching hockey game, yelling at the television.

I've never understood why guys are always yelling at the television.

It's not like they can hear you.


Do they see us, girls, stomping our feet when our favourite characters make a mistake.


Dumping the sheets into the washer, I smiled, proud of myself.

I went back up to my room to study, I had a major chemistry test tomorrow.

The telephone let out a loud ring.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi, is Derek there?" a girl on the other line said softly.

"Um, yeah. Who's calling?"

"Emma. Emma Landon."

"Okay, hold on," I said, putting the caller on hold.

I never knew Derek was into shy girls.


"DEREK!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Derek bang on the wall that our room shared, "Shut it, would you!? I'm trying to sleep."

…Who the heck sleeps at four o'clock in the afternoon?

"Some girl named Emma is on the phone," I said loudly.

I could hear the creak from his bed as he got up, and picked up the phone.

I could hear their conversation faintly.

"Hi. Emma?…Yeah…Now?…Okay…See you there, bye."

Derek's bedroom door opened, then slammed shut as footsteps padded down the stair.

I exited my room, and looked down the stairs, "Where're you going?"

"The park. I should be back before dinner."

Derek slipped on his jacket, and left.


He usually prefers to be fashionably late.

Actually…it's more like a rule in his world.

And the PARK?

What the hell is happening?

"Casey, is everything alright?" my mom asked, leaving the kitchen.

I looked at her dazed, "Yeah, sorry. Um, Derek just left for the park."

My mom paused, tilted her head a bit to the right, "Did you just say the park?"

"Yeah, isn't it weird?"

"…Yeah. Um, did he say when he'll be back?"

"Before dinner," I said, then skipping off to watch television.

An hour later, the door opened, and Derek came through, with a blonde girl at his side.

"Nora! You're cooking for another body!"

My mother looked up from the papers she was reading, "Hi Derek, and who's this friend of your's?"

"Yes Derek, please tell," I said fakely, getting up.

Derek glared at me, as he took the girl's jacket to hang up.

"Hi, I'm Emma," she said nervously, biting her bottom lip so hard that it was turning white.

"Hi there, it's nice to meet you. Derek doesn't usually let us meet his girlfriends, so it's definitely a pleasure to meet you. The rest of the family isn't here at the moment, so we'll introduce later, okay?"

Derek coughed loudly, steering Emma towards the stairs.

"Bye," Emma said softly.

"I don't know what you're playing, but I'll know soon," I whispered, as Derek brushed past me.

"I'm not playing anything, Case," he said with a smirk.

♥End of Casey's PoV♥