Train's death

" Where's Train", asked Eve. " Come to think of it. I haven't seen Train", answered Sven. " He did took off awhile ago", said Sven. " You don't think Train might have gone to……", said Eve. " You might be right Eve", said Sven. " Come on", said Sven.

During the battle with Train and Creed, both of them were ready to fight. " Oh.. I see the legendary Black Cat", said Creed. Train grin at Creed and said, " I come here for something that you did 2 years ago". Creed got angry and attack Train. Train manage to dodge the attack.

After 5 hours of battle, Sven and Eve finally arrived. Both Train and Creed were huffing and puffing. Train was already in great trouble. He lost a great deal of blood while Creed is not even hurt. Creed smile at Train and was already to kill him until Eve knock Creed down. Creed look at her and cut her but she turn her hand into a shield. " TRAIN. TRAIN", shouted Sven.

While Eve kept Creed busy, Train put in a another bullet and he has 6 bullets. He fired at Creed. Creed fell dead and Train black out. Suddenly, the whole ground shook and broke were Train was lying. Train fell. " TRAIN, TRAIN", shouted Eve. She dive down and grew wings. She caught Train and put him down. " TRAIN WAKE UP", said Eve. Train didn't wake up.

Eve saw that Train's left side was bleeding a lot. Train's coat was wet of all the blood that it soaked up. Train's head was bleeding, his right arm also bleeding and left side. Train was very weak from the lost of blood that he fought with Creed. Then came Sven, " SVEN! Train won't wake up!", said Eve. Sven was horrified when he heard the news.

" Quick! Let's take him back to the hideout!", said Sven. He carried Train. He drove as fast as he can. Eve was sitting with Train. Train's head was on her lap and she was holding Train's hand. She mutter something in Train's ear, " It will be alright Train". " S… Saya..", said Train weakly.