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Rewriting History

Chapter One

"How did I get here?" Ginny asked, looking around at her surroundings and finding herself in the field just next to her childhood home. "Hello! Is there anyone else here?"

"I wouldn't do that if I was you," said a voice from behind her, "You might wake everyone up."

Ginny spun around to find a girl standing there. She looked to be about the same age as Ginny, with untamed blonde hair and wearing pale green robes.

"Who are you?" Ginny couldn't help the suspicious tone that crept into her voice as she spoke.

"You can call me Destiny," The girl said pleasantly enough. "I'm the one who brought you here."

"Why would you do that? I was just in the middle of the final battle," Ginny said, her frustration getting the better of her in her confusion. "Harry put you up to this, didn't he?"

"In a way," Destiny allowed. "But mostly, you brought yourself here. You said you wished you could go back and fix everything for Harry. Well, this is your chance."

Ginny looked at the girl standing before her reproachfully. "How do you know that?"

"I am destiny. I know everything," Came the solemn reply

"Wait a minute." Ginny said slowly. "When you say destiny, do you mean as in the destiny of everyone and everything?"

"Well…yes, basically," Destiny replied. "I am an Angel of Destiny. But more specifically, the destiny of one Mr. Harry James Potter. You're here because I need help getting Harry to fulfill the destiny he was stripped of."

"How can I help?" Ginny asked eagerly. She knew that this was a bit of a rash response, especially given the fact that the girl—no matter who she claimed to be—who had apparently brought Ginny back to the Burrow and was now standing before her was a complete stranger. But after being forced into hiding in the past few months and then being told by her parents that she was not to participate in the battle taking place at Hogwarts under any circumstances (conveniently ignoring the fact that she had, in fact, gone against their wishes), Ginny was desperate to do whatever she could to help Harry. Merlin only knew how much he deserved the help, no matter how much he hated to ask for it or potentially put other people in harm's way.

"Start with your mum." Destiny advised, nodding in the direction of the still-dark house off to their left. "Then go to Surrey. Get there before sunrise. Harry never should have gone to his aunt's. He should have been raised by someone who loved him. And don't forget about the rat. The rat is part of the key to Harry's happiness."

"Wait," Ginny said, confused by the sudden onslaught of information, most of which she only vaguely understood. "What do you mean about starting with my mum? You aren't leaving me here alone, are you?"

Destiny smiled sadly. "I have to. I don't belong now. But don't worry, I was born a few hours ago."

With that final word, Destiny disappeared, leaving Ginny alone and quite confused. She turned around to survey the house standing there: the Burrow, her home. It was then that she realized what Destiny meant when she said 'start with your mum'. Because a light had just appeared in the previously darkened kitchen. Molly Weasley was up.

Cautiously, Ginny approached the house. Whatever Destiny's cryptic message had really meant, Ginny knew that some sort of time travel had occurred. There really was no other rational explanation for it. She chose to ignore the dread that rose in her at what the implications of the situation she was now in might mean. She wasn't going to think about how awful things must really be going in the battle that would necessitate her being sent back in time by an Angel of Destiny. Instead, she was going to focus on the fact that there was a distinct possibility that Molly might not actually recognize her only daughter right now. Heck, there was a possibility that Ginny hadn't even been born yet.

Ginny was at the door now. Preparing herself for the worst, she stuck her hand out and knocked on the door. Ginny heard the scuffling of footsteps as Molly approached the door.

"Who's there?" A muffled voice asked.

"Ginny?" Ginny offered.

"What?" Molly wrenched the door open. She looked extremely worried, and maybe...scared? Her gaze soon became suspicious as she took in the red-haired girl in her late teens standing there.

"Who are you?" Molly asked suspiciously, and Ginny could see the wand clenched tightly in her hand.

"My name is Ginny." Ginny said.

"Ginny? I thought you meant- well it doesn't matter now really. What do you want?"

"Don't you recognize me?" Ginny questioned, doing the best to quell her rising desperation.

"No. Should I?"

"This is going to be worse than I thought it was." Ginny muttered to herself. She looked up to see Molly gazing at her in curiosity.

"Is something wrong dear?" Molly asked, now adopting the motherly tone Ginny was used to. "Do you need help?"

"Maybe you could help me with something." Ginny said thoughtfully. "What year is it?"

Molly looked at her strangely.

"1981." She answered after a moment. "Are you sure you're ok?"

"No." Ginny moaned. "Molly, do you believe time travel is possible?"

"That's why we have time turners dear." Molly answered. "And how did you know my name?"

"Time travel." Ginny answered. "I'm...oh, I don't know how to say this, but I'm your daughter, from the future."

Unsurprisingly, Molly's expression became even more suspicious. In the corner of her vision, Ginny saw that Molly's grip on her wand had tightened.

"Prove it," Molly challenged the younger girl. "Tell me something that only you, as my daughter, would know."

Ginny had to think for a moment before she suddenly remembered a random tidbit of information that she had heard once upon a time.

"When Bill was born," Ginny began, "Everyone was really pleased because he was the first grandchild for dad's parents. Uncle Billius was so pleased when you introduced the new baby to the family and said that he was called 'Bill' that you never had the heart to tell him that his full name is actually William. You later admitted to dad that you couldn't believe Uncle Billius was foolish enough to believe that you'd ever forgive him for the spectacle he'd made at your wedding—especially enough to name your first son after him."

To Ginny's immense surprise, Molly's whole face lit up at this and she immediately ushered Ginny into the house. As Ginny followed her mother into the living room, she couldn't help but be glad that—whenever it had been that her mother had shared that particular story—she had actually paid enough attention to be able to remember it so easily.

"Sit there." Molly commanded, indicating the chair usually occupied by Mr. Weasley. Ginny sat down obligingly.

"Now," Molly continued, "Tell me about yourself. Obviously you've survived the war. That's good."

"How do you know about the war?" Ginny asked curiously.

Molly looked at her strangely. "How could I not know about the war? The world I live in is consumed by war."

"Oh dear." Ginny said softly, realization dawning on her. "What's the date?"

"It's the first of November, 1981." Molly answered. "It's quite early in the morning really. The only reason why I'm even up right now is because Arthur got an urgent call from the ministry. I wonder what that was about?"

"Voldemort." Ginny said softly.

Molly gave a yelp of surprise. "What'd you say his name for? Unless…" She continued thoughtfully, "He's not around anymore in your time? How old are you anyway?"

"Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself. He's definitely still around. And I'm 18." Ginny responded. "Also, I know why Dad got called to the ministry."

Molly looked at her expectantly.

"Voldemort," Molly refrained from making any noise this time, but flinched terribly, "Was defeated last night. Halloween 1981."

"You mean He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is gone?" Molly questioned in awe. "Dumbledore finally did it?"

"No." Ginny said sadly. "It was Harry Potter."

"Who's Harry Potter?"

"Wow, he'd give anything to hear someone say that." Ginny commented.

"Do you know him?" Molly sounded impressed.

"He's my boyfriend."

"Wouldn't he be a little old for you? I mean, he must be at least my age now, what with defeating the most powerful dark wizard of all time and all. Then add eighteen years onto that..."

"And he'd be nineteen." Ginny informed her mother. "Harry Potter is a little over a year old now. No one knows for sure how he did it, but he's the first person to survive the killing curse."

"I wonder how he did that?" Molly said thoughtfully.

Ginny shrugged. "All I know is that his mother died to save him. And Voldemort killed his father right before killing his mother. Harry's an orphan now."

"Poor dear." Molly commented. "What'll happen to him now?"

"He'll go to his-" Ginny stopped suddenly, remembering something Destiny had said.

"Where is he going?" Molly asked.

"I have to go." Ginny said, getting up quickly. "There's something I have to do."

Molly look disappointed. "Will I see you again?"

Ginny smiled. "Very soon. Next time I see you, I'll explain everything." She hesitated only briefly before continuing, "But there's something you could do for me."


"If Percy finds a rat, let him keep it, but send me a letter with Errol. He'll be able to find me." Ginny said confidently. "And maybe you shouldn't tell anyone about me either," She added as an afterthought.

"Alright. Well, I guess I'll be seeing you soon Ginny." Molly smiled at her daughter.

Ginny smiled back, then turned and walked towards the door. Upon exiting the house, she walked the short distance to the lane in front of the house. Turning on the spot, Ginny saw Molly watching from the door, right before she apparated to a park in Little Whinging.

It wasn't a park she had ever been to before. In fact, she had never actually been to any part of Little Whinging, let alone Surrey, before this very moment. However, Harry had told her about this park on several occasions. She recognized it easily from all of his descriptions. Ginny was interrupted from her thoughts by the noises of a motorcycle spurring to life. Looking up, she caught a glimpse of it flying away, Hagrid's sobs easily heard above the noise of the engine.

Being cautious once more, Ginny exited the park and began walking towards Privet Drive. As she turned onto the now well lit street, Ginny heard a faint popping noise signifying Dumbledore's departure. Walking down the street, Ginny stopped in front of Number Four. It looked just like all of the other houses on the street, except sitting on the front porch was what appeared to be a small bundle of blankets.

Harry James Potter.

Smiling to herself, Ginny walked up the path, to the porch. Crouching down, she first picked up the envelope and slipped it into the pocket of her robes. Then, she gently picked up the bundle of blankets holding the baby boy within them. Harry Potter turned in his sleep, clutching at the space where the letter had just laid.

Now smiling at the little boy in her arms, Ginny turned on the spot and apparated the two of them away from Privet Drive; away to give Harry Potter a second chance at a better life.

Rewritten 1/12/12