Pretty Good Realizations

It was a pretty good movie. Well, Booster thought it was a really good movie, but everyone else thought it was mediocre.

Guy had grudgingly said it was funny and 'charming' which could only be because it was obvious that Tora loved it. Bea said it was clichéd – though Booster liked it mostly because it wasn't clichéd – and Ted said it had been one of his favorites as a kid.

Oberon asked if his grandpa had read him the story and Ted's entire expression vanished from his cowl-covered face. No one else noticed – Batman wasn't there, of course, not for team movie night – but Booster knew what to look for.

He was Ted's best friend, of course. And they were actually nothing like Buttercup and Wesley, except that, during the mostly-dead scene, Michael had been reminded of all those times Ted told him to be careful before going into battle. Booster was amazed to realize that when Ted said 'Be careful,' what he was meant was 'I love you.'

He was even more amazed the next afternoon (the morning having been spent in bed, with Ted, because the night had been spent in bed with Ted) when he realized that everyone – especially Batman – thought he was an idiot for not picking up on that sooner.

He couldn't exactly argue with that.