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Rape – n.

The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts

Abusive or improper treatment; violation

Tatsuha felt great. He had gotten into one of the hottest new clubs in Tokyo, and he hadn't even needed help from any of his relatives to do so. The bouncer had been a little skeptical when he'd first seen his fake ID, but, after a little persuasion from the black-haired teen, he'd waved Tatsuha on without a word.

Tatsuha stormed right onto the dance floor. He started to dance more freely and provocatively than he'd ever danced before. He was vaguely aware of the many pairs of eyes, both female and male, that had settled on his body as he continued to move with all the passion he possessed.

Who cares? I want them to look.

He slowly began to feel all the tension of the past few weeks flowing out of his body. He forgot the temple, his father, his siblings and all their problems, and even his dear obsession, Ryuichi. He'd probably return to playing errand boy and middleman in the morning, but for now, he was free.

Perhaps if he hadn't been in such a foul mood, and the previous weeks hadn't been so stressful, he would have paid more attention to the leering gazes following his every move.

As the night wore on, Tatsuha continued to dance and drink until he felt his own legs couldn't support him anymore. One by one, the guests slowly began to filter out. Tatsuha received many offers for other nightly activities, but gracefully turned them all down. Although he hadn't thought it would ever be possible, Tatsuha simply wasn't in the mood for sex.

Sweaty and exhausted, Tatsuha made to exit the club. He'd never make it home in time to start the temple services, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

By the time he realized he'd been followed, it was too late.

Yuki cursed as he stumbled his way down the hallway of his apartment. Who in the hell would be banging on his door this early in the morning? He glanced at the clock. 10:32 a.m. Okay, so it wasn't early morning, but his point was still valid.

He yanked at the door to calmly tell the knocker to go the fuck away, only to pause when he saw the person standing in his doorway.

It was a woman. A doctor or nurse, judging by her clothes. She was older than him, but still young, probably in her late twenties. She was plain in appearance, with regular dark hair and eyes with thin wire-rimmed glasses. Under her right arm was a single manila folder whose label he couldn't quite read. The woman fixed him with a hard stare.

"Are you the brother of Tatsuha Uesugi?" she asked.

He stared blankly at her. "That depends. What's he done?" If Tatsuha had gone and knocked up some chick and blamed him for it, he would rip apart every Ryuichi poster the little punk owned.

Ignoring the question, the woman explained. "I'm Dr. Kaori Soba. I work at the Mercy Free Clinic downtown. Your brother came in to see me this morning. He told me he had a brother who lived somewhere in Tokyo, so I decided to come look for you." She paused. "There's something you should know."

Yuki's eyes narrowed as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "What is it?" he asked, lighting up. If it was drugs, he swore he would beat Tatsuha black and blue and then give him to Mika. He wasn't stupid; he knew Tatsuha was a semi-regular user of most drugs on the market, but he thought his brother was smart enough to at least know how much his body could and couldn't take.

"Are you familiar with a club named Spin?" she inquired, once again ignoring his question. Yuki began to feel his temper rising, and, although he'd never admit it, a little bit of worry. He did know the club. He also knew that it had quite the reputation for trouble. But, why would Tatsuha have been there? He hadn't been in to see him or Shuichi recently. When had he even come to Tokyo? Yuki swore to himself that if this whole thing turned out to be nothing, he would beat both Tatsuha and this infuriating woman to death. How did Tatsuha know this doctor anyway?

"Yeah, what about it? What's it got to do with my brother?" Yuki was growing impatient. If he didn't start getting some straight answers out of this crazy lady in his doorway soon, heads were going to roll.

Said crazy lady closed her eyes and sighed. She took a deep breath, opened her eyes, and looked straight at Yuki.

Yuki didn't know what he had expected to hear, but what he did hear, he would never forget.

"I believe that your brother was gang-raped there last night."

…your …brother…



The cigarette fell to the floor.



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