Sonic X - (Fanmade) Season

Story 4: Shrouded in Shadow

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Author's Note:
Everyone has been wanting to see Shadow's self-titled game adapted into "Sonic X". Well, I'm about to make that wish come true. fanfiction form anyway. Of course, it's recommended that you play the game before reading this fic so that you won't get too confused. Oh, since this is a "Sonic X" adaptation of the game, there will be "Sonic X" characters involved in the plot. (Don't blast me, Chris haters.) And Maria joined the "Sonic X" cast since my first fic in the series, "Welcome Back, Sonic". (Read said fic to see how.) And, as always, any anime emotional "enhancements" will be in bold. So, now that we got all that cleared up, it's about time to get Shadow's memory back, wouldn't you say?


Outside the Thorndyke mansion on a sunny afternoon, its inhabitants are gathered around the adult pool. Those inhabitants are Tails, Ella, Cream, Cheese, Vanilla, Amy, Tanaka, Knuckles, and Chris. Tails waters a potted sprout on the table, Cosmo 2, as Ella looks on in admiration.

"Oh, Tails, you are taking such good care of your plant," Ella compliments Tails.

Tails stops watering Cosmo 2 and happily looks at Ella.

"Thanks. I give her plenty of water and sunshine ev'ryday," Tails explains.

"So, I see," remarks Ella.

Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla are sitting on the lounge chairs, drinking tea.

"So, Cream, would you like to have a father again?" Vanilla asks her daughter.

Cream and Cheese curiously look at her.

"Why, mom? Are you dating?" wonders Cream.

"Not yet," Vanilla explains, "but there's something about Vector."

Cream and Cheese look uncertain at each other.

"Vector as my dad?" Cream asks.

"Chao chao," agrees Cheese.

Tanaka serves a lemonade to Amy who sits a lounge chair. Tanaka's tray has four other glasses of lemonade on it as he gives Amy hers.

"You and Topaz must be very excited to have a baby on the way," Amy tells Tanaka.

Tanaka replies as Amy takes a sip of her lemonade, "We are indeed."

"So, is it a boy or a girl?" Amy asks.

Tanaka blushes in embarrassment and explains, "Uh, it's still a bit early for that."

A sweatdrop rolls down the side of his head.

Knuckles and eighteen-year-old Chris sit at the edge of the pool.

"So, what will you do when the Master Emerald is restored?" Chris asks Knuckles.

"What else? Go back to my world and return it to Angel Island where it belongs," Knuckles replies. "In the meantime, I'm just glad I get to unwind for a change."

Chris beams, "I know the feeling."

On the balcony outside of Chris' bedroom overlooking the pool, Maria sadly leans on the railing and watches the others enjoy themselves. She lets out a sigh.

Sonic's voice calls to her, "Still thinking about Shadow, huh?"

Maria gasps in surprise upon hearing this and curiously looks behind her to see Sonic standing there.

"How could you tell?" she asks the blue hedgehog.

Sonic approaches her and points out, "You were Shadow's first true friend."

He leans on the balcony beside Maria and looks at Chris talking to Knuckles.

"And I know what it's like to have that strong a bond," Sonic concludes, thinking about his friendship with Chris from when they first met.

Maria sadly sighs as she looks out at the horizon.

"If only he could remember we were friends," she responds, "the good times we shared together. I wish he didn't have amnesia. Why must this happen?"

Sonic looks at her with a comforting smile.

He pats her back and tells her, "He'll be alright."

Maria curiously looks at Sonic.

"He's trying hard to remember, but it takes time," Sonic explains. "Just be patient. He'll be back to normal soon enough."

He and Maria look at the horizon. Sonic is confident while Maria is worried.

"I hope so, Sonic. I hope so," is all she can say.

Meanwhile, Shadow stands under a tree in the public park in Station Square. He has his arms folded and looks uncertain.

"I don't understand it," Shadow thinks. "I only just met Maria and yet, I keep getting images of her as if I've always known her. But why?"

Shadow gets a memory of Maria laying on her chest on the floor as she weakly smiles.

Maria tells him, "Shadow, I beg of you..."

Then, there's a memory of Maria sitting near the window as she looks up at Shadow, giggling. Soon, that memory is replaced by a closeup of Maria laying on her chest in the floor as she looks up with a weak smile.

"...give them a chance to be happy," she instructs.

That final memory fades as Shadow becomes more uncertain with himself.

"Who am I?" he wonders. "What is my purpose? And what does Maria have to do with all this?"

He then gasps in shock and looks up at the sky as a blanket of mysterious red clouds suddenly cover it. Meanwhile, at the Thorndyke mansion, everyone there worriedly notices the red clouds in the sky coming closer. Cream, Cheese, Vanilla, Amy, Knuckles, and Chris stand up as they look at the clouds. Sonic and Maria stand up straight as they look at the clouds. The clouds come closer and closer.

Maria remarks, "Oh, I hope Shadow's okay."

Looks like trouble's a-brewin'. Those of you who've played the game will know what comes next. As for the rest of you... you might want to play the game first. Whatever the case, read and review.