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Chapter 77: It Continues

It was just the Hokage's office. Naruto had been in here hundreds of times before. But this time was different, this time was special. The elders looked him over. Koharu turned to Tsunade. "I told you that we wanted to see all the applicants at once."

Tsunade smiled and looked at the elder. "You are. Naruto's was the only name we received. Four times in fact so a few of his friends entered his information for him in case he forgot to."

Naruto grinned and scratched the back of his head. "Actually I did forget, that was four of my friends."

Homura straightened his glasses. "And this is the boy you want to make Hokage?"

Tsunade looked over Naruto. "Both of you need to stop being so uptight. Naruto fills every qualification. He has fought for this village. He is an s-rank jonin. He has proven himself time and time again and as I'm sure you know there is no longer any risk of him becoming a danger to the village because of the Kyuubi. Lets hear one thing either of you can say that would make him ineligible."

The elders were stumped for a minute. Koharu sighed. "These documents that state his eligibility or forgeries, they are invalid."

Naruto pulled a paper out of his pocket and placed it on the desk. Homura leaned forward. "Beyond any technical qualifications, there is a problem of character. Naruto has been guilty of a large number of inappropriate activities. I remember an instance when you painted over the faces of the Hokages. Why should we add your face among them when you can't even respect them?"

Naruto got a little tense. "That was years ago. I've become wayyyy more mature."

Koharu scoffed. Homura looked at his paperwork. Tsunade slammed her hands down to get their attention. "You know neither of you really have a choice in the matter. The line of succession for the position of Hokage falls completely under my discretion. This whole meeting and interview is nothing but another ceremony so the elders can feel more important. I could pick him right now and you would just have to sit there and grimace. "

Koharu stood up. "The council has more power then you'd like to admit. There is more then enough history between the both of you to tell that you were picking him purely on preference, rather then any true merit. And you, boy. There is more to being Hokage then being the strongest ninja in the village, which I doubt you are."

Homura motioned to her. "From what I've been hearing about you Naruto, you've spent the last 8 months or so challenging every jonin in the village to sparring matches. I also heard a rumor that you haven't lost yet."

Naruto smiled. "Yeah, though Kakashi-sensei and Guy-sensei were pretty tough."

Tsunade smirked. "Naruto has grown stronger then any ninja in the history of the village, even the fourth. And his teammates are right behind him."

Koharu sat back down. "I know all about people calling them the Sannin. But what about other aspects of his character? He's a hooligan. He can't be trusted not send new Genin off on A rank missions. That was what he requested as a Genin wasn't it?"

"That's what I got too, though it was a mistake of course. Still I made it back. Maybe you shouldn't doubt the ninja this village puts forth. Of course we shouldn't have been given that mission, I know that. I know all about the mission levels and I know who's ready to do what."

"How do we know that?"

"How are you going to find out if you don't give me the job?"

There was a silence for a moment. It was broken earlier for Naruto then the others. He heard a soft ringing in his ears and it continued unabated. "Tsunade-sama, elders. I have to go; there is somewhere more important I have to be. I'll be back when I can but Right now I really have to go."

Koharu frowned. "What happened? I thought this was your dream? What is more important then that?"

Naruto smiled. "My son is being born." They could feel his chakra surge for just a moment before he disappeared completely.

Koharu and Homura simply stared with their jaws slack. Homura readjusted his glasses and turned to Tsunade, who was leaning back and smiling. "Was that…" She just let out a laugh as an answer. "I had no idea."

Koharu finally relaxed herself. "Just dropping everything like that."

Tsunade nodded. "I know, he's going to be such a good father. Not just for his son but for everyone, don't you think?" They didn't answer her. But they agreed with her.

The nurse tried to take the kunai away from her but she held on relentlessly. When the nurse finally made some progress Hinata grabbed her shirt with her free hand. "Don't touch that knife! AHHHH!" She fell back onto the stretcher and screamed with pain while holding onto the kunai tighter then ever. The nurse did back away but she remained wary of that hand. They reached the maternity room and got everything set up. Out of nowhere a young man in an orange and black jumpsuit appeared. He was next to the bed and right over Hinata. She saw him and her body relaxed. "Naruto…"

He smiled. "Yeah I'm here, you can drop the kunai now." She did so and the nurse was finally able to take it away. Naruto looked around. "Is there anything wrong? Is she supposed to be in this much pain? What have you given her?"

The doctor pushed him aside. "Everything's fine she's doing just fine. We're going to get her all set up so please just stay out of our way. Don't worry, they're both going to be okay."

Naruto nodded and stepped away. He yelled over the commotion "Don't worry Hinata I'm not going anywhere you aren't leaving my sight!"

Sasuke's eyes were shut, but he still knew exactly where they were. He ducked under the punch and grabbed a leg. "Too obvious. When you want to end things too quickly it usually means you end up defeated faster." He threw the leg and the body it was attached to away. The next attack was a kunai from the right, but the attacker was to the left. Sasuke dodged the kunai and grabbed the arm of the incoming attacker. He twisted it around the back of the attacker. He then swung the attacker around and into the third attacker, knocking them both down. "You had the procedure correct, but your execution and timing was a little off. Those textbooks and exercises are good for basics, but real combat is never basic. If you can think of a flaw in your plan, and even when you can't, chances are your opponent already has. You can't leave any room for error. Your plans must have backups, and your backups must have backups. But you must think of this all instantly between each blow."

"That's impossible." The Genin were getting up. "No one thinks that fast."

Sasuke smiled. "I suppose it's also impossible to move so quickly that none of you could see me too." His Genin nodded. As soon as they did there were three Sasukes each standing behind a Genin with a kunai to their throats. "Wrong. Thinking instantly, moving blindingly fast, these things are simple. What's truly impossible, things like reading an opponent's mind, killing with just a thought, or traveling the vast distances of this world instantaneously, these are the tings that cannot be done. It is your duty as ninja to discover how to do them. You must find something that cannot be done, that you can never accomplish, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do. And then when you find the way to do it, despite it's impossibility, then people will see that you are powerful. That is what makes a great Shinobi."

Sasuke withdrew the kunai and got rid of his clones. His students backed away. One of them looked up. "Sasuke-sensei, what did you do that was impossible?"

Sasuke thought about it for a moment. "I never did anything that was truly impossible. But I've done a large number of things that are very difficult. No more questions, you know what you have to do."

The one female on the squad grimaced. "You said we have to hit you just once, but you're a jonin, that's imposs…"

Sasuke smiled. "Like I said, you know what to do."

"Sasuke!! Sasuke!!! Are you out here?" For the first time since the test began Sasuke opened his eyes. He saw Sakura approaching, she walked slowly but purposefully. "There you are! Come on we got to go now!!"

Sasuke sighed. "We are in the middle of their first test Sakura, what is it that can't wait?" Sasuke thought about it for a second. "It's too early isn't it?"

Sakura finally got up to him panting. "Yeah for me, but it's Hinata. We have to be there. Sorry guys You'll have to finish this test some other time."

Sasuke shook his head. "We finish the test first, Naruto will understand."

Sakura turned to the Genin. "Does he have you collecting bells?" They shook their heads and one of them told her what was going on. "Ohh, that's an interesting training method Sasuke." She looked up at Sasuke pouting.

Sasuke and Sakura got into an argument about the necessity of being there for the birth of Naruto's son when suddenly Sasuke felt three small fists hit him lightly on the side. His students had taken the opportunity to hit him, effectively ending the training session. Sasuke sighed. "Alright, fine. But I'm going to work you three into the dirt after today." The students ran away. Sasuke turned back to Sakura and shook his head. She was smiling. "You planned that didn't you?"

She started walking off. "You didn't see it coming?"

Sasuke didn't answer her. He caught up to her and placed a hand on her gut. "Why do you keep doing things like this? Moving around so much, you could ask someone else you know."

She pushed his arm away. "I'm pregnant not paralyzed. So my gut is twice it's normal size, I've still got legs. Now come on. I can't wait to see Hinata and Naruto's baby."

"So now that you understand the proper method for throwing kunai you will begin actually using them in your taijutsu period tomorrow. It will be un-graded at first, but after a week of everyone getting some practice we will begin ranking you all based on accuracy." Iruka felt something impact the back of his neck. He turned around and looked at the floor while feeling his head but there was nothing there. He knew something had happened though because the class was laughing. This was the seventh time he felt it but he couldn't find anything out of place. He smiled and turned back to the chalkboard. "Now then if you'll all pull out your books we'll begin…" He spun around and caught the object before it could hit him again. It was a wide tipped marker with the cap off and a string connecting it to it's owner. Iruka's eyes followed the string right where he knew it would lead.

Sitting in his seat, grinning like crazy and holding the string proudly. Spiky black hair. Incredibly pale eyes. A grayish jacket. And of course, the marks of whiskers on his cheeks and those abnormally sharp canines and fingernails. "Whoops, looks like he caught on before I could finish. I guess Iruka-sensei will have to deal with a one eyed smiley face on his neck."

Iruka grabbed the back of his head. "Damn it Arashi, YOU STAY AFTER CLASS!!! Now if we can have a little order here…" He turned back around but felt something else hit his neck. As soon as it hit he spun but this time the marker fell to the ground. There was no string attached so no one could pull the marker back.

Arashi and the rest of the class laughed hysterically. Iruka's eyes focused on Arashi. Between the fits of laughter he managed to say "Sorry Iruka-sensei, that one wasn't me."

Iruka looked around. "Alright then who threw it? If whoever threw it doesn't stand up and confess by themselves you're all staying after class. I'll count to five." As Iruka counted he looked at the students. Most of them were staring at Arashi, waiting for him to admit it. Arashi was also shaking. This was the only way Iruka could ever get him, Arashi was a prankster, but he was not willing to get others in trouble for his actions. "One!" Arashi was about to stand but he stopped, and Iruka was surprised.

"I did it, Iruka-sensei." She was standing up, pink hair and dark green eyes as her defining characteristics. She wore purple with the symbol of a fan in the headband that kept her hair back. "I thought the image deserved to be completed."

Iruka knew it hadn't been her. But Arashi wouldn't say anything. "Alright, you stay after school too Mikoto. Now then, one more person tries to write something on the back of my neck and all of you get to stay after school and take a test." There was a general groan from the class and a few snickers when Iruka turned around.

After class Iruka held the both of them back. "Arashi, when are you going to get your act together?"

He looked away and frowned. "I'm bored in here and I can't take it. Like this whole lesson on throwing kunai, I don't need it. I've been throwing kunai for weeks, I never miss. Just use a mirror to see the back of your head and you'll see."

Iruka sighed. "You know that there's more to it then that. Your dad talked to you didn't he?"

Arashi laughed. "He's the one who recommended your neck smiley face."

Iruka sighed. "I guess I should have seen that coming. What about your mother?"

Arashi giggled a little more. "She laughed at what dad said and then told me I shouldn't do such things."

Iruka waved his arm. "And why didn't you listen to her?" Arashi shrugged. Iruka brought his hand to his face and rubbed his eyes. "If you keep this stuff up Arashi I will fail you and you won't become a Genin."

Arashi panicked. "But…But dad said he won't give me any personal training if I can't graduate!!"

Iruka nodded. "That's right. You need to get you're act together. I know you think it's funny but you won't go far as a ninja with all of these pranks blocking your class time."

Arashi leaned back and placed his hands behind his head. "I'm sure you said the same thing to my old man. Oh wait, I mean the Hokage. What do you say to that Iruka-sensei?"

Iruka didn't have much to say about that. It was true that Arashi was his father's son. They were so similar that it scared him sometimes. "That's no excuse, Naruto failed the exam several times."

"You guys just weren't…"

"Arashi, we've had this conversation too many times as it is. You know where I stand and I won't tolerate any more in class pranks. Now both of you can go home."

Arashi stood up and was about to leave. "Hey wait what about Mikoto? Don't you need to lecture her?"

Iruka shook his head. "She didn't do anything wrong, maybe you should talk to her instead of me."

They were walking together to the intersection that they always walked to. From there they split and each head to their respective homes. But on the way they would talk, they were very good friends after all. "Mikoto, why did you say you did it?"

Mikoto smiled. "I thought that it might reduce your punishment, and besides, I like walking home with someone to talk to. I figured I could just wait in the class with you rather then outside."

He sighed. "Geez your weird."

She got upset. "I thought we were friends? I thought friends helped each other out?"

He shrugged. "Yeah but, guys are supposed to protect the girls, not the other way around." He waited for a few more steps. "Thanks."

She smiled. "No problem." After a little while they closing in on their split point. "Oh I forgot to ask if you need help on the homework."

Arashi shook his head. "Nawww I got it. You aren't the only one at that school who can figure things out."

They were now in the back alley they always went down right before the point where they would part. Arashi noticed something in his peripheral. He looked up. There was an ANBU looking at them. "Aren't you guys supposed to be the stealth force?"

The ANBU leapt down and scratched his head. "Heh heh, Yeah, I'm new to the force and thought I'd try tracking someone. Hey wait a minute, You're the Hokage's kid right? Yeah! No wonder you saw me. And you, you're the Uchiha right? Yeah Mikoto Uchiha…Wow, it's kinda like I'm meeting some celebrities."

Arashi groaned. "Yeah good for you bye."

Mikoto was a little more polite. "It's nice to meet you, uhhhh…"

The ANBU laughed. "Oh I'm sorry, we don't usually share our names, it's why we wear the masks and all. But I guess it's okay to tell some kids. My name's Tobi. Well it was nice meeting you, but I got to go, ninja stuff and all."

Mikoto bid him farewell and turned back to continue walking. She saw that something was wrong with Arashi. "Arashi, what is it?" He was standing there with his eyes wide and focused on the ground, and his breathing was strained. He looked terrified. "Arashi?"

He shook and his breathing settled. "I'm sorry, it's nothing. I really need to go see my dad. Bye Mikoto!!"

She watched him run as if his life were in danger. He ran straight to the Hokage's office leaving her behind.

Tobi also watched from a nearby roof top. He squinted with his one eye and watched Arashi Uzumaki running out of fear, running for his father's protection.

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