I wrote this on the trip to drop Sano off at camp. It's rambling, but I am not scraping it. xD Deal!

20 Heartbeats LiveJournal Community: #04 Create (anyone can destroy, but this is far harder)

I'd always thought; 'in order to gain, something of equal value needs to be sacrificed'. It was the law of alchemy, of the world. It was the principle you and I, Brother, lived our lives by.

Sacrificing a life to bring in another; that would be the price one would have to pay in order to bring another into this world. It was a heartbreaking prospect, as least, to me. To think Equivalent Exchange was so cruel, and that had been the reason Mom was gone… but, no matter how much we wanted it to be true, it just wasn't possible.

Now, as I search for you, I remember the remarkable people and things that I've come to know. General Mustang and Lieutenant Hawkeye. Teacher. Mom… Each, in some way destroyed a bit of the past and created a new future, a new life.

Mustang killed the Fuhrer, Brother! You should have seen it… the Ishbalans, Winry says, are free after the war, and a lot of people are happy about the new leaders. I don't understand much of it, Winry tells me everything. I just kinda nod; I don't know what else I can do. He seems nice. I've spoken to him a couple times. Miss Hawkeye Is nice too, but kinda mean. It's a loving mean, like Teacher.

And Teacher… she's gone now, but I won't forget everything she's given us. She did all that she could to help me find you, brother… but she couldn't fight anymore. I'm just happy she's not suffering any longer.

Wow… originally, I meant to write my thoughts as I watched Rose and Winry play in the yard with Den and Rose's little kids, but I guess it turned into more of a letter to you. I was just thinking about how great moms are. While Mustang and Miss Hawkeye , and even you did great things, moms are the greatest heroes. They carry a great burden and ask for nothing in return. It's amazing. Will I get married one day and be able to witness such a beautiful creation?

Yeah… but maybe later. I have to find you first, and tell you everything that I learned while you were away. I guess I can't keep on track here. I think what I'm trying to say…

'Thanks for giving me this life, Brother! I'll find you and we'll share it! I promise!

7 Aug, 1917

Alphonse Elric