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Chapter One

One afternoon while Joey and Serenity were walking home from school, they decided to go through the Park and while they were walking Joey noticed Seto sitting on one of the swings and it looked like he was crying.

"Stay here" Joey said to his sister and he went over to see what was the matter. When he got close to Seto, Joey spoke his name and Seto looked up and he was crying.

"Mokuba might die" Seto said through his tears and Joey did the only thing he knew to do, he went over and put his arms around Seto and let him cry it out.

Joey motioned to Serenity to come over and whispered to her to call "Solomon and ask him to get over here quickly."

As Serenity was calling Solomon, Joey asked Seto "what was wrong with Mokuba?"

Seto wiped his eyes and said "he is running a really high fever and the Doctors don't know if he will make it and if he does, they can't guarantee he won't have brain damage."

Seto stood up and he looked so helpless and he took a step towards Joey and collapsed into his arms.

Joey held onto him and they both went down on the ground. Just then Solomon came running when he saw what was happening and he knelt next to them and put his arms around them both.

"Seto, Mokuba is getting better" Solomon said.

Seto looked at him and Solomon nodded his head.

"He is going to be just fine though he has to spend a week in the Hospital and then he will have to be careful for another month but after that he will just fine."

Seto looked at Joey and said "thanks for listening to me."

Joey smiled at him and said "that's what friends do."

"Friends, are we friends?" Seto asked him.

Then Joey smiled and said "I like to be your friend."

Seto smiled at Joey and said "I'd like that too." Seto said "let me give the two of you a ride home."

Serenity looked at Seto and said "can we go with you to see Mokuba?" Seto smiled at her and said "he'd love that so let's go."

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