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Chapter Eight

Today Joey was being discharged from the Hospital and Seto is there to take him home. They were going to Kaiba's because the others had a surprise for Joey.

Joey still had a slight limp and used a cane. He still talked with a slight slur, but he was getting better. As they rode in the limo, Joey laid his head on Seto's shoulder and he whispered "I love you."

Seto smiled down on Joey and told him "I love you and I'm so damn glad that you are not only my friend but my love." This caused Joey to start to cry. "That's the nicest thing that anyone ever said to me." Joey told him.

"We're home." Roland said as he opened the door. Seto got out first and helped Joey get out. "Thanks for everything you've done not only for me but for my sister" Joey said to Roland. Roland smiled and said "it's my pleasure."

Seto helped Joey climb the steps to the front door and when he opened it, everyone jumped out and said "SURPRISE!!!" Joey jumped and as tears ran down his face he looked around the room and saw all of his friends and there stood Serenity and she ran over and gave her brother a kiss. "Thanks" Joey said.

Seto helped him to the couch and they sat down and everyone came and gave Joey the gift that they brought. As Joey opened everyone he had to wipe his eyes because he was crying and he would laugh at the ones that were gag gifts and others meant so much to him that he would look at the ones who gave them to him and they would know that what he was trying to say.

Soon it was time to eat and as they walked into the dining room, Solomon stood there and Joey walked over and gave the man who gave of himself and never asked anything in return and he gave him a big hug and kiss. "Thanks for all you've done for both me and Serenity." He told Solomon.

As the days passed and he kept getting better and better, Seto proposed and Joey accepted and they soon were making plans for the Wedding.

Seto knew that he had to be patient with Joey and he would let Seto know when or if he ever wanted any sexual relationship with him.

One thing that bothered Joey was that he was afraid that he may not be able to have sex with Seto. When they got married and they went away on their honeymoon, they both discovered something they were able to consummate their marriage.

So from a shaky beginning their relationship had come a full circle and they had everything that either of them had ever wanted.


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