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SasuNaru, yaoi and OOC.

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Author's notes: This is a collaboration work with XKunoichiofthePaintbrushX who wanted to do a fic something like this. Who am I to say no? This is my first time to do a callob. I might be doing things wrong but…

And I'm brave enough to confess this: I fear that this will be compared to TUC. Please don't do that.

The blonde leaned into the hand that caressed his left cheek, closing his eyes, wanting to memorize the gentleness of such bittersweet gesture... of the warmth that was being emanated from such hand that had held and touch him as if he belonged to him. No, he belonged to him until now.

"This is what you wanted," he whispered achingly, his voice not above a whisper. There was resignation and understanding in his voice. He fought the tears that had gathered in his eyes. He told them not to fall yet because it would make things harder for the man he loved.

"No," the dark-haired man said. His look was that of a man who knew he was defeated. "This is what I decided. You'd forgive me, right?"

The blonde smiled which made his blue eyes darker with pain. "Of course."

The other man swallowed the lump of tears that stuck in his throat. He didn't want to let go but… He knew he was hurting them but the love they had was something that shouldn't happen in this world… in this time. "I'm- "

A tanned finger pressed against his lips, "Don't be sorry. This is the only way."

Unable to stop himself, the dark-haired male leaned forward to press his lips against the tanned forehead before moving out from the bed that had been the only witnessed of their passion since they became lovers.

The blonde watched as the dark-haired man got up from his bed and put on his clothes. And before long, like a shadow, the man walked away from his apartment without a backward glance. Both of them thought that there could never be a love like theirs but...

All love is the same...

Chapter 1: Path converged

We were strangers, starting out on a journey
Never dreaming, what we'd have to go through
Now here we are, I'm suddenly standing
At the beginning with you
No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected, what you did to my heart
When I lost hope, you were there to remind me
This is the start

-"At the Beginning" by Donna Lewis

Two days ago, the Chief executive officer of both Uchiha and Uzumaki companies, the leading company of food and brewery and drugs, respectively became partners in starting a real estate business. Of course, the business deal deserved a grand party which took place at the Uchiha mansion.

Arashi gave his only child a reassuring smile a second after the boy's firm grip on his hand tightened. He could see anxiety and fear in his big blue eyes. He perfectly understood why. This party was the biggest the boy was attending so far and to top it off, it was held at a place which was mostly built in marbles. Although the Uzumaki mansion was bigger than the Uchiha's, it didn't have an intimidating atmosphere to it. Flowers and nature paintings were what decorated their house whereas the Uchiha's, it was marble statues and china porcelain wares.

The party wasn't in full-swing yet but there were a lot of people already. And when the Uzumaki family entered the room, everybody turned to regard them.

The Uchiha couple followed by their two sons walked forward to greet them.

"What a cute child!" Mikoto exclaimed as her eyes landed on Naruto who was standing beside his parent while holding the latter's left hand. The child immediately averted his gaze on the floor suddenly becoming very shy and conscious in front of the woman with striking beauty.

"Good evening," Arashi greeted to the two Uchiha boys who were haughtily standing on either side of their mother. Both boys blushed at the stranger's beautiful smile and melodious voice but they managed to return his greeting without stuttering.

"Sasuke-kun, how old are you?" he asked.

The youngest Uchiha raised a hand indicating that his age was four.

Arashi beamed. "You're in the same age as my son. Be a good friend, okay?" He reached for his son who was hiding behind his legs. "Naruto..." he called out softly. "Don't be shy."

"Pretty eyes," Sasuke exclaimed as he saw wide blue eyes peering from behind the limbs of the blonde man.

Naruto pulled his head back, his heart pounding. The small marble statue hadn't only moved but also talked. He was indeed right. This place was haunted and it won't be long before all the statues would move and point at him.

Fugaku chuckled. He was amused at the way the child was desperately clinging on his father. He looked at his younger child. "Sasuke, go on and be a friend." The boy nodded and approached the other boy.

Naruto buried his face against his father's right leg. Sasuke scowled then immediately left obviously insulted that his friendship was turned down. It wasn't like he wanted to befriend a sissy.

Both fathers sighed at their sons' behavior.

"Naruto," Itachi called out softly. He smiled when curious eyes stared at him through the blonde man's legs. "Would you like to see my pet shark?"

At the mention of such sea creature, all fear and doubts were replaced by curiosity.

"You have?"

Itachi nodded. "It's still small, though."

The blonde boy stepped forward. "Naru-chan can watch without being eaten by Mr. Shark?"

The Uchiha heir thumped his chest with a fist. "I'll protect Naru-chan." Pleased, Naruto grinned and let Itachi took his hand.

While Naruto and Itachi were bonding slowly, an irritated Sasuke played with other kids.

Somewhere of nowhere, Destiny smirked. She finally found perfect pawns for her new game.

-SasuNaru is love-

Sasuke pressed the crayon harder as he colored the sky on his coloring book. He looked at the picture splashed on the magazine. He didn't and couldn't understand why his sky couldn't be as blue and as bright as those eyes on the magazine. No matter what he did, his sky remained sickeningly and strangely dull. He stared at his sky wondering what must be done but when his mind provided no answer, he threw the crayon and bawled.

Mikoto, upon hearing the cry, hurriedly went into the library. "What's wrong?" she asked, crouching beside his chair.

"My sky isn't blue."

His mother looked at his coloring book and frowned. "It's blue, Sasu-chan. Very blue."

"No!" he retorted firmly. "This is blue!" He held out the magazine to the lady.

Mikoto stared at Naruto's impossibly blue eyes and then smiled. "Naru-chan is happy in this picture."

"So?" the boy asked between sobs.

"That's why it's so blue."

"My sky isn't happy then?" A young Sasuke sniffled.

The woman paused, taking a moment to think of a proper reply. "Not as happy as Naru-chan." She smiled while wiping away her son's tears.

The boy nodded as if he completely understood when he didn't. One questioned ominously loomed before him: how was he going to make his sky happy?

-SasuNaru is love-

Because life never failed to give second chance to everyone whether they desired it or not, it showed Sasuke his during Itachi's birthday which had more adults than children as guests.

He was bored and had retreated to the farthest corner to contemplate the stars formation when he saw the sissy blonde looking at the sky. He could hear the boy's soft voice as he counted the heavenly bodies. This time, he approached him slowly not wanting to scare the other boy.

"Sixty- seven, sixty-eight, seventy."

"Sixty-nine," he corrected, causing Naruto to whip his head to gaze at the intruder.


"Sixty-eight, sixty-nine, seventy. You missed sixty-nine."

"I did not."

"Did so," Sasuke replied hotly. Not only was the blonde a sissy but also an idiot.

"Did not." Naruto stomped his foot. He could feel his blood hotly running through his veins in excitement. Someone was helping him rid the boredom he was feeling. He didn't care if they were arguing. "Are you bored?" he asked so suddenly that it caught Sasuke, who was willing to continue their bickering, off guard.

"Yeah. You?"

Naruto nodded affirmatively.

Sasuke looked around and moved closer. In a conspiratorial voice, asked, "Wanna play?" At such offer, blue eyes brightened. It reminded the young Uchiha of his drawing that was still dull no matter what steps he took to make it happy. Unhesitatingly and quickly he abandoned the dull sky. He didn't want anything that refused his will. Without preamble, he asked the question which was so important to him at that time. "Will you be my sky?"

Of course, the other boy was confused but assumed that he was being asked to be someone's playmate so he immediately acquiesced. This time, it was Sasuke who was ecstatic. So ecstatic was he that he took a tanned hand in his and led his sky to a room. In there, they played as pirates before they decided that pretending to be ninjas were better and cooler.

And so the young boys continued playing in their own worlds, blissfully ignorant on the surprises fate had in store for them.