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Authors' Notes: This is a bonus chapter, dedicated to all those people who read this fic from start to finish. Thank you.

Bonus Chapter: Love

The maître d'hôtel successfully concealed his ecstatic joy the moment his eyes landed on the young Uchiha who had just stepped inside the building.

"Good evening, Uchiha-sama," he greeted with a bow.

"Are my mom and Naruto here already?" Sasuke asked, his eyes sweeping over the small view he had on this vast restaurant.

"Yes, they came together," he replied. "Allow me to lead you to where they are."

Sasuke nodded and followed the man, ignoring the looks few diners gave him. When the maître d'hôtel opened the door of the private room for him, peals of laughter were what greeted him.

"Ah Sasuke, you're here," Mikoto said while daintily wiping the edges of her eyes with a napkin.

"You're late," Naruto stated lightly, his blue eyes twinkling with merriment.

"It's raining so the roads were more crowded than usual," Sasuke replied while taking his seat. "Besides, you guys were enjoying yourselves too much to notice my absence," he added with mocked hurt. He playfully frowned when there was not a single word of denial coming from them. In fact, those two just grinned at each other.

Sasuke didn't understand why his mother and Naruto were so close to each other. There were not exactly different but they weren't similar either, but somehow, they had become fast friends since he got back with the blonde two years ago. Naruto was as close to Mikoto as Sasuke was to Arashi. The only time Mikoto would distance herself from the blonde was when he and her son have a spat. During this time, the lady would be on neutral ground rather than taking sides, and showed them the points they missed in their anger. Most often than not, it was because of her calmness that they resolved whatever issues they had against each other. Looking at them together made Sasuke's heart ache with joy. He was happy to see them this friendly, but not as happy as when he'd observed the good terms his lover and his father were now in.

Unlike Mikoto, Fugaku never dined out with Naruto alone, but when there was a family dinner, whether it was in the Uchiha mansion or in some posh restaurant, Fugaku always made it a point to suggest to Sasuke that he should bring Naruto with him. That was not all. When their relationship had been publicized, Fugaku had refused to comment about it, causing the interested public to assume that he was just tolerating his son's relationship with the son of one of his esteemed business partners for business reasons. However, that assumption had changed when Fugaku had blithely and coldly made a verbal attack of his own in retaliation to one of the gossip columnist who had made negative comments about Naruto. He had retaliated even before Sasuke or Arashi did and that alone, made Sasuke ecstatic. He knew without a doubt that his father had somehow approved of Naruto.

As for Itachi… well, Itachi was still Itachi- sly, deceptive, arrogant, but he had developed a streak in teasing Naruto and making Sasuke's life more hellish than he usually did whenever he stayed in their place. In fact, much to Sasuke's annoyance, Itachi always chose their place over any other hotels or even the Uchiha residence whenever he came to Tokyo and to make matters worse, one or two of his coworkers would always tag along with him. Because he couldn't have Naruto all to himself while they were there, he never failed to develop this urge to kick their unwanted guests out… the same urge Naruto could curb with just a warning glare, much to the younger Uchiha's frustration. However, despite those things, Sasuke was relieved to know, thanks to his keen observation, that Itachi was happy with the way things were going and that he won't pull any more stunts that would hurt him or Naruto.

-SasuNaru is love-

"I'll see you soon," Mikoto told them as she stepped inside her car, door being held open by her driver.

Sasuke and Naruto nodded at the same time.

The woman looked at her soon seriously and said in an admonishing tone, "Drive safely."

"I am always a responsible driver, mom," he replied in slight irritation.

Mikoto arched an eyebrow and said, "What I'm trying to say is keep your hands off from Naruto while driving." With that said, she nodded to her driver, giving him permission to drive away, leaving a blushing Naruto and a scowling Sasuke.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke and grinned, "Let's go home."

"Yeah, let's."

Quietly, they made to their way to Sasuke's car. The silence continued and Naruto thought he'd fall asleep until he felt a hand on his left right thigh. He glanced at his lover who smirked.

"You're quiet," Sasuke said.

"Because you look tired," Naruto answered. He lightly pressed a thumb on the hand that was innocently massaging his thigh. "Was your meeting with my Dad that tiring?"

"Not really. We discussed a lot of concepts with the advert company and there were things we had a hard time making the guy understand." Sasuke managed to keep exhaustion from his voice. He threw his lover a small smile before he focused his attention to the road. A second later he grimaced when Naruto pinched his hand.

"Didn't your mother tell you to be a responsible driver?"

"I prefer to be a responsible lover." Sasuke smirked when he heard Naruto sigh in exasperation. In the darkness of his car, a small smile graced his lips when Naruto entwined their hands together.

-SasuNaru is love-

"You can take a bath ahead of me, Sasuke," Naruto said as he and his lover stepped into their condominium.

"Not together?" Sasuke asked while he loosened his tie.

A slightly blushing Naruto shook his head. "I have few things to do first."

The other male nodded and went to their bedroom while Naruto went to their study room.

Half an hour later, a freshly bathed and half-naked Sasuke stepped out from the bedroom, looking for Naruto. He found him in their study room, on their reclined seat, sleeping. With the sound of his footsteps padded by the carpet, he walked towards him. He stopped by the table full of papers. He let his gaze swept over them. They were all about the Uzumaki industries... confidential information and they all looked complicated and yet... He glanced at Naruto, his heart aching because he knew Naruto was doing this for him.

He and Naruto were lounging on their living room, cuddling as the rain outside pounded the ground mercilessly and the wind howled noisily. He was sitting between Naruto's legs while the blonde's arms were loosely wrapped around him. It was a moment of peace, silence and idleness as they savored each other's company.

"This afternoon, father gave me jurisdiction over the company's business with your father's," he said while playfully tracing Naruto's entwined hands. He tilted his head so that when he spoke, his lips slightly brushed against tanned jaw. "And it makes me want to have you there with me." He was certain that if Naruto was there, he'd be less stressed over this big responsibility.

Naruto snorted. He slightly leaned forward to perch his chin on left shoulder. "Then I'll start learning."

Sasuke's heart leapt. "I'm not asking you to give up your work at Chouji's restaurant, dobe."

"You're the dobe. I'm not giving up anything. I'm bound to undergo this training anyway, remember?"

"I don't want to see you stressed out," Sasuke replied.

Naruto sat up straight, chin held high and chest out. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, nothing is too much for me!"

Sasuke just snorted and rolled his eyes.

Nothing is too much. Sasuke frowned because obviously, work was now taking its toll on his lover. However, until now, Sasuke wasn't aware of it. Naruto was always the first one to arrive home. Naruto, when asked how his day was, would narrate with child-like amazement how he spent his day. He had made it sound so simple. He had made him believe it was simple. Now, looking at those papers in a wider perspective, Sasuke was aware how things were far from being simple.

Sasuke clenched his fists. What was he thinking? Being the successor had never been simple, he knew that firsthand and yet, he had let himself be fooled by the blonde. By Naruto who was working hard.

Working hard.

Work hard.

Work hard, Sasuke-teme, was what Naruto would bid him every time he'd leave for work and he'd just hn-ed. He never said those words to Naruto. Not once and now, he felt ashamed. He was such a bastard.

Sasuke gently pried the documents his lover was clutching, placed them on the table and went to stand beside the recliner. He leaned forward, slipped one arm beneath Naruto's shoulders and the other under his knees. However, before he could lift him up, the blonde stirred and opened his eyes.

Under hooded gaze, Naruto looked at Sasuke's shadow-painted face while his half-asleep mind tried to figure out why Sasuke was bending like that.

Sasuke, on the other hand, upon seeing those eyes darkened by sleepiness and confusion, wanted to say that Naruto made a very poor Snow White, but, he curbed that urge. Instead, he said in a displeased tone and gruff voice, "Don't sleep here. It's difficult to carry you all the way to our bed."

Naruto snorted, but he reached out to tread his hand through dark locks. He gently tugged Sasuke until the latter's face hovered above his. "I'm not that heavy," he huffed.

Sasuke's response came out as a half-mangled moan when Naruto pressed his mouth on the pulsing spot of his neck.

"Naruto," he half-warned, but it was him who pressed their mouths together, the second Naruto pulled away. He planted one knee to get a better leverage as the kiss deepened.

"Are you tired?" Naruto asked as he ran his hands from Sasuke's shoulders down to the expanse of his back.

Sasuke couldn't stifle the chuckle that rumbled in his chest because it wasn't him who was tired. He dragged his mouth on tanned neck, eyes counting how many hickeys had healed and how many had not. "Are you?" he whispered huskily, his hot breath awakening and singeing few sensitive nerves.

Naruto let the question remain unanswered and slightly moved as he pulled his lover to lay down beside him. "Sasuke," he murmured, pressing hot kisses on pale neck and making Sasuke moan. He ran a hand on his sides then on his hips before slightly lifting his left thigh so he- Naruto could insert a leg between Sasuke's. When he did, he brushed against his lover's growing erection, drawing a short moan from him.

Sasuke's eyes fluttered close at the streak of electrifying sensation that shot through him at that single brush. It had begun. Naruto was once again playing his titillating sweet torture that always left him breathless, brainless and melting.

Sasuke sucked on Naruto's wickedly playful tongue while his right hand slipped underneath the blonde's pristine shirt. He felt the tensing of the muscles underneath his touch and dragged his fingers on the spots that made Naruto's breath hitch. He moved his fingers to his stomach then to his chest, touching and teasing. When he wanted to feel Naruto's chest directly making contact with his, he started tugging the shirt.

Sasuke half-growled impatiently, "Your shirt." He gave another sharp tug. "Off, dammit!"

Naruto chuckled, but he gave the dark-haired man an ample time to get rid of his shirt. Then he moved them so he'd be straddling Sasuke's left thigh. He pulled the hand buried in his hair, pressed his mouth on the wrist of that hand before he nipped and sucked his lover's chin. His body heat notched up a bit hearing the man beneath him moan throatily. That sound made him shiver... made him bolder as always. He moved lower, tracing Sasuke's collarbone with the tip of his tongue before enclosing a nipple with his mouth. He showered it with the same attention that he would give to the other bud.

Sasuke moaned in pleasure, in wanting and in anticipation. His body shuddered, being too aware of Naruto's heat, presence and touch. "Narutoh," he murmured, already lost to Naruto's ardent caresses. His fingers dug into the sides of the recliner when he felt hot breath fanning his erection through his drawstrings. He felt his body tingle. He felt his penis twitched and spurted another batch of pre-cum.

Naruto chuckled, seeing another wet stain appearing on Sasuke's white drawstrings. He grazed Sasuke's clothed erection with his teeth, making him buck towards him. "Impatient, aren't we?" he teasingly asked when Sasuke raised his hips, obviously demanding for his pants to be taken off.

"Shut up!" Sasuke retorted. "Just do it!"

The blonde did and watched as his lover's penis sprang. He took hold of that hot rod and leaned forward. He guided the tip to swipe against the area where his lower and upper lips meet. Then slowly, he opened his mouth, drawing Sasuke in.

"Oh God!" Sasuke managed to mutter and threw an arm over his forehead. When Naruto started moving, sucking him, pleasure swirled within him and rose.

"Please," he pleaded and Naruto let him. He started thrusting into that hot cavern while his left hand found purchase on golden locks. He spread his legs wide to accommodate Naruto who farther leaned towards him.

Sasuke pushed himself to his elbows and chose that moment to look at Naruto; Naruto who had his mouth full; Naruto who had pre-cum and saliva dripping from both sides of his mouth; Naruto whose face was flushed and eyes heavy with desire. The sight made him drool and in a snap, he came.

"You've beaten your record again," Naruto informed him after he wiped his face clean.

"All thanks to you," Sasuke replied sarcastically. He drew in a shaky breath when the blonde laid kisses on both of his inner thighs. His body tensed when that mouth began its ascension. Naruto was fanning the flames that hadn't turned into embers yet. When the blonde's face hovered above his, he slammed their mouths together, his tongue surging possessively and desperately into that wicked mouth. His hands slid downwards and hurriedly unbuttoned and pushed down Naruto's pants. He stroked him, making him moan into their dark, wet kiss.

Naruto aligned his shaft against Sasuke's stirring one and rubbed them together. Sasuke bucked, returning the pressure. Then, they moved together, their pants getting louder and breaths heavier.

Sasuke growled when the maddening sensation stopped because Naruto tore himself away from him. He sat up just in time to see his blonde fingering himself. His mouth went dry and so were his lips. He stiffened. All he could do was watch the erotic act. He couldn't stifle the moan that flowed from his lips when another finger was added. He felt his penis twitch painfully. Unable to bear it, he let one of his fingers join the fun.

Naruto yelped in surprise the moment Sasuke's finger slipped inside him. He focused his gaze on his lover. "I wanted you to watch," he said between pants.

"I had enough watching," was Sasuke's reply. "I want you." He thrust his finger hard, implicitly telling the blonde what he wanted to do with him.

Naruto gasped. "Sasu...bas-ah!" he cried out when that patch of nerve, already stimulated, sent a jolt of delicious sensation through his whole body. Sasuke must have notice the blonde's state because instead of stretching him, he was busy touching that spot. Naruto would have come if he didn't remove his and Sasuke's fingers.

He straddled Sasuke, settled his weight on his legs, lifted himself, held Sasuke's erection with one hand and finally, he slowly lowered his body, drawing Sasuke into him.

Sasuke's lips parted to make way for the deep moan that rumbled in and rose up from his chest. This was the moment he had been waiting for. The moment when he'd be surrounded by Naruto's heat... when his penis would be embraced by his tightness. Ah- The feeling brought on by such moment was heady, addicting and overwhelming that it took him for awhile to realize that Naruto had started moving. His hands grabbed taut tanned thighs, feeling the muscles beneath his palms tensed when Naruto moved upward.

Naruto moaned. He loved it when Sasuke was inside him. He loved it even more when instead of being penetrated, he let Sasuke penetrate him. "Sasuke," he moaned, taking and wanting more. "Sasuke," he mewled, vision getting blurry. "Sasuke," he breathed. He covered pale hands with his and guided them upward- one to rest against his hips while the other to wrap around his weeping erection.

Sasuke stifled his urge to start thrusting because Naruto hadn't given him permission. He had to wait and hope that Naruto would ask him soon. Hurry, he pleaded mentally.

Naruto planted his hands on both sides of Sasuke's head to support his weight while he leaned forward. His hooded eyes met Sasuke's equally hooded ones. "Well?" he whispered.

Sasuke grinned and without sparing another second, he powerfully shoved himself into the blonde, making him cry out. "Naruto.." he panted.

"Harder," Naruto who was already lost in their ocean of passion, urged him.

"It's okay," the dark-haired man said between grunts. "I'll stick it in deeper." And that was what he did. He was stretching Naruto too much, probably close to ripping him, but he was too aroused to stop and his lover was too busy riding him to complain, much less notice.

"Sa-nngh." Naruto closed his eyes tight. Sasuke was reaching deeper... deeper... to the very end. There was pain, but it was dulled by pleasure... by the knowledge that Sasuke- his Sasuke was ramming into him. With something akin to a shout, he came and his back snapped in a perfect arc.

With the heat clenching around him tight and the erotic image a cumming Naruto provided, Sasuke followed him past the edge.

After riding their orgasm, a boneless Naruto slumped on a satiated Sasuke.

It took them a long moment to gather their composure and when they did, they remained quiet, basking under the glow of their post-coital bliss.

When Naruto snuggled closer against his chest, Sasuke's thumb almost immediately started drawing circles on Naruto's sweat-covered back in a relaxing manner.

In that moment of silence and calmness, Sasuke put his feelings into words and confessed, "I love you." He felt his lover stiffened right after the words hung in the air. Was this reaction good? Or-

Pushing himself to look at his partner, "You finally said it!" Naruto stated breathlessly.

"Are you doubting my feelings?" Sasuke asked wryly, brows creased in a slight frown.

"Hell no!" Looking away in slight embarrassment, the blonde continued, "Actions speak louder than words, but sometimes, to me, words have more weight."


The blonde, not liking such apathetic reaction, stuck his tongue at him and huffed, but a smile was trying to break out from his pursed lips.

"And?" Sasuke murmured, his left thumb brushing the blonde's lower lip.

His lover scowled. Obviously, he didn't understand his question or how expectantly his eyes were while looking at him, waiting. Seconds ticked by and Naruto still hadn't said anything. "And?" he repeated. A vein in his temple started slightly ticking because it was very clear that his dobe didn't understand. "And?" he repeated, this time with impatience straining his tone.

Naruto smiled as realization hit him. He took the thumb running on his lower lip and pressed a kiss on it. With his blue eyes solely focused on his dark-haired lover, he said, "I love you too, Sasuke-bastard."

"Dobe," the other male snorted and hurriedly pressed their lips together. Running his mouth on tanned nape, he whispered, "Let's go to bed."

"Because our bed is more spacious and comfortable?"


Naruto chuckled, wrapped his arms and legs around Sasuke's shoulders and waist, respectively and arrogantly said, "Weren't you suppose to carry me to bed half an hour ago?"

-SasuNaru is love-

Naruto smiled as he slowly stirred to awakening. He couldn't help but smile because his body was so light and his heart was bursting with joy, making him feel perfect and beautiful. He rolled on his back, one hand groping for a warm body. When he realized that the other side of the bed was empty, it was only then did his brain register the smell of breakfast and coffee wafting into his nostrils.

Sasuke was making breakfast. He sniffed and added, Japanese breakfast. Obviously, his stomach was pleased because it grumbled. He peered at the clock and cursed. He hated it when he was awake before his alarm clock went off, but since he didn't feel sleepy at all, despite the time they had fallen asleep, Naruto decided to get out from the bed.

He made a face when a felt a small amount of Sasuke's semen trickling down his inner thighs. Grabbing their stained and soon-to-be-laundry blanket, he wiped the liquid off from his skin and made way to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, he was walking out from the bathroom when Sasuke started to walk into their bedroom, let his eyes roam over his still naked form and stated before heading back to the kitchen, "Breakfast."

"Morning too, bastard," Naruto affectionately called after him while putting on a clean shirt and boxers before following his dark-haired lover to the dining table.

Almost all the time, when they had breakfast, the morning TV news would be playing as a background noise, but not today. Today, there was just silence – a comfortable and lovely silence. They were just eating quietly, throwing furtive glances at each other and exchanging soft smiles. If one would bother to look under the table, they would see that their legs were tangled together.

Naruto looked up from his breakfast when Sasuke stood up.

"I have to leave, I need to get to the office as early as I can," he told him.

He waved his hand in a dismissive manner. "It's okay. I'll wash everything. Thanks for making breakfast."

Sasuke nodded. "I'll put the bed sheets and blankets into the laundry machine then."

"I appreciate it," he replied before going back to eating his breakfast.

After awhile, Sasuke emerged from their bedroom, dressed in a tailored suit. He had seen his lover in suits for millions of times already, but his heart's reaction was still the same. The man looked commanding, intelligent and beautiful. Always beautiful. He smiled when those dark eyes focused on him.

"Work hard, Sasuke," he said.

Sasuke nodded and was about to continue walking down to the front door when he paused to say, "Word hard too, Naruto." He didn't miss the surprise on the tanned face or how those breathtaking blue eyes lit up with simple joy and the beautiful smile that followed made him weak-kneed. Damn. He gave his blonde a small smile before walking away.

Naruto turned his head to the window and slightly squinted his eyes against the soft sunlight filtered through the glass panel as he looked at the blue sky. Today was going to be another great day.

Sasuke stood outside their condominium for few seconds to gather his composure before walking towards the elevator. Even though the day had just started, he felt so accomplished and he knew nothing could ever ruin his mood. When his mobile unit played a polyphonic tune signaling an incoming call, he, in his quiet happiness, answered the call without bothering to look at the caller ID.

"Sasuke," came the all too familiar voice, "Deidera, Kisame and I will be arriving in Tokyo at noon, today. We hope to see you and Naruto. I hope our visit isn't a bother."

Sasuke frowned. He knew all too well what Itachi meant. The three would have dinner at their place and when evening came, Deidera and Kisame would leave for their hotel while Itachi would remain to sleep on their guest-room. "Actually, it is a bo-"

"Just as I thought, it isn't. We'll see you then."

Before he could even protest, Itachi had hung up. Sasuke glared at his phone. He had spoken too soon. He should have known better that there was always one person who never failed to ruin his mood with his short notice stays.