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"Kagome! Why the hell are we helping people again? It has nothing to do with Naraku or the jewel!" Inuyasha exclaimed for what may have been the thousandth time that day

"Inuyasha, you saw how depressed those people were, give them a break!" Miroku said calmly.


"Please help us, young travelers!" the village headman pleaded to the Inu-tachi.

"Would you kindly explain what is going on, sir?" Miroku asked politely, eyeing the damaged buildings.

The headman sighed. "It all started a while ago. We were a peaceful fishing village until the beast appeared."

"Beast?" Kagome repeated softly.

"Indeed, every two nights or so, a giant fish with huge pointed teeth comes out of the water and steals all the dried fish!"

The man seemed close to hysterics so Miroku stepped in.

"We'll help you," he said. "But if we do, you must give us something in return."

The headman and the other man who were working on the clean up looked relieved.

"You would?"

"Oh course, good sirs!" Miroku exclaimed, hitting his chest with his fist.

"Oh, thank you!" the headman exclaimed, falling to his knees.

"Where is this youkai?"

"Over in a cave on the other side of bay," a random villager said, pointing towards a cliff at the opposite side of the beach.

"Do you have a shed that is still standing that I can borrow?" Sango asked.

"Yes," the headman replied, motioning in the direction of what seemed be the last of the buildings still standing.

"Thank you," Sango said, walking toward the small building.

"Do you think that you'll all be alright?" the elder questioned.

"Be at peace my good fellow, we have done this many a time," the dark-haired monk answered.

A few moments later, Sango re-appeared dressed in her Taijiya uniform.

"Let's go," she said.

"Right," Inuyasha agreed.

They walked toward the cliff the villager had pointed to.

---------------------End Flashback----------------------

"I believe this is the place," Miroku sighed.

Inuyasha was quiet, unnaturally so.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked, concerned. "What's wrong?"

"It's here," he stated simply. As soon as he said those words, a giant form rose out of the water. "Anyone up for a bit of sashimi?"

The fish, not amused by the sashimi comment, launched itself at the gang.

The battle began.

Sorry if it was too short. I really wanted the battle to be in the next chapter and I wanted to get this posted as soon as possible. I even had the power of Mountain Dew on my side! And sorry if it was mostly the flashback. I wanted to do this in a different way than my other stories.

The Sashimi comment came from some random book I read.

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